Teen & Young Adult Books…

The Dream Ripper (The REM Cycle, Book 1)

Stealing dreams is easy, but no one likes a thief… Obsessed with finding the Muse responsible for the death of her brother, Erica Powell has no qualms with the dark temptations in being a dream thief. Some of the most profitable dreams hang on the walls of Somnus like... read more

Alfie Brown

A whole new wizarding world. A tested friendship. The greatest of magical quests.Alfie Brown doesn’t really care that he has different colour eyes to everyone else, he feels normal in his normal school, normal town, normal grandparents and normal(ish) best friend... read more

Born of Water

Everything you thought you knew about mermaids is wrong. Life for a small-town high school kid in Saltford should be simple and straightforward – for 17-year-old Targa MacAuley, it’s anything but. Navigating life with a supernatural mother is tricky enough, but... read more

Wild Animal School

Sixteen-year-old Jessica Rainville’s dream of working with exotic animals is about to come true. She’s signed up to spend a summer learning to train and care for tigers, lions, leopards, bears, and elephants at an exotic animal ranch. She will pet tigers,... read more

The Girl Chameleon (Book 1)

Jen is a seventeen-year old girl who gets average grades and has a boring normal life except for one thing—she is a human chameleon. She can transform herself into any inanimate object she touches. An ability she’s hidden from everyone, especially her parents. After... read more

The Institution (Sacrisvita, Book 1)

Raising loyal citizens. One child at a time. Sage Indarra’s childhood is forever changed when tragedy strikes and she’s forced to enroll in Eprah’s Institution—a cold, unfeeling place determined to make her forget everything good about her old life. It doesn’t take... read more

Summer Seventeen &Amp; You

He took my boyfriend’s desired position on the baseball team. That was his first mistake. Then, after his parents died, he moved in with his brother across the street from me. That was okay until my dad hired him to clean the pool. I had to set boundaries. My heart... read more

Before Love (Love Kim Series, Book 1)

Her life is a disaster – Kim has to change something fast – will she overcome her personal crisis? Kim is a young woman making her way in the world. She has a job where she is successful and likes her boss. But she hides her innermost feelings about... read more

A Death’s Awakening

Hadley knows Death wants her. Maybe she wants him too. At least that’s what it feels like to her some days. Hadley’s life follows a triangular path of home, school, and the pharmacy to stock up on inhalers, lozenges, and cough syrup. But, her predictably mundane... read more

The Dazed Runner

Whether You Loved Or Hated The Maze Runner, You’ll Laugh At The Dazed RunnerExperience the ultimate Maze Runner parody in graphic novel form!Oh, the modern young adult dystopian novel. From The Hunger Games to Divergent to The Giver this is a genre that is hot as it... read more

Bleating Cries of Sheep

The town of Astoria, Oregon is where Danielle Knowles grew up and spent her whole life. Yet, she’s never heard of a flock of sheep mysteriously vanishing into thin air. In a town of under fifty thousand inhabitants, word gets around fast. Soon, curiosity gets the... read more


SOMETIMES YOU FIND HOPE WHERE YOU LEAST EXPECT IT. Just weeks after eighteen-year-old Erin tragically loses her best friend, she is brutally betrayed by her high school crush. Plagued by crippling panic attacks and disconcerting visions of her dead friend, Erin... read more

The Hitman: Secret Billionaire

A female FBI agent torn between love & fear, trust & doubt and a desire for bliss. Will she make the right choice?Meet fearless FBI agent Samantha Gideon. She is tall, gorgeous and highly adventurous as her choice in occupation can imply. She has everything... read more

Raywyn &Amp; the Golden Bow

The White Tiger snarled and drooled, growing in size, his canines glowing as they flashed… Raywyn was whirled away by her captor… he went to slash her across the throat… Metarch’s voice boomed out its ghoulish scorn… ‘You are weak... read more

Back From the Dead

Kendall is a senior level criminology student at Elmhurst College, but she’s quite new to the art of necromancy. She has been experimenting with conjuring up long lost spirits in an attempt to unravel the mystery surrounding her mysterious dreams and the disappearance... read more

So What! Stories or Whatever!



In a broken world, where dark powers rise to take control, will their love survive? Will they? 2081 and England is broken. Civil society has collapsed and in the place of government, wannabe warlords and criminal gangs are taking control. Among the few survivors, Edie... read more