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There are all kinds of ways you can seek advice and help these days, but advice books and how-to books still retain a central role in the life of the do-it-yourself, teach yourself, self directed learning scene – because only words on a page (paper or screen) can provide the level of detail and explanation that is often required when learning how to do a new task, or finding the best advice.

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From learning a new language, to learning to sing, from fixing your computer to fixing your marriage, and from writing code to writing a bestseller – there’s an advice or how-to guide somewhere that will provide you with expert assistance in the tasks you want to do yourself.

There is a wealth of information available online: a YouTube channel, podcast, website, wiki or facebook page on just about every topic, filled with useful articles, videos, recordings, infographics and every other kind of data and information delivery system. There are even ‘tutorial hubs’ such as and Udemy and even university ‘moocs’ where you can study and learn just about anything your heart and mind desire. But all that takes time, hunting down the right course, and filtering through the morass of information can take an age – it is ironic but rather fitting that a book – hardcopy or digital download – is really the best go-to source of information and assistance. If you want advice, or need to know how-to do it yourself, then this is the place to look and learn!…

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Travel Hacks for Experienced Travelers

Are you bored with having been given travel information that is obvious or even intentionally ever-so-slightly incorrect? If yes, our book just for you. More than 39 truly helpful and non-standard travel hacks. Only ready-to-use travel strategies designed for ultimate... read more

Make Him Beg

Tired of dating frogs? Afraid you’re never gonna find your dream man? Don’t Worry, your dream man Is waiting for you right now. “Make Him Beg” Teaches you how to attract men and find true love, your prince and your self — all at the same time. See what all the... read more


Use these simple yet powerful tips to maximize your work efficiency for optimal results! I wrote this book in reaction to a life full of chaos and disorder. During High school, I took all “regular education” classes whilst getting all A’s and... read more

How to Date a Guy and Get It Right

How Many Bad Dates Will You Go On This Year? If you’re one of the 49 Million people who date online, the average answer is 41 dates per year. Ugh! What a horrible waste of time! And it doesn’t even include the 12 hours per week (on average) you’ll spend just looking... read more


In this book you will: *Take charge of your life when you feel like giving up. *Discover it’s your choice to be mentally strong and posses the systems driven mindset. *Understand little chunks of details you neglect in life. These are the most important routines to... read more


The most common skin care product is soap – we use it every day. But not all of us know that there are different types of soap for each type of skin and using it inappropriately can cause your skin to look dry and ill. In this guide, you will learn how to determine... read more

Self-Discipline – Spartan Discipline

Tackle Temptation with the Discipline of a Spartan! 2nd editionWhen it comes to Self-Discipline, many things can be learn from these Ancient Warriors. Their histories, principles, and routines can all teach us a great deal about combating temptations and... read more

The Cha Cha Club Dating Man-ifesto

Do you feel unlucky in love? Well, that’s about to change! Whether you’re single or in a relationship, Sophie will help you understand men better, and attract the love you deserve with more confidence. Sophie shares 48 Guidelines to help you be more... read more

How To Painlessly Create CreateSpace Books

Start You Publishing Career Now, as in Today!Publishing a book in CreateSpace can be a real pain in the you know what.This book Takes The PAIN out!With this method you can easily publish your books on CreateSpace, including adult coloring books, and the COOL... read more

Tiny Homes

Learn How To Build and Live in a Tiny Home! Do you want to Live in a Tiny Home, Build your own and become a minamilist? Learn What a Tiny House is and the benefits you can have by living in one. With Floor plans! You Will Learn The Following:The Basics of a Tiny... read more

Amazon Echo

A quick yet informative book about how Amazon Echo will Save you Time, Money & Double your Productivity! Are you a busy individual who struggles to find enough time to perform certain basic tasks, whether it is around the house or office? If so, then you need to... read more

Project Domino Effect

here are certain building blocks used to achieve extraordinary results as well as success. These building blocks have been used through time, certain principles have been forgotten, but those principles still hold relevance today. The building blocks consist of... read more

Third Eye

THIRD EYE AWAKENING – FREE FOR KINDLE UNLIMITEDStart Awakening Your Third Eye Now And Download This Great Book Today! Available To Read On Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad or Tablet!Are you stressed out in life and need to find a way to enjoy... read more

