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Daily Deals and Bargain Books

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Our Latest Daily Deals and Bargain Books!

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Going Down

She gets my blood pumping in a way I’ve never felt on stage… I didn’t think taking care of my uncle’s building while he’s on vacation would be half as exciting as drumming, but the nerdy doctor in 7B gets my blood pumping in a way I’ve never felt on stage. I’ve pushed...

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Seduction of Combat

A Mafia conspiracy. A female undercover cop. An irresistible attraction and a forbidden romance. Detective Inspector Anna Leyton must unravel this match-fixing plot. But the suspect, champion boxer Freddie, has secrets of his own. With a world-title fight looming, a...

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Vampire Huntress

Vampires and angels are locked in a deadly war. But first, they want their daughter back. Half vampire/half angel, Violet, was abandoned amongst the humans in London as a baby. Suddenly discovering monstrous powers on her twenty-first birthday, she thinks she’s the...

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Extraordinary Lessons

Sometimes children read things that they shouldn’t. Sometimes children do things that they shouldn’t. Sometimes children learn lessons that they shouldn’t…the hard way.

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Dark Corner

From award-winning author Brandon Massey comes a terrifying new novel about a town besieged by evil . . . and the one man who is determined to fight the darkness . . .When renowned author Richard Hunter dies in a boating accident, his son David travels to Mason's...

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A Winter of Wolves

Federal prosecutor Jeff Trask is summoned to a murder scene. A Park Police officer has been brutally murdered at the Lincoln Memorial. As Trask and a team of local and federal investigators try to find the killer, more police officers are murdered. While attending the...

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Hushed Up Cancer Cures

This book will tell you latest alternative therapies to cure Cancer. You are the sole Judge and Jury to decide and try these. None of the books on Kindle as of now cover these therapies.

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Her Bleeding Heart

Saturday 9.33pmThe night that changed her life.Odele thinks she’s dead as something bad has happened.The night that changed his life.Davey feels alive as something good has happened.Four years later and that single moment has left its mark on both of them.She has to...

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Keto on the Go Diet Cookbook

Discover the benefits of a Ketogenic diet and how it works plus learn some quick recipes for busy people! This book has mouthwatering Ketogenic diet recipes that you can prepare easily to lose weight and keep it off even if you have a busy schedule. The World Health...

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Put It in Ink

Nikiya Barnett is no spring chicken and she is too smart, too independent, and too wise to see the truth and ignore it. With every ounce of strength she has, she lets go of the only man she thinks she’ll ever love. Just when she is convinced that moving forward, means...

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Incomplete Works

Incomplete Works is a comedy about a young urban snob who is forced to attend a vocational college in Wyoming.

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Eve is a mother to us all. Here is her story of longing, anguish, and hope…Eve wants nothing more than to fulfill God’s two commandments: live in absolute obedience and replenish the earth with her children. But the power of the Destroyer is strong, and when she’s...

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Assassin’s Run

It is May 1980 in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. An undercover operator with a secret intelligence unit is murdered when he discovers that an American oil tycoon is about to fund the vicious leader of an IRA splinter cell. As the unit mounts an unofficial operation to...

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Best Ketogenic Instant Pot Recipes 2018

Are you looking for an effective solution to permanently losing weight?Have you tried any Weight Loss program to control your weight?Do you have an Instant Pot or any other similar pressure cooker?Do you want to have delicious foods meantime lose your weight easily?Do...

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Fatal Retribution

In a world of gods and monsters, a young witch will give up everything to bring a man once blessed by the god Apollo to justice…her brand of justice.Raina’s life has never been easy, being a bastard and a mixed breed always makes things harder. But when a man starts...

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Pastor Richard has everything: Perfect house. Perfect car. Perfect appearance. Perfect wife. As the Senior Pastor of Faith First Church, perfection was expected of him, but when his son, Frank, informs him that he no longer wants to be part of Christianity, the cracks...

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Dying to Love You

Meet Kiyera James, a smart and sassy 27 year old with her life well put together. All she ever wanted was someone who was on her level that she could share her ambitions with, but she finds herself stuck in an unfulfilling situation. She has been down for her...

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101 Reasons to Break Up

In this unique take on dating and relationships, dozens of real-life strangers sit down for interviews, and all of them provide the true-life tales of their craziest, most unusual break-ups. Every break-up is REAL, and each one is more bizarre than the one before.You...

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Love at Sunset Lake

A caterer who's been burned by love. An artist who's withdrawn from the world. A property battle that just might heal them both. When struggling caterer Tess Palmer inherits her great-aunt's home at Sunset Lake, Missouri, she thinks she's found the way to save her...

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Ginger the Buddha Cat

Ginger is back, and facing a tough decision. Sausages or enlightenment?“...wise and worldly, yet wonderfully sweet and silly. Lovely...” “...great fun, touching and laugh out loud funny. Will appeal to both children and adults alike...” “...deliciously rebellious and...

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The Island of Echoes

"An astonishing novel; a visionary accomplishment" - William Bostock, author of The Great Gauguin and I, JosephineSix Victorian travelers are headed home when their ship is caught in a violent storm. Off course and shrouded in fog, they have only the outline of a...

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Happy Marriage

Have you ever wondered why many people get married because they are in love, but a few years later their marriage is on the rocks, while some arranged marriages result in a sincere and long lasting love? What rules of marriage strengthen it, and what can lead to its...

