Teen & Young Adult Books…

Beneath These Wings

Tresa was taken by the aliens, but she escaped. Changed. Powerful. Terrifying.With the only thing she has left in the world – her dad – and her little nomadic band of humans, she battles the very aliens that made her into the creature she is now, using the powers they... read more

In the Blood of the Greeks

Forbidden love, heart racing suspense, an epic tale set in war ravaged Greece. In Nazi-occupied Greece, Eva and Zoe — one a German officer’s daughter, the other a young Greek woman filled with fury — should be enemies. But when fate brings them... read more

Prescient (Delphi Chronicles, Book 1)

You’d think time-travel would be a useful gift for cheating on tests and winning the lottery—stuff like that. I might have enjoyed my ability…if I hadn’t discovered earth will soon turn into a wasteland. Bodies rotting in the streets. Wilderness... read more

Web Of Lies (Blood Bound Series, Book 3)

The love of Amelia’s life is dead…but is Ty really gone forever? After Ty bled out in Amelia’s arms, the disappearance of his body sparked an unlikely union between mortal enemies to uncover what happened and if the lycan-hybrid is still alive—even though alive no... read more

Blood Touch (Blood Ties, Book 1)

Demons I can handle. A Pureblood Angel is something else entirely. 17-year-old Payton Matthews’ life-long dream is to become the first female Demon Hunter Operative. The assessment should be a breeze. A drop of her blood is enough to stop any evil, but she... read more

Dark Souls (A Divine Darkness Novel)

A dark romance with an even darker Greek god whose fiery temper rivals his sudden obsession of one hauntingly beautiful girl. Seventeen-year-old Hartley Walker has returned from a brush with death, and no one is able to melt the ice from her insides… except the... read more


“We would all like to start over if given a chance, but Jessie and Tacket have so many secrets. Will this relationship work?” – 5 Stars A normal life is dangerous. In Golden City, New York, ex-teen assassin Jessie Tacket wants to remain off the grid.... read more

The Eye of Fuusa

Fourteen-year-old Maya is content to be third in line to the throne of Laran, having little confidence in her appearance or abilities. A parade to celebrate peace between long-time enemies Laran and Ezna becomes the target of a shadowy group wishing to reignite the... read more


What happens when your soul dies? Kat Bloodmayne is one of the first women chosen to attend the Tower Academy of Sciences. But she carries a secret: she can twist the natural laws of life. She has no idea where this ability came from, only that every time she loses... read more

Pirate Princess

As the daughter of the Pirate King, Tilia Swanson has an unusual upbringing learning skills that aren’t often available for women. As the heir apparent for the Kingdom of Crilan, her skills set her apart as she is trained by the best in the land and taught to... read more


“Jessie Tacket may have a new guardian and a new name, but her old life is still out there. Haunting her, chasing her, maybe even catching up to her…” – 5 Stars Saving a life might require the use of deadly skills. In Golden City, New York, ex-teen assassin Jessie... read more


After watching a young boy die, college freshman Atancia Clark begins to have panic attacks. Her heart flutters, her breath catches, and she can’t control her emotions the way she always has. She wants to be strong, but lately she just hasn’t been living up to her own... read more

The Misplaced Dog

A gorgeous addition places Playful Paws and its staff at the center of a mystery. It’s love at first sight when Tamar meets Rusty – the newest resident at the local shelter where she volunteers. However, the arrival of the well-trained and affectionate dog coincides... read more

AEGIS – Catalyst Grove

Be Careful What You Wish For. It May Just Be Given To You. For many nights in Greenwood Orphanage, visions of his loving parents flood the dreams of 15-year-old Graham. But the dreams quickly dissolve into haunting nightmares. Just when Graham thinks he will escape... read more


**2017 SIBA Award Winner for Best Dystopian Novel** In a world where addiction is encouraged, one girl must fight to stay clean… As one of the last Untamed humans left in the world, Seven’s life has always been controlled by tight rules. Stay away from the... read more

Magic and Shadows (Anthology)

Magic lurks in every shadow. Slip into darkness with 11 action-packed YA fantasy and paranormal novels. This collection has something for every lover of the mystical and mysterious—from dragons, demons, witches and vampires, to shifters, mages, and magically evolved... read more

Taking Flight (The Caged Series, Book 3)

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. After years of being an outcast, Lexus finally has a chance to reinvent herself at Magna Virtus Academy, a school for students with special powers. But she never dreamed she’d go from social reject to the star of the... read more