Advice and How-To Books…

Pain in the Brain

We live our lives at the speed of light and function out of fight-or-flight response. But what if we stopped for a minute and thought to explore the possibility that we could do so much more? Within your mind and your brain lies the ability to generate ideas,... read more

Reverse Your Genetics

Are you fed up with trying diet after diet, only to lose and regain the same 5,10, 20, or 30 pounds over and over again? Are you sick of suffering through diets where you need to restrict fat, carbs, or calories? Would love to be back to the size you were in high... read more

Five Senses Meditation

Create a Stress-Free Life with the Unique Meditation & Mindfulness Rituals!Unleash the Most Powerful Meditation Techniques for Tremendous Mind-Body Results-In just 5 minutes a day…You are just about to discover how to revolutionize your health &... read more

50 Beauty Recipes

Care for your skin, use toxin-free and natural components! With these recipes, you can create organic lotions and creams that do not demand a lot of time! You only need a great desire to care for your skin. You have to eliminate skin problems, and these homemade... read more

Data Analytics

You may be the owner of a business, or someone who actively participates in the day to day operations of a business. We will go ahead and assume that your business is operating at a profit and you are happy with the direction it is going. As someone in this situation... read more

The Social Confidence Evolution

Do you search for more confidence in social situations? I know that it can be difficult to become a social butterfly and how important it is for well-being and success to be socially literate. This book is meant to help readers to improve this area of life. It will... read more

Thoughts Have Weight

Thoughts are known to influence our actions and who we become in life with the quality of one’s thought determining one’s level of success or failure. The kind of thoughts that one dwells in has a way of influencing their level of self confidence, self esteem, their... read more

Marriage – Save Your Marriage

Time to Go Back to Where it Started for you and your Spouse ??? Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited ~ Includes an Amazing Bonus Right After The Conclusion! ???Don’t become a statistic! Save your marriage right now and get back to where you started when... read more


Are You Where You Want to Be in Life?Cliche But True: It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know ?Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited ~ An Important Bonus Right After The Conclusion! ?Are you ready to tap into unlimited potential of connecting with... read more

The Divinity Within

This journal is a self-help, which is designed for us to follow our heart so we can gain insights into a greater life. The motivational stories, the mantras, the mudras are for us to go deeper into a greater life in service and love to ourselves, our families,... read more

Work Quilting

Unemployed or Underemployed: Feel like you’re working harder but never getting ahead? Are you striving to put in more time at your job but earning less? Is there not enough money from your paycheck to pay the bills much less leave the life you desire? Here’s What... read more

Conversation Dynamite

Socializing Is a Battleground, It’s Time to Stop Being a Casualty Trying to have a conversation in an unfamiliar or pressured context can not only make you uneasy and doubt yourself, it can be downright painful. For many, the prospect of even the most casual of... read more

How to Banish Tiredness

Are you someone who is struggling with tiredness and fatigue?Learn how to banish tiredness and increase your energy in under a week. This simple and easy to read guide provides step by step tips to boundless energy.Discover all-natural techniques that do not include... read more

Winning Against Laziness

This book is a treasure trove of ideas, guidance, and tips and tricks on how to overcome plain, raw laziness. And there’s enough in here to stir the laziest person in the world toaction. Go back to the advice, re-read them, soak yourself in the ideas, ingrain them... read more

How Two Have a Successful Relationship

You can have a relationship without conflict — find out how.Phil and Maude share a simple step by step process that is easily accessible to everyone. Read their personal experience of how it’s possible to have a loving passionate relationship without conflict... read more

Panic Attacks

Living everyday with the discomfort and pain of panic attacks is not fun. Often times many people suffer through their attacks time and time again with no one to help them through their problem. Panic attacks are a terrible thing and may sometimes seem impossible to... read more

Writer on a Budget

Ever wanted to write a book, get it published, and earn royalties each month from the sales — but you’re not sure where to start?Have you gotten the impression that self-publishing a book that has a shot at being a best-seller will cost a lot more than you can... read more

The Minimalist Mind

Do you find yourself…. Battling issues with self-confidence Feeling overwhelmed by your thoughts Struggling with negative self-talk Lacking motivation and determination Struggling with anxiety about your daily tasks Failing to achieve your personal goals Does... read more

How to Analyze People at First Sight

?Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited! 3 Free Bonus Books Included – Download Now! ?Become A Skilful Interpreter of Body Language And Find Out How To Improve Yours! +FREE GIFT>>> Get this book by Amazon Best Selling Author Scott Colter... read more

Make You Home Feel Like Home

Homes should be pre-organized with natural ventilation, sun panels and solar shading systems that follow a net-zero energy models.After years of experience helpful tips have been gathered in one book “Make Your Home Feel Like Home” just for you. This book shows you... read more

Passive Income

Learn the Real Secrets to Getting Out of Debt and Saving Money with…Passive Income: Realistic Ways to Earn More Money and Stop Living Paycheck to PaycheckForget everything you think you already know about earning money online or starting an Internet-based company. And... read more