Fantasy Books…

Half-Blood Dragon (Dragon Born Trilogy, Book 1)

Pirates, dragons, mermaids. Embark on a coming of age journey that will leave you breathless. New York Times bestselling author, K.N. Lee presents Half-Blood Dragon, the first epic fantasy adventure in the Dragon Born Trilogy. A lady-in-waiting’s job is to... read more

Fate of the Fallen

The spellbinding fantasy series from Darren Lewis, now available as an omnibus edition.A darkness has woken in the village. Thrust onto the path of danger, Ellie faces a road where answers lie in wait. She alone must stand against the darkness that would consume all,... read more

Alastair Stone Chronicles Box Set (Books 1 – 4)

Meet Dr. Alastair Stone.His magic is real.His enemies are horrific.And his exams are a nightmare.The Alastair Stone Chronicles Box Set collects the first four magic-and-mayhem-packed full length novels of this Amazon bestselling urban fantasy series in one place for... read more

Sold to the Berserkers

From USA today bestselling author Lee Savino comes a short, steamy, stand-alone shifter romance–Nominated Best Fantasy Romance by Gravetell Reader’s Choice Awards… I’ll never forget the first time I saw them, warriors moving like shadows from... read more

The Swordswoman

Melcorka thought she was an ordinary young woman from the Isles. She was wrong.The Norse thought they could conquer Scotland. They were wrong.After her homeland of Alba comes under attack by an invading horde, Melcorka abandons her life of luxury and chooses the path... read more

Shadowland: A Tale From The Dark Ages

This is the story that came before, when Britain was just a Shadowland.We grow up with the Legend of King Arthur, but where did he come from? Who was Merlin? What part did the Druids play in bringing Arthur to his round table? On the night of Midwinter’s Eve, a... read more

Ghost of a Chance (Chintz ‘n China Book 1)

Emerald O’Brien is the owner of the Chintz ‘n China Tea Room where guests are served the perfect blend of teas and tarot readings. She never set out to be a detective, but once word gets out that she can communicate with the dead, there’s no turning... read more

A Subtle Agency

Vampires rule from the shadows, but they are not unopposed. Standing against them are two ancient secret societies. A young man comes to the attention of the 2nd most powerful vampire. She has a plan and she needs his help, willing or not read more

Hundred Ghost Soup

A Beijing orphan gets stuck in a desert ghost town with fox spirits serving him fine false meals while he starves. They will make a fabulous soup to trick the Minister of Fate into freeing them from a curse. But someone’s the main ingredient. He’s got to peel away... read more

Playing with Fire

Warning: This novel contains excessive humor, action, excitement, adventure, magic, romance, and bodies. Proceed with caution. What do you get when you mix gorgons, an incubus, and the Calamity Queen? Trouble, and lots of it.Working as the only human barista at a... read more

Revived (Snoqualmie Valley Sasquatch, Book 1)

Riveting, romantic paranormal mystery from J.M. Northup, author of A Ripple Of Fear.When a mysterious friend reappears in the lives of cousins Hannah and Jenna, and revives a haunting past. Tragic loss and prejudices lead to a search for answers about ancient myths... read more

The Soul Guide

After being stung by a bee in the middle of a winter snowstorm, Sybil finds herself chosen as the latest Soul Guide. Now she only has a few days to reach the Veil to complete the Passing Over ceremony and fulfil her destiny. But dark forces are at work and will stop... read more

The Dark

Emily is a final year criminology student at university whose life on campus is starting to get rough and rocky. She’s having reoccurring nightmares about the presence of spirits in the university library. The mystery deepens when an unexpected package of criminology... read more

Ariella’s Keeper (Divinity Healers, Book 1)

Alternate Reality Romance When his father threatens to take away his research facility’s funding if he doesn’t come home, Dr. Sebastjan Walter has no choice but to do so. This isn’t just a family reunion. It seems his father has arranged a marriage—Sebastjan’s. Seeing... read more

Broken Soul (The Scholar’s Legacy, Book 1)

After being a slave for longer than she can remember, Micasa escapes with the help of her new friend, Hawke Morau. Soon after, she learns that Hawke’s soul has been broken into fragments, each of which holds a different power from his past.The two embark on a... read more

Daughter of Destiny (Guinevere’s Tale, Book 1)

Before queenship and Camelot, Guinevere was a priestess of Avalon. She loved another before Arthur, a warrior who would one day betray her.In the war-torn world of late fifth century Britain, young Guinevere faces a choice: stay with her family to defend her home at... read more

Witch at Odds (A Jinx Hamilton Mystery, Book 2)

Resigned to her new life as a witch and determined to make a success of both that and her business, Jinx has a lot to learn. She sets out to both study her craft and get a real direction for her aunt’s haphazard approach to inventory. Not to mention the fact that she... read more

Shadows of Time – The Amulet of Alamin

The veil between the heavens and the underworld has fallen.Mesopotamia is a region with kingdoms at war. The desires of gods and men sweep across the Land Between the Two Rivers so frequently that peace is merely a memory of a forgotten time. Demons and shape shifters... read more

The Sword and the Seven Stones (Diamond, Book 1)

As the old man’s hands pulled back the worn leather, Alman looked at what lay within. He reached out and touched the finest of steel. Embedded in the hilt, a perfect diamond. Upon accepting the sword, Alman had to go where no one ever dare go before. He needs to pass... read more

Pouraka (Series of the Sea, Book 1)

Winner of Imjadinn Award for Best Urban Fantasy 2016 at the Imaginarium Convention in Louisville KY.A note about the sea.”The sea is a cradle of mystery.” So begins the prose set to a hauntingmelody in Pouraka’s book trailer. “Entities... read more

New Order (Hidden Vampire Slayer, Book 1)

They were born to fight. Created to win. But the question remains… Who’s the real enemy? When Sadie heads out for the night, she hardly expects to witness a murder–much less a murder committed by a dangerous vampire with a thirst for vengeance and... read more