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He's been a pawn and a weapon, but now is your chance to find out where it all began. This is his story, and these are his struggles. This Exclusive mini novella will take you into the headquarters of Sub 9 where you'll find out how it all began.

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A War Within – The Healer

What would you do to save your mother from slavery?"Excellent, thrilling, full of surprises and suspense.""If you like Historical Fiction, and you like Christian Fiction, this one will be right up your alley.""I enjoyed the link of Christianity in the face of war....

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18 Steps to Own Your Life

Do you need a guidebook for life? 18 Steps to Own Your Life is a concise but comprehensive instruction manual for a healthier, happier you. “If you buy just one self-improvement guide this year then this is the one you should get." – Readers’ Choice 5-star review

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The Mount of Olives

Combining courage, faith, wisdom and wonder into an inspiring tale of self-discovery, The Mount of Olives takes readers for an emotional ride through the life of a boy who's search for better becomes a discovery of something extraordinary. Michael Ivanov's masterpiece...

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Motherhood is Murder

From the Bestselling Author of Bundle of TroubleA fun new installment to the Maternal Instincts Mystery SeriesNights out are hard to come by for new parents. So when Kate’s new- mommy club, Roo & You, holds a dinner cruise, she and her husband leave baby Laurie with...

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Crybaby Lane

Sometimes the difference between trash and treasure is a matter of life and deathWelcome back to New Royal, Ohio, where the last descendent of its founding family, ninety-seven-year-old Viola Horup, has been bludgeoned to death in her mansion on an icy December night,...

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Fire Dragon

When word reaches Top Scale Academy that the borders of Cadia have been breached, Ezequiel “Zeke” Hawthorn and his fellow dragon cadets are dispatched to look for any intruders. Ready for just about anything, Zeke is caught off guard when he finds that the “intruder”...

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First it was Bill. Now it is Jeff. Nick will seek revenge, but he also believes that there is a better way for all to live. It is Klaus who now controls the remnants of the British army. He uses it to ruthlessly control the south of England. The remaining people hide...

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The Only Best Place

Too much work and too much debt had put too much pressure on Dan and Leslie’s marriage. The temporary move from high pressure city life to the country was supposed to give them a chance to patch up their shaky marriage and get their feet under them financially. But as...

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Ace’s Gamble

She’s taking a chance and he’s risking it all.Christie:I've got one shot at my new journalism job, and I need to find a great story. When Ace walks into my life, a sexy, muscular and dangerous underground fighter, he might just be the lead that I’m looking for. But if...

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Somewhere Between Black and White

"The magic, depth and beautiful messages woven throughout the story make it such a feel-good novel...I will think about the many important issues raised in this book for a long time." --Samantha Stroh Bailey, Author of "Finding Lucas""A heartwarming and entertaining...

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The Man in the Long Black Coat

Dale Bruyer and James Sandover were huntsmen: monster hunting heirs to a secret legacy, self-appointed defenders of mankind, students of magic, warriors and—in James’s case—occasional chess opponent of the Devil himself. Until James died and left Dale all alone on a...

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Fully Involved

An utterly charming Christian romance about the glorious and amazing journey of two friends who discover that they have fallen in love with each other...He fights fires. She saves kids. Can they stop battling each other long enough to realize they want the same thing?...

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Check Truckers ~ Lyle for my silver fox's story & Truckers—Tyrone for my young Black trucker's adventure in curvy love. Unprotected Gia's first ride! The intense adult material in this book is not for everyone. I have a secret. I still have my V card, and I'm on my...

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The Stone Flowers

Something evil watches in the eye of the storm. An end of summer party in the quaint town of Thorn Tree offers a chance of romance for Maggie Hawkbetter, but when her best friend stumbles into town clutching her dead baby, the magical evening turns into a nightmare. A...

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Little Wolf

In the tradition of Call of the Wild, Watership Down and Redwall, Little Wolf is the story of Shadow, an abandoned dog with big dreams...When a mongrel puppy is left alone to die in the forest, a heartbroken mother wolf saves the day - and keeps him as one of her own....

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Jackson Chase served with the New Zealand SAS for many years, but a mission in Afghanistan leads him into a world of intrigue and betrayal that will put all of his skills as a special operations soldier to the test.From a hostage rescue mission in Afghanistan to a...

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The Stranger Beside You

How well do you really know the person in bed beside you?Brynn Nelson is living the American dream. She has a nice home in the suburbs, a husband working on Wall Street, and two fabulous kids. But when the FBI rings the doorbell at midnight, storming her home and...

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Navigating the Road of Infertility

Chrissie Kahan and Aaron Kahan flee to the beach after their latest fertility setback. The trials and tribulations they have undergone to become parents have worn them down. At the shore, they reflect on their harrowing journey and the harsh realities they faced.Their...

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Coffee, Kids, and a Kidnapping

Charlotte Ritter is more than just a survivor. She’s a highly caffeinated go-getter who is busy raising three teenage kids on her own while juggling a full time job at a family law practice. Charlotte has always dealt with things one day and one cup of coffee at a...

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Death Votes Last

With an evenly-divided United States Senate, the stakes are high for the nation's political power brokers. The leader of one party decides to change the numbers by arranging the elimination of one of the other party's senators. As the senator's death sends shock waves...

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