Fantasy Books…

Crow Girl

Liam Collins wants to be a writer more than anything else. After unceremoniously being laid off from his job at the paper after thirty-seven-years, he thinks he finally has time to write that book. As his writer’s block continues, he spends his time gardening and... read more


Mica Thomas is an ordinary woman with an extraordinary destiny. As unseen forces shape her future, her only anchor is Sean-the Primani assigned to keep her alive. If he crosses the line, there will be hell to pay. Sometimes destiny is wrong… After surviving a... read more

Air and Ash (Tides, Book 1)

Master and Commander meets Sarah J Maas in a seafaring adventure of duty, love, magic, and a princess’s quest to protect her kingdom on her own terms. After a lifetime of training, seventeen-year-old Princess Nile Greysik, a lieutenant on the prestigious Ashing navy... read more

Fox Trap (Guardians of Ghael, Book 1)

Lies. Shifters. And space vampires.Elly Morgan’s a PI on a mission to capture a murderer. But when she encounters him in an alley on her home moon, she discovers he’s more dangerous than she expected–too much even for a foxkin like her to handle.... read more

Saga of the Spheres Omnibus

This is the complete collection of the Saga of the Spheres, including The Silence of Lir, Secrets, The Sword, and Sacrifice. Seeds of doubt, betrayal and rebellion begin to sprout in the Realm of the Sun and the Moon, causing division, subterfuge, and deadly attacks.... read more

Entranced (Goddess of Fate, Book 2)

Romance and drama and soul-sucking goddesses, oh my. Jayne’s senior year of high school has all the promise of success: great boyfriend, exciting job, and easy classes. And she’s finally understanding how to use her gift of premonition. After last... read more

The Vampires of Athens (Box Set)

Seventeen-year-old Gertrude Morgan, the only child of one of the wealthiest couples in America, is shipped away from her home in New York City to the American school in Athens against her will. She would rather remain in the world of her books. After settling in with... read more

Ink Witch (Kat Dubois Chronicles, Book 1)

A whole new series from the world of the Echo Trilogy.Three years ago, the gods abandoned us. We’ve been alone ever since.Kat Dubois is immortal, and she’s retired. She’s long since hung up her sword and left assassinating immortals to someone else…anyone... read more

Shades of the Gods (The Elysium Legacies, Book 1)

Caught between life and death, all Callie wants is to live again. Homicide detective Callie Saunders knows that death isn’t all pearly gates and angels. After being hit by a bus, she finds that it’s the ancient gods and goddesses of Greek mythology who are in... read more

The Secret of Excalibur (Excalibur Saga, Book 1)

Hi, I’m Arthur Merlin. I used to be an ordinary guy, until a freak accident changed my life. Now my friends are afraid of me, and so am I. See, I developed superpowers: telepathy, pyrokinesis and telekinesis, to name a few.The US government wanted to control me. But... read more

The Fargoer (The Fargoer Chronicles, Book 1)

In a time when Viking warriors prowl the land and riches of the far south are in the reach of the powerful, young Vierra is building foundations for her life.But fate is about to deal her an unfortunate hand, as both men and spirits try to take away everything Vierra... read more

Three Wells of the Sea

Book one in the bestselling fantasy series, Three Wells of the Sea.Our world and the Five Quarters are shadows of one another, joined by death and three wells of the sea…When Nechtan, warrior king of the Five Quarters is murdered, he leaves his land on the brink... read more

Cradle of the Gods (The Soulstone Prophecy, Book 1)

In the world of Allwyn, humans are almost extinct.A war among the gods has led to the downfall of humanity and the banishment of their god. A thousand years later, the remaining humans eke out an existence on the fringes of a vast dwarven empire.Ghile, one of the last... read more

Muse (Tales of Silver Downs, Book 1)

He’s a melancholy bard. She’s expecting to settle into a boring and predictable life. They’re the world’s only hope against a nightmare…Diarmuid is hardly a typical bard. Instead of composing cheerful ballads, he shares cautionary tales that reflect the darkness he... read more

Rise of the Dragons (Kings and Sorcerers, Book 1)

“If you thought that there was no reason left for living after the end of the Sorcerer’s Ring series, you were wrong. In RISE OF THE DRAGONS Morgan Rice has come up with what promises to be another brilliant series, immersing us in a fantasy of trolls and dragons, of... read more

Stone Cold Magic (Ella Grey Series, Book 1)

Demon patrol officer Ella Grey was pronounced dead after an accident on the job. Eighteen minutes later she woke up on a gurney bound for the morgue. But she didn’t return to the living alone. The soul of a reaper followed her back from the grave, and it’s not just... read more

Playing with Fire

Warning: This novel contains excessive humor, action, excitement, adventure, magic, romance, and bodies. Proceed with caution.What do you get when you mix gorgons, an incubus, and the Calamity Queen? Trouble, and lots of it.Working as the only human barista at a... read more

The Awakening (Book 1)

Tara Spencer’s mysterious pregnancy causes her family and fiancé to turn against her and sidetracks her plans for medical school. Only a stranger, Cyril Woods, believes her claim that she’s still a virgin. The religious order that Cyril belongs to thinks... read more


Never leave the farm. Never talk about the past. Never bring up the night your mother died or the years you can’t recall. Remember only that you’re safe. On her farm in rural Montana, Ashley believes she has a normal life. Sure, her father is gone a lot on business... read more

Gabriel’s Quest – The Awakening

Injured, lost, and confused, Lord Gabriel, the prince of the Royal House Azarael, strives to restore his land after a horrific surprise attack results in the loss of millions. In this science fantasy story, Gabriel’s homeland, Continentem Praespero, suffers a... read more

Spooky Spirits

The awakening rage started forty years ago with the brutal death of a teenage girl. It might have been an accident, but then again, it might have been fueled by rage. Now, a whole flock of sheep have been mysteriously torn to pieces and strange ghostly happenings are... read more

Avoidables Angels

When I was sent to earth, I had no idea what awaited me… My creator summoned me. Then wiped my memory of him. Now I stood in a human body, my wings tucked into my back. The city that my angel group had landed in needed our help. Life for the people that lived... read more