New Adult Romance Books…


Need a fast, sexy read you can finish at the beach? Rewind is a sweet and sassy new adult romance with a satisfying happily ever after! A page turning story about a girl who almost has it all and the guy who completes her. read more

Tie the Knot

John “Sax” Saxon wants his estranged wife Maggie back in his life and in his bed. As his submissive. During their whirlwind courtship and short-lived stint as a married couple, he’d kept his kinky desires to himself, worried that his sheltered wife... read more

Rewind (A Perfect Forever Novel, Book 2)

Kaley Stanton has it all: beauty, brains, and a promising future as an independent documentary filmmaker. What she doesn’t have is the love of her life, Bobby Rowan. A drunken night and a big mistake has Bobby walking out her life.Bobby Rowan has known since high... read more

Baby, Come Back

“Breathtaking and incredibly sexy, BABY, COME BACK is an emotional tour de force.”Skye Warren, NYT BestsellerA MAN WITH NOTHING LEFT TO LOSEI sold my soul a long time ago to pay my father’s debts. Now my life is a prison: no friends. No family. Nothing it... read more

Fierce (Not Quite a Billionaire, Book 1)

The steamy new series by the bestselling author of Escape to New Zealand . . .I never asked Hemi Te Mana to rescue me.It was true that I had a lousy job. Not to mention a lousy apartment and too much responsibility, although it was a responsibility I wouldn’t... read more

Whiskey Kisses (3am Kisses, Book 4)

Izzy Sawyer has always been the it girl. She believes she’s the last person on earth who deserves a happily ever after. Holt Edwards has always been the player that women voluntarily fall to their knees for. ***CAN BE READ AS A STANDALONE*** Whiskey Kisses (3:AM... read more


Two injured, stubborn souls meet unexpectedly. Will they save each other from their demons or have they been too damaged for too long to see past the pain? Growing up, all Jem knew was hatred and the pain from his father’s fists. Taunted by the kids at school,... read more

The Lost One (Lost Series, Book 1)

My name is Melodi White. I had a dream once like every other girl, but one day my dream was ripped to shreds by my sister’s heartless boyfriend. It’s been three years since Abby was taken from my life. To me Abby wasn’t just any sister—no—she was my twin and my best... read more

Rush (The Boys of RDA, Book 1)

San Francisco is heating up for Aspen Adams this summer.With grad school under my belt I’m ready to start the next chapter of my life. San Francisco is a brand new city. I have an amazing apartment, a new job, family, and friends to keep me occupied. Life in the city... read more

Tank (Blue-Collar Billionaires, Book 1)

The sizzling first book in M. Malone’s USA TODAY bestselling new romance series about a very eccentric billionaire.Tank Marshall has anger issues. Years ago he swore off fighting but everything in his life lately is out of control. His mom’s cancer is back... read more

Into the Heat (Burning Secrets, Book 2)

A veteran with PTSD gets a second chance at first love.After a bomb nearly killed Leo Villeneuve in Afghanistan, he’s worked to hide his scars, both physical and emotional. Back on Palmira Island, he tries to live a quiet life, away from his troubled past.Until... read more

Until The Stars Fall Down From The Sky

Jeff finally has his life back on track after deferring his dreams so he can be there for his family when they were stuck with a health crisis. As a lifeguard and a law student, he is solely focused on graduating at the top of his class and passing the bar exam so... read more

What A Girl Wants

Music is a bitch mistress.Getting the job as a backup singer in the breakout rock band Killer Valentine is the chance of a lifetime for curvy, redheaded Rhiannon Macallen. She has spent every moment of the last five years preparing for her shot at the spotlight with a... read more

Landon (In Safe Hands, Book 1)

Zoe I’m not interested. I’m not interested in his blue-green ocean colored eyes, his lean muscular body, or that crooked smile that can be so infuriating. I have more important things to worry about, like how to keep myself in college and my sixteen year old brother... read more

Star Bright (Book 1)

A New Adult Romance Story***This new series follows the original series, Fifty Recipes For Disaster******Due to sexually graphic content and language that some may find offensive, this book is intended for mature readers only***Jenny has hit a slump. After losing her... read more

Sweat It Out

When aspiring journalist Lucy launches her mission to track down playboy fitness guru Elijah Redford, she knows she’s got a hard task ahead of her. But little does she know that it won’t take much to catch the eye of the gorgeous billionaire. Before she knows it,... read more

Edge of Glory

“Welcome to Conti’s. I’m Lia and I’ll nguhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” I froze. Directly facing me was Olympic swimmer, Jay Morningstar…and I just made an idiot of myself. The rest of the table looked up to see me standing there with my mouth... read more