Mystery Books…


Julian Mercer – his business card reads K & R specialist, but there isn’t much that the former Special Air Service commander won’t do. Ever since his forced retirement, Mercer and his team have been working extensively to negotiate the safe return of kidnapping... read more

Angels and Demons

It’s scary coming upon the scene of a car crash. Buddies Brett and Dennis didn’t know what to do. Seeing someone in the devastated car scared them even more but they had to see if he was alive. Pulling the body out of the car they saw the bullet hole. This man had... read more


Lara wished for a husband for Christmas this year and then married her boss. Now she is running for her life from him with a warrant out for her arrest, doesn’t want to be married anymore, and really needs a miracle to save her. To top off her week – she finds... read more

Address to Die for (A Maggie Mcdonald Mystery)

For professional organizer Maggie McDonald, moving her family into a new home should be the perfect organizational challenge. But murder was definitely not on the to-do list . . .   Maggie McDonald has a penchant for order that isn’t confined to her clients’ closets,... read more

Russian Holiday (Paladine, Book 2)

Even killers need a vacationPaladine, terrorism’s worst enemy, is back in this sequel to the hit political thriller. From the best-selling & award winning author critics hail as “one of the strongest thriller writers on our scene” comes the... read more

Murder Soufflé

Function Frenzy, a cooking show, fraught with murder! Gina Macon is the hostess of the popular cooking television show Function Frenzy. Gina is the talented, beautiful heiress to the Macon Family dynasty but can’t really cook! Chaos comes when Director Marmaduke... read more

The Golf Club

The Witherle Woods Inn has been a favored guesthouse to many visitors of Castine, on the coast of Maine. James and Giselle Godfrey have made the place inviting and restful, and that until the day Kathleen Evans is found murdered in her room. She was in possession of a... read more

Vanished in Bitterroot Mountains

This is a murder mystery story that grows into a much larger tale of intrigue and suspense. The story takes place in northwestern Montana, Big Sky country. This part of America is renowned for its wide open spaces and modest way of life. Most people live close to the... read more

Day One: Attacked (Tier Unit 3-1 Series)

When a series of jihad-inspired “lone wolf” attacks hits Los Angeles, tracking down the seemingly unconnected terror cells appears impossible. However, recently returned from a suspension that casts doubt on his ability to lead, Jack Miller rallies his Terror Incident... read more

Echoes of Harmony

For seventeen long years, Celia Davenport worked faithfully to honor her inheritance. All who had played a part in the destruction of their family had faced judgment.All but one.One by one, Celia would destroy everyone Elizabeth cared for before allowing her the sweet... read more

Murder, Mystery & Dating Mayhem

My name is Izzy. I drink too much, am clumsier than a newborn foal, and my brain-to-mouth filter often malfunctions. My daredevil husband killed himself in a parachuting accident five years ago and my best friend Jack has decided it’s time I jump back in the dating... read more

Lady Justice and the Cat

A treasure hunter is murdered and his discovery is stolen. Members of a terrorist cell who have plans for a devastating attack, recognize Sara Savage, a retired CIA operative, kidnap her, and hold her for ransom. And who does Lady Justice send to help private... read more

Her Deadly Inheritance

Winner of the 2016 Writer of the Year from Write to PublishFirst a runaway. Now running for her life. Won’t Jill Shepherd’s family be surprised when she returns to Grand Island, Michigan to end their lies and scheme to have her declared legally dead? But... read more


Twenty-four year old Zoe Dunmore lives life of her own accord. When she is handed the reins of her father’s company, Dunmore Corporation, she finds herself taken with a young executive Aiden Butler. She had closed her heart to love for so long, but something about him... read more

Cover Up

Cover Up – A Police Detective Torn Between Love & Fear, Trust & Doubt And A Desire For Revenge. Will He Make The Right Choice?John Watson is given the option to save only one person he truly cares for. Racing against the clock, he cannot help but feel as if he... read more


Olivia Shapiro’s case is just the elixir that Detective David Orlando needs to turn his career around. As fate would have it, Olivia’s husband, James is a missing person. The key objective is that he must be found. Or so it seems. Attempting to find out the truth when... read more

Girl of Great Price

A detective struggling to make ends meet. A girl they call the Golden Goose. In a city run by a powerful mobster, nobody wants to play the hero. Private investigator Charlie Madison just wants to pay the rent. When a little girl goes missing and no ransom demand is... read more

Butterworth Mysteries (Box Set 1)

4 short mystery storiesPlaying At MurderIt’s always been a dream of Connie Butterworth’s to be a private investigator. Now that she’s retired, she makes that dream a reality and sets herself up as an investigator.With reluctant help from her sister-in-law, Sable,... read more

Broken Trust

Broken Trust – A Police Detective Torn Between Love & Fear, Trust & Doubt And A Desire For Revenge. Will He Make The Right Choice?Detective John Watson longs for a change of pace in his career. The seemingly endless stream of mundane, run of the mill divorce... read more