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Mystery fiction encompasses a broad spectrum of tastes and genres, from the ‘whodunnit’ with it’s puzzle-like structure, appealing to home sleuths and logical thinkers, to mystery books, in the ‘hardboiled’ category that provide much of the action and excitement of a thriller or suspense novel.

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Whatever your preference, mystery books can always be relied upon to provide you with a crime, puzzle or some kind of problem to solve. They’re the ‘thinking person’s fiction: for those who don’t want to just sit back and be guided through their book by a trusted author – they want to take an active part. The mystery reader doesn’t take the author’s word for everything, they read between the lines, searching for what the author isn’t telling them and as suspicious as the book’s detective, that what they are being told may not be true. The mystery lover is not just a reader, they are a reading detective using their favorite novels as ‘cases’ to be investigated… ‘puzzles’ to be solved.

Whether you enjoy the leisurely pace of Agatha Christie’s gentlewoman sleuth Miss Marple, or the high adrenaline thrills and spills of Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer – or any number of variations in between. The Mystery novel takes energy, attentiveness, and a disciplined mind to fully enjoy. But the rewards of an intricately weaved mystery, slowly unraveled, are equal to their challenge!

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Dial P for Poison (Book 1)

You can take the girl out of the force, but you can’t keep her away from the action…Maggie Doyle moves to Ireland to escape her cheating ex and crumbling career in the San Francisco PD. When the most hated woman on Whisper Island is poisoned at her aunt’s Movie... read more

Christmas in Paradise (Book 4)

“Intriguing, likeable characters, keep-you-guessing mysteries, and settings that literally transport you to Paradise…Daley’s stories keep you glued until the very last page.” – Tracy Weber, Agatha-Nominated Author of A Fatal TwistChristmas in Serenity is a magical... read more

By The Book (Book 2)

No good deed goes unpunished as Gracie Andersen, owner of Milky Way Kennels learns. Who knew offering hospitality and volunteering at the library would land her in a murder investigation? A valuable Civil War knife, one very frozen body, some “funny”... read more

A Damsel for Santa (Book 7)

Not even the freak hurricane bearing down on Honolulu can dampen Wilson McKenna’s holiday spirit. His girlfriend is coming to town, and they’ll be celebrating their first Christmas together. Everything changes though when Chance Logan shows up and begs... read more

Tweedledum and Tweedledee (Emma Frost, Book 6)

“…A must read for mystery lovers.”In the middle of the night, Alberto Alonzo sneaks out to play at the casino with his mother’s credit card in his hand. The next morning he is gone, and no one knows where he is and, for his family, a real-life... read more

The Mystery House

Ellen and her two best friends share a mid-life crisis by hatching a plan to renovate an 1860’s Greek revival in the nearby historic district of San Antonio. Although Ellen isn’t one to believe in ghosts, she comes face to face with something inexplicable in the... read more

Louisiana Bigshot (Talba Wallis, Book 2)

NOW AVAILABLE AS AN AUDIOBOOK!“Smith has perfect pitch. It’s great to hear her again … a multilayered mystery and a quirky, believable heroine.” — Booklist Louisiana Bigshot is the SECOND book in the Talba Wallis mystery series by Edgar Award-winning author Julie... read more

A Cup of Murder

It’s been a rough week for Laila Rook, the barista at Roasted Love, a community favorite indie coffeehouse that serves coffee in ceramic cups and features art from local artists on the walls. A new upscale chain coffeehouse, Sunrise, opened across the street, and... read more

Gracefully, Like a Living Thing

A continuation of the haunting story of Alexandra and the aftermath of a midnight run to the Thirty-Fourth Street Subway Station. Who covers for her, and who will expose her? Psychological suspense abounds as world renown brain surgeon Alexandra Donicka is surrounded... read more

Lies From Long Ago

She’s caught in a web of deceit…but she doesn’t know it. Madison Alexander has her sights set on the future: in two years, she’ll be done with her degree and finally be able to dive deep into researching her passion: the Argiope aurantia, or... read more

A Match Made In Spell

What good is a witch with no magic? Lexi Balefire is the latest in a long line of witches Wicked witches, no less. To make up for her wicked heritage, she makes matches. For everyone except herself. The kind of matches that last forever. True Love is her gift, so how... read more

Fairy Cake Betrayal (Book 2)

“Fairy cakes, a kitten, magic & an impossible murder… All in Hawaii, with a fairy twist!” Faye Anderson is searching for her mother who mysteriously disappeared over a decade ago. The quest takes Faye to Hawaii where she stumbles upon a shadowy killer fleeing a... read more

An Officer and a Spy

NATIONAL BESTSELLER A whistle-blower.  A witch hunt. A cover-up. Secret tribunals, out-of-control intelligence agencies, and government corruption. Welcome to 1890s Paris. Alfred Dreyfus has been convicted of treason, sentenced to life imprisonment on a far-off... read more

A Bucket Full of Lies

A BUCKET FULL OF LIES – BOOK 1 OF 4: Private Detective Bob Roosevelt is not your normal private eye. An old hippie, war vet, who is on a desperate quest to find his center and the love of his life but no matter how hard he tries whenever his life seems to be on... read more