Poker Strategy

LEARN ALL THE SECRETS OF POKER WITH “POKER STRATEGY.” EXERCISE WITH PROFESSOR OF MATHEMATICS! This book has formed the best poker players of the last few years thanks to the perfect game strategies and the best advice ever. Do you want to learn the basics... read more

Warrior Loving

In the follow up book to “Warrior Lover: Battling the Combat PTSD Relationship”, author Leilani Anastasia explores the difficulties and rewards of being in a sexual relationship with a Combat Veteran. This book delves into the ways that partners of Combat... read more

Small Habits Revolution

Do you have 5 minutes a day to improve your life? Small Habits Revolution describes an unconventional, highly-effective system for forming habits that last. Discover the 10 crucial steps to developing any positive habits you wish to adopt. You’ll also learn... read more

Guitar – How to Memorize the Guitar Fretboard

Learn how to easily and quickly master the guitar fretboard with very simple, proven and intuitive techniques!Stop procrastinating and take action today! Take advantage of all the powerful and proven techniques this book has to offer you!. Read on your PC, Mac, smart... read more

Aromatherapy Recipes

Aromatherapy Recipes & Essential Oils: The Tested Secrets for Health, Beauty and Wellness!Join our Aromatherapy Spa Lovers Club and let aromatherapy blends work for your health, balance, beauty, wellbeing and relaxation! Aromatherapy is not only about aromas or... read more

50 Exercises for Dog Training in 7 Days

The difficulties in training dogs especially for families in the city, can be enormous, and that is primarily due to the limited space, as well as high levels of noises that can affect dogs psychologically. It can be extremely difficult to train dogs in narrow... read more

Free Your Mind

A Proven Guide to Mental and Emotional Freedom! Hate the negativity that often surrounds you? Feel depressed, stressed and anxious? Feeling lost about how to effectively treat disturbing intrusive thoughts? You’re not alone! This book contains brilliant advice from a... read more

Homemade Bath Bombs and Bubble Baths

Start making your own All-Natural Bath Bombs and Bubble Baths at Home today! It’s fun and easy!Bath bombs and bubble bath make bath time so much more fun and enjoyable for adults and kids alike. The best part is that you can make your own at home. It’s that easy.... read more

A Dangerous Book for Men

You are smart, attractive, have many friends, and you’ve made an excellent career. Aside these, you dream of building a harmonious relationship with your beloved. You have learned how to attract men, but you do not know how to keep them. I want to ask you, do... read more

Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing is one of the earliest methods of investments. It has been around since the beginning of human civilization, and back in the days, real estate investing by emperors and monarchies came in the form of conquering lands and colonizing them. This... read more

Thoughts Have Weight

Thoughts are known to influence our actions and who we become in life with the quality of one’s thought determining one’s level of success or failure. The kind of thoughts that one dwells in has a way of influencing their level of self confidence, self esteem, their... read more

Daily Meditation – How to Meditate

Publisher’s Note: This expanded 2nd edition of Daily Meditation has FRESH NEW CONTENT to better meditation techniques and ways for you to live a life of peace. Also, we added a chapter on how to use Mudras for Meditation (8 Powerful Mudras). This book is... read more

The Winning Resume (2nd Ed.)

So many people take writing their resumes way too lightly. Imagine this scenario, you have a potential employer at a company and he’s flipping through the applicants and comes across your resume. As he picks it up suddenly the one behind yours catches his eye... read more

Gardening: Hydroponics

New, Updated and Expanded – 2nd Edition. Now packed with even more information. Grow Fresh Fruits and Vegetables at Home! Are you curious about hydroponics?Would you like access to delicious, natural treats all year round? Do you want to learn the art of growing... read more

Instinct of Man

Parenting is for people. It is true that reproduction is crucial to operating for all types of living beings in the world. People have the primal instinct to survive. It is called the basic instinct for all living animals in the world. According to the report of... read more

Live Simply

Do you walk in a room to organize and find yourself paralyzed and overwhelmed? Do you find yourself spending money on organizing solutions that don’t work? Do you feel like you put in effort but never make any progress? Or maybe you know exactly what you want to do,... read more

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