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Whilst history books are often dry, and don’t attract a wide readership, novels with fictional storylines based within significant historical periods, and events, are widely read and educate as well as entertain their readership. Historical Fiction books are often a person’s first experience learning about a particular period in history, and an author of such a book will put in as much historical research as a historian working in the period. There are some history novels which are recommended by college and university departments for their educational value, and to assist the history student to better understand the people of the period – by empathising with characters in the novel and their struggles and experience, as imagined by the author.

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There are many classics in this broad fiction genre: the first that comes to mind are Mary Renault’s series of novels based in ancient Greece. These are a great read, by the way! The study of ancient Greece can be, at times, a rather dry and especially academic exercise, but Mary Renault puts humanity at its core and tells a great yarn, at the same time – absorbing and utilizing many historical and mythological elements into her story, including making the ancient hero Theseus the main protagonist of one of her stories. Naturally, there is a great deal of invention in her novels, there has to be because the detail is missing from history, but Renault is a highly capable historian, as well as an excellent imaginative story teller, and her imagining of ancient Greece is entirely credible – and recommended by respected classics professors as a way in to their topic.

But Mary Renault has some great company in this genre. A more contemporary author that comes to mind is Steven Pressfield, who also broke into the bestseller list for his novels on ancient Greece, but has gone on to create numerous, equally popular, books on a variety of other historic periods with a focus on conflict and war – right up to the modern day Afghan war. Other popular authors include: Patrick O’Brian and his ‘Master And Commander series; Robert Graves’ ‘I, Claudius; Umberto Eco’s The Name Of The Rose; Leo Tolstoy’s War And Peace; and the 2012 Booker Prize Winner Wolf Hall, by Hilary Mantel.

In fact, when you look down any bestseller list of great historical fiction novels, you’ll find very many books you thought of first as thrillers, mysteries, romances, or action adventure stories – but set years in the past.

The imagination required to create a work of fiction is something that can be applied in many directions. Imagining a contemporary environment is no different, in the research required, to imagining an historic period. But historical fiction books can bring history alive for the reader, and educate as well as entertain – and as such, they perform a particular type of service to us all. Long live the history novel!

Historical Fiction Books - The King Must Die by Mary Renault

Classic Historical Fiction Book – The King Must Die by Mary Renault

Historical Fiction Books - Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield

Bestselling Historical Fiction Book – Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield

Historical Fiction Books - Master and Commander by Patrick OBrian

Bestselling Historical Fiction Books – Master and Commander by Patrick OBrian

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Lost Innocents

INTO THE WOODSA leper’s daughter is found in the well of a dying hamlet and the only suspect has fled into Feckenham Forest. But the sun is setting and Warwickshire’s sheriff is hunting his new Crowner. That sends Sir Faucon de Ramis and Brother Edmund, his prickly...

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The Royal Nanny

Based on a seldom-told true story, this novel is perfect for everyone who is fascinated by Britain’s royal family—a behind the scenes look into the nurseries of little princes and the foibles of big princes.April, 1897: A young nanny arrives at Sandringham, ancestral...

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Michelangelo & the Morgue

In 1492, during a time when the power of the Medici, the ruling family of Renaissance Florence, was growing weaker and a friar named Savonarola was burning vanities, a seventeen-year-old named Michelangelo was making a name for himself as an artist. However, he...

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At the Water’s Edge

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • In this thrilling new novel from the author of Water for Elephants, Sara Gruen again demonstrates her talent for creating spellbinding period pieces. At the Water’s Edge is a gripping and poignant love story about a privileged young woman’s...

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Mary – Mrs. A. Lincoln

A novel about the life of Mary Todd Lincoln, narrated by the First Lady herself, a USA Today choice for Best Historical Fiction of the Year.   The wife of Abraham Lincoln is one of history’s most misunderstood and enigmatic women. She was a political strategist, a...

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The Garden on Sunset

Have you ever wanted to climb into a time machine and visit Hollywood during its heyday?Right before talking pictures slug Tinsel Town in the jaw, a luminous silent screen star converts her private estate into the Garden of Allah Hotel. The lush grounds soon become a...