The Middle Finger of Fate (Book 1)

Don’t miss the laugh-out-loud cozy mystery comedy that started it all. From award-winning author Kim Hunt HarrisA thought-provoking Christian mystery, full of laughs and plot twists.All Salem Grimes expects as she walks into the church is her regular Tuesday... read more

Witches’ Brew (Book 1)

A witch cozy mysteryWitches and Wine, Book ONE.Pepper Jasper, an Australian witch who has long practiced traditional witchcraft, does not believe in the supernatural. Pepper moves from Sydney to the cozy town of Lighthouse Bay, answering a desperate plea from her... read more

Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die (Emma Frost, Book 4)

A fast-paced, spine-chilling mystery from an International bestselling author.We all know that high school reunions can be a daunting and sometimes horrifying experience. Well, for Emma Frost that is exactly what it becomes when she is invited to meet with all of her... read more

Endangered (Book 1)

“White-knuckle suspense.” – C.J. Box, New York Times bestselling author”Well written and terrifically paced.” – AnnArbor.comSummer “Sam” Westin’s assignment to report on cougars in a Utah park goes horribly awry... read more

Courage Resurrected (Book 3)

Ray Courage’s wife Pam died thirteen years before in a car accident. Or did she? Ray’s world is turned upside down when he receives a series of e-mails from someone claiming to be his dead wife, accusing him of attempting to kill her and vowing revenge. Ray sets out... read more

Death on Windmill Way

The Hamptons are known for beautiful beaches, luxurious living, millionaire mansions, and now…murder! Antonia Bingham, a renowned chef and the new owner of East Hampton’s Windmill Inn, escaped to the Hamptons to get away from a harrowing past. Yet now she finds... read more

Confession Is Murder (Book 1)

From USA Today bestselling author Peg Cochran!For middle-aged “Jersey girl” Lucille Mazzarella, only two things in life really count—her family and her friends. When her brother-in-law’s body falls out of a church confessional, everything she holds dear is threatened,... read more

Black Ice (Book 2)

It seemed like a simple job. Ex-cop Frank Harper is back in Cooper’s Mill to spend time with his daughter and grandson, but a bone-chilling winter has settled over the small Ohio town. When a local woman asks him to make a simple delivery, it seems easy... read more

Caretakers (Book 2)

Dee Crocker vanished nearly 60 years ago, and only one man can sift through the decades of secrets and ciphers to uncover the truth behind a shocking Adirondack mystery that will astound everyone … except for Tyler. Tyler Cunningham is a detective like no other.... read more

Doggone Christmas (Book 1)

As we neared the parking lot we heard raised voices coming from a nearby alley. Then very distinctly someone said, “Control that dog or I’ll shoot him!” That was enough for me. Without thinking I bolted round the corner yelling, “Don’t shoot. Don’t shoot.”In this... read more

W Is for Wasted

Of the #1 New York Times bestselling Kinsey Millhone series, NPR said, “Makes me wish there were more than 26 letters.”W is for…wanderer…worthless…wronged…W is for Wasted. Two dead men changed the course of my life that fall. One of them I knew... read more

The Madams of Mischief (Book 1)

D.J. Marty Sheffield just wants to live her quiet life in her quiet town while recovering from being left at the altar by up-and-coming country music star, Ricky Ray Riley. Destiny, and her sisters, Lady Luck and Fate, those Madams of Mischief, have other ideas,... read more

The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes

HARLAN COBEN calls it “One of my all-time favorite series! …David Handler is so good at writing one smart, funny page-turner after another that he makes it look easy.” Fans of JANET EVANOVICH and CARL HIAASEN, get ready. If you haven’t yet... read more

Desperate to Die (Book 3)

Euthanasia, suicide, and murder on the medical ward…Is there a fine line between euthanasia, suicide, and murder? Medical student Annabel Tilson is deep into her internal medicine rotation when one of her patients dies of natural causes which may not be typical... read more

Hungry Spirits (Book 4)

Daisy Gumm Majesty, spiritualist to people with more money than sense, is asked by a Salvation Army captain to teach a cooking class for immigrant German ladies. Since Daisy’s only culinary talent is burning water, she’s is sure the captain is nuts.But... read more

A Penny for Her Heart (Book 3)

Vanessa Johnson Rossi’s dream is to work at the White House. Not as the leader of the free world, but as chief of staff, overseeing the executive office of the president. As an assistant working at Buderwood Hills City Hall, she finds herself getting closer to... read more

An All-Consuming Fire (Book 5)

A Christmas wedding in a monastery— what could be more idyllic? And Felicity has never been happier, in spite of her over-bearing mother who wants to turn the whole event into a royal affair and Antony’s worries over the television series he is narrating on the... read more

Girl in the Shadows

Abby Silver is a temp secretary with a super memory. When she’s assigned to work with an unusual detective, Abby discovers she likes investigative work. No, she loves it. Within a week, she’s helping her boss (and his trusty beagle, Chewie) chase down a... read more

Euphoria Lane

Andi Stevenson knew her life would never be same after purchasing her new condo on Euphoria Lane. On day one, she finds the body of the homeowners association president. Day two, she discovers the property manager is her former fiancé. Day three, the new president... read more

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