Fantasy Books…

The Demon-Born Trilogy

Dive into the complete series of L.C. Hibbett’s bestselling paranormal fantasy about angels and demons as you’ve never seen them before. Over 1000 pages of magic, intrigue, adventure, and romance. Magic, Secrets, Love, and Lies. Grace didn’t want to... read more

Born of Water

Everything you thought you knew about mermaids is wrong. Life for a small-town high school kid in Saltford should be simple and straightforward – for 17-year-old Targa MacAuley, it’s anything but. Navigating life with a supernatural mother is tricky enough, but... read more

The Archbishop’s Amulet (The Windhaven Chronicles)

Caldane was once in training to be a shaman for his clan but now he’s a slave of the Nayen empire, trapped in a monastery, his magic being drained away by horrific human sacrifices. With the rest of his clan murdered by the giantess, General Silverhewer, and her army... read more

Resurrectionists (A Greystone Tale)

Detective Greg Loren faces his darkest hour in this thrilling prequel to Signs of Portents.With his career joining his personal life on a downward slide toward oblivion, Loren is running out of time and patience. Pulled into yet another in an endless series of... read more

The Secret Lives of Superhero Wives

Nobody said being married was easy, but try being married to a superhero. Not only is there laundry, cooking, and a career to balance, but throw in a few supervillains and your day’s booked. Ariana, Victoria, and Emma’s men spend more time saving the world than doing... read more

Flirting With Death

Being a Reaper has its perks, but also has its downsides. While on assignment, Evander is caught off guard by an unmarked human. Captivated he is unable to tear himself away. This is why Reapers don’t associate with mortals. Piper was ordinary, just a girl looking for... read more

The Beauty in Darkness

Estranged sisters, Edrea and Rena, are soon to learn that secrets lie within their ancestral tree. When Edrea is murdered and made vampire, she inherits a strange mind ability, which makes her desirable to dangerous immortals. When Rena goes in search of her... read more

The Afterlife Series (Books 1-3)

Death is only the beginning!From an internationally bestselling author comes this wonderful collection of the first three books in the addictive Afterlife series — you’ll love reading about teenager Meghan and her adventurous life after death.??? Book 1 –... read more

Wayward Moon (Dark Fae Hollows)

How can a human wield the powers of a fae? Growing darkness is infecting the once romantic city of Venice, Italy, and Lunari, a human who doesn’t know she possesses a rare fae ability, is at the center of it. When abruptly, without having committed a crime, she is... read more

Mystik Warrior: (Dark Warrior Alliance, Book 2)

“What an amazing second book in this fabulous series. It has a really great story with lots of interesting characters and the story flows seamlessly from book one to get you right back into the action of these amazing vampires. It is a beautiful, erotic,... read more

The Sword and The Seven Stones (Diamond, Book 1)

As the old man’s hands pulled back the worn leather, Alman looked at what lay within. He reached out and touched the finest of steel. Embedded in the hilt, a perfect diamond. Upon accepting the sword, Alman had to go where no one ever dare go before. He needs to pass... read more

Poker Kingdom

Do you like Epic Fantasy? “Poker Kingdom” will take you through a magical journey where nothing is what it seems Get your copy and begin your journey! Forget about games. There was a time when Poker was a kingdom, chosen by the Gods to shelter the four... read more

Threads That Bind

Madison is a smart and witty teen who wants what any teenager wants – to fit in and be accepted. Everything changes the summer before her junior year of high school when her first kiss triggers powers she can’t control, almost killing the unsuspecting boy. She... read more

Anna’s Way (Ditch Lane Diaries, Book 2)

Angels and Demons Collide in the second installment of the Ditch Lane Diaries, Anna’s Way.Anna decides to pursue her divine calling as a doctor and receives a full scholarship for medical school away from home, and the one she loves, Jerry. The tumultuous yet... read more

Blood and Shadows (The Shadow Trilogy, Book 1)

They came from the shadows. They came to destroy humanity. Twenty years ago, bloodthirsty assassins turned an innocent girl into a monster. Most of her humanity perished. She fell into darkness.Now she steps from the shadows. Now she destroys the light. Now she brings... read more


First comes the rain, and follows the flood. Escaping the Hunters was only the beginning. Now, Shae and her friends are on a desperate journey to stay hidden from the Hunters, while still seeking the talismans that give El Oso his power. The only people who can help... read more

Cinderella’s Not-So-Ugly Stepsister

Can your heart bear to listen to the devastating truth? Everybody in the kingdom knows the romantic tale of Cinderella. A sensitive girl, an abandoned shoe, and the confident prince who won her heart. That’s not my story. To give them credit, the royal... read more

The Omega Children – The Return of the Marauders

Parents killed. A Hidden hostile land. The last of their line. They have no idea what’s coming next.Melaleuca (Mel – la – luke – Ka) is left in charge of her wayward cousins when all of their parents are murdered, and she and her cousins are whisked away to a strange,... read more

Bloodlines (Tamara Jenkins, Sorcerer, Book 1)

Tamara Jenkins, an undergrad student, working on her PhD. in Archeology joins a dig in northern Montana. Searching for Native American artifacts for her thesis. After submitting her thesis and receiving her doctorate, she stumbles upon a greater find that leads her... read more