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Princess of Sparta

She’s Helen of Troy’s older sister.She’s a Spartan Princess.She’s High Queen of Mycenae.Her name is Clytemnestra.In a world where women are submissive, she rules.In a world where wives are loyal, she is unfaithfulIn a world where honour and blood feuds abound she...

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The Girl Who Came Home

Inspired by true events, the New York Times bestselling novel The Girl Who Came Home is the poignant story of a group of Irish emigrants aboard RMS Titanic—a seamless blend of fact and fiction that explores the tragedy's impact and its lasting repercussions on...

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The Art of Love

Money. Art. Passion. Anguish.You’ll Find It All in the Golden CityAfter digging a fortune from the frozen fields of the Klondike, August Wolff heads south to the “Golden City” of San Francisco, hoping to start over and put the unsolved loss of his wife and daughter...

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Beware the Rich Man

A self-made man set on revenge, and a beautiful heiress—stunned by the magnetism that neither wants to acknowledge—attempt to bridge the gulf between tradesman and nobility. Without ruining each other. Wealthy importer Blake Edison will stop at nothing to destroy the...

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Bridge of Scarlet Leaves

An “impeccably researched and beautifully written” novel about a California marriage threatened by the Japanese internments of WWII (Karen White, New York Times–bestselling author of The Sound of Glass).   Los Angeles, 1941. Violinist Maddie Kern’s life seemed...

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Parallel Lives

Based on a true story. Liliana is a beautiful and educated young Jewish woman. She marries Henry and becomes a mother to Rebecca. She has a full life ahead of her in Poland, or so it seems. The time period is the beginning of World War II, when the Germans invade...

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A Trick of Fate

A novella of 15th century LondonThough Alys longs to paint like the artists who created the beautiful paintings at St Michael’s Church, Queenhithe, she knows it is an impossible dream because she is poor, her mother is sick, and her brother has gone off to sea,...

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The Colour of Betrayal

The fourth Sebastian Foxley Medieval Mystery by Toni Mount.A short storySuicide or murder?As medieval Londoners joyously prepare for the Christmas celebrations, goldsmith Lawrence Ducket is involved in a street brawl. Fearful that his opponent is dying from his...

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The Tuscan Child

From New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Rhys Bowen comes a haunting novel about a woman who braves her father’s hidden past to discover his secrets… “Pass the bread, the olives, and the wine. Oh, and a copy of The Tuscan Child to savor with...

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Love and Ruin

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The bestselling author of The Paris Wife brings to life the story of Martha Gellhorn—a fiercely independent, ambitious woman ahead of her time, who would become one of the greatest war correspondents of the twentieth century.In 1937,...

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California Bound

Texas Lawmen won’t! The US Cavalry can’t! 2 Civil War vets wade the Rio Bravo to rescue a stolen girl! In a Union POW camp, Jeb & Zach dreamed of finding California Gold, but the road West leads Jeb past his sister's home in Texas. He finds her dead! A border war...

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Sliding Delta

Seeking authenticity when he discovers his entire privileged life was based on delusions and lies, a 60’s white college boy goes on a quest to find legendary musician Mississippi John Hurt and learn to pick the Delta blues. He finds bedrock truth south of...

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The Fencing Master

“A taut, elegant mystery” set against the historical backdrop of nineteenth-century Madrid (St. Louis Post-Dispatch). It is 1868; Spain teeters on the brink of revolution. Jaime Astarloa is a master fencer of the old school, priding himself on the precision, dignity,...

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When aging cowboy Gus Matthews gets fired from Rocking-C ranch for laying out the mean-spirited, know-nothing foreman, he heads north for Oklahoma, where he finds work with the Aronsons, an elderly couple whose ranch has seen better days. What should be easy work for...

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The Maid’s Secret

The truth is rarely simple.London 1884. Victorian industrialist Alexander Glenville is a man with many secrets. Fleet Street reporter Penny Green is tasked with working undercover as a maid in his home, but tragedy strikes when Glenville’s daughter is poisoned.Penny’s...

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India Was One

...Suddenly, he saw something shiny at the bottom of the abyss. He squinted his eyes to see what it was. He ran back to his binoculars and turned them to see what it was. Sharp barbed wires that separated the two mountains came into focus. He had come as far as he...

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Sovrin’s Star

At the end of the American Civil War, ten-year-old Sovrin is alone and lost in the South. At times, he thinks he would’ve been better off if he’d died along with his parents in the war. After all, who wants a kid with a disability?Tiker is a cockney-accented, former...

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Short description: Katy, maidservant at Cheadle Manor, longs to escape her narrow life but events unfold slowly in her rural village. Finally, frustrated by personal tragedy and the shackles that continue to bind her, she becomes a mechanic in the WAAC as part of the...

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Davenport House

Davenport House is the first book in a family saga following the wealthy Davenports and their servants in 1915 America.Mary Davenport is a 22-year-old idealist who worries that the world in the Progressive Era is leaving her behind. She lives isolated in the...

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The Bonesetter’s Daughter

A mother and daughter find what they share in their bones in this compelling novel from the bestselling author of The Joy Luck Club and Where the Past Begins: A Writer’s Memoir.Ruth Young and her widowed mother have always had a difficult relationship. But when she...

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Dark Angels

The long-awaited prequel to Koen’s beloved Through a Glass Darkly, Dark Angels is a feast of a novel that sparkles with all the passion, extravagance, danger, and scandal of seventeenth-century England. Alice Verney is a young woman intent on achieving her dreams....

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The House on Tenafly Road

Heartbreaking and inspiring Civil War saga (Historical Novel Society Editor’s Choice). When morphine-addicted veteran John Weldon falls in love with his best friend’s sister on the eve of Reconstruction and the Indian Wars, life gets complicated. How will Weldon hide...

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The Dream Dancer

THE DREAM DANCER: A Native American hero’s journey in which the monster is a U.S. Congressman and the netherworld is a Pennsylvania prison.The story opens in Paris in the dwindling days of the summer of 1956. Coop Rever, a Native American expatriate who is the...

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The Killing Time

As tensions simmer in Shanghai, children go missing…Shanghai 1932: Inspector Danilov hasn't recovered from the death of his child... but across a Shanghai riven with communal tensions, children are going missing.Missing, and then murdered. Who is responsible? Why have...

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Legacy of Strangers

B.R.A.G. Medallion Award Winner 2017. A gritty and compelling historic saga of survival set in Victorian-era Ireland, England, Australia and New Zealand. Four strangers' lives change dramatically when they choose or are forced to leave their homelands for the promise...

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A Star in the Sky

The day is 4 Etz'nab' in the great Maya city of Palenque, and in a luxurious mountain villa a man lies dying. Taah Tiwoh had been feared and disliked in life, and was almost entirely unlamented in death. Many had prayed for him to meet an untimely end, but...

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Mabel Bunt and the Masked Monarchs

Mabel Bunt, harlot and commoner, is sent to entertain a young lord on his last night before execution. When she leaves his cell she finds herself a fugitive wanted by the Crown and caught up in the schemes of a stranger who seeks revenge from behind the faces of dead...

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Cinders to Satin

An unforgettable novel from the national bestselling sensation Fern Michaels, about a young woman's journey into the heart of the unknown. . .Callie James learned to survive in the squalid back alleys of Dublin. Tough, spirited, and possessed of a singular beauty, she...

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City of Thieves

From the critically acclaimed author of The 25th Hour and When the Nines Roll Over and co-creator of the HBO series Game of Thrones, a captivating novel about war, courage, survival — and a remarkable friendship that ripples across a lifetime. During the Nazis’ brutal...

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Love Beyond Time

#1 Amazon Bestseller in Time Travel Romance by USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Bethany ClaireDo You Love Sexy Highlanders, Romance, Magic, and Mystery? "Love Beyond Time" will make you laugh, cry, and leave you eager for more.It began nearly four hundred years ago. The...

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