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Mystery fiction encompasses a broad spectrum of tastes and genres, from the ‘whodunnit’ with it’s puzzle-like structure, appealing to home sleuths and logical thinkers, to mystery books, in the ‘hardboiled’ category that provide much of the action and excitement of a thriller or suspense novel.

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Whatever your preference, mystery books can always be relied upon to provide you with a crime, puzzle or some kind of problem to solve. They’re the ‘thinking person’s fiction: for those who don’t want to just sit back and be guided through their book by a trusted author – they want to take an active part. The mystery reader doesn’t take the author’s word for everything, they read between the lines, searching for what the author isn’t telling them and as suspicious as the book’s detective, that what they are being told may not be true. The mystery lover is not just a reader, they are a reading detective using their favorite novels as ‘cases’ to be investigated… ‘puzzles’ to be solved.

Whether you enjoy the leisurely pace of Agatha Christie’s gentlewoman sleuth Miss Marple, or the high adrenaline thrills and spills of Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer – or any number of variations in between. The Mystery novel takes energy, attentiveness, and a disciplined mind to fully enjoy. But the rewards of an intricately weaved mystery, slowly unraveled, are equal to their challenge!

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Love, Lies & Clones

June Taylor never asked to be cloned. She never asked for the faulty heart that beats inside her chest. But most of all, she never asked for the chaos that would become her life. When her estranged father mysteriously appears at her doorstep to warn her of impending... read more

#3 Bundle of Fun

TWO funny Mina Kitchen mysteries for the price of ONE? BOGO!COZY COMEDY MYSTERIES X 2! WITH 5-STAR REVIEWS! PERFECTLY PICKLED and JUICY JERSEY! If you’re looking for funny novels for women, packed with humor, chatty animals (in the guise of pets) — and... read more

Thirteen, Fourteen… Little Boy Unseen

A fast-paced Mystery from Bestselling Author Willow Rose. Alexandra wasn’t delicate and petite like all the other girls. She did not want to wear dresses or play with dolls. In school, she was mocked, and people thought something was wrong with her. They all... read more

Sharpe Shooter (Maycroft Mystery Series, Book 1)

WHO KNEW A SKELETON IN THE CLOSET COULD COME BACK TO HAUNT YOU? Deena Sharpe hadn’t planned on ditching her teaching job so late in life, and she certainly hadn’t planned on investigating a murder. But when her great-uncle’s body is identified fifty years after his... read more

A Witch Called Wanda (An iWitch Mystery, Book 1)

The hilarious first book in a brand new cozy witch mysteryFamous songwriter, Maeve O’Dare, left the drama of Hollywood — and a broken heart – behind, eager for a fresh start in the small town of Wisteria Pines. As if by magic, she makes a new friend of the local... read more

Likely Suspects

Alexis Parker, a former federal agent, finds herself thrust into the role of bodyguard in order to protect a CEO, James Martin. Along the way, Alex must overcome her inner demons, resist Martin’s constant advances, and identify the party that’s attempting to destroy... read more

Easy as One, Two, Three (Emma Frost, Book 7)

“…Once again, Willow Rose had me running in circles trying to figure the plot out.” Mads and Signe are very young when they get married. They are ready to take on the world starting with their honeymoon to Egypt. Two years later, Mads is in a coma,... read more

Lover Man (An Artie Deemer Mystery)

LOVER MAN The widely acclaimed, Edgar Award finalist hailed by Publisher’s Weekly as one of the best novels of the year.Artie Deemer lives off his dog Jellyroll, the most famous canine in the country, star of movies, TV, and dog-food advertising. Artie hangs around... read more

Oracle’s Hunt

A security-critical facility is destroyed to get to it and it is called Oracle. That’s all USFID investigator Donovan Pierce knows. And while he is told to find whoever perpetrated the deadly attack, and find them fast, he is also warned not to look for Oracle... read more

Shear Madness (Melanie Hogan Mysteries, Book 1)

Melanie Hogan is anything but your average beauty salon owner. She’s created a life for herself that’s an exact contradiction to that of her wanderlust, absentee mother who bailed on her when Melanie was four years old. She has gone beyond and above to make sure her... read more

Scam Man (Dev Haskell, Book 13)

Scam Man is the Thirteenth mystery in the highly entertaining Dev Haskell Private Investigator Series. Morton, the golden retriever is back just in time to turn Dev’s dating experience with gorgeous AJ into an absolute disaster. Meanwhile his longtime... read more

Literally Dead (Pepper Brooks, Book 1)

To solve or not to solve?When a visiting professor is found dead, English major Pepper Brooks is caught in the middle of the investigation. Literally. While the detectives focus on crime scene forensics, Pepper can’t ignore the Shakespearian clues left by the... read more

A View to Die For (Books to Die For, Book 1)

From a USA Today Best Selling AuthorThe story is not your typical murder mystery. The sleuth is not a detective, private eye, or lawyer. He’s an ordinary guy with an extraordinary dog.Jacob Martin is trying to make the best of a divorce and mid-life crisis when... read more

White Lies

One move : Last movePrivate Investigator Ashley Reid and Sean Hayes are torn between two crimes – One of the most influential businesswomen in the country is missing and Sean has to save her life, while Ashley has to deal with a league of shadows that has... read more

Alibi Aficionado (Edwin Burrows Mystery, Book 1)

How far will a man go to keep a secret? Edwin Burrows, CPA, is about to find out how far he will go to cover up an alibi for his firms biggest client. The problem is that Edwin Burrows, can’t do anything right. So when he’s tasked with constructing an alibi for the... read more

Blackmail Broker (Edwin Burrows Mystery, Book 2)

Fifty-four School Bus Passengers Have Been KidnappedAnd Edwin Burrows, CPA, is about to find out just how far the kidnappers will go if they don’t get their multi-million dollar ransom!Just in case trying to locate Rachel Danforth, his boss’s missing daughter, wasn’t... read more

Ghostly Graveyard (Zoe Donovan Mystery, Book 17)

When Zoe finds a body laying across the grave of Isaac Wainwright, the man behind a hundred year old legend, she sets out to find the killer before the deputy who is substituting for Salinger, finds a way to pin the murder on her. Meanwhile, Ellie is asked to babysit... read more

Proven Guilty (The Dresden Files, Book 8)

Wizard for hire Harry Dresden has to track down the things that go bump in the night in this novel in Jim Butcher’s #1 New York Times bestselling series.There’s no love lost between Harry Dresden, the only wizard in the Chicago phone book, and the White Council... read more

Bully For You (International Edition)

A missing child, an aging drunk, and a personal mystery on a grand stage. “Bully For You” (volume one of the “HARPER mysteries”) follows cantankerous, slightly-alcoholic private investigator Reggie Harper as he attempts to track down Michael... read more

Time Lies

In ‘Time Lies’, a quietly devious mystery-thriller set in Cold War Germany, a reluctant serial killer realises he has been murdering the wrong people. But there is hope for him yet… Karl wakes up in a locked room, a prisoner once again. But this unfamiliar place... read more

Run, Run, as Fast as You Can (Emma Frost, Book 3)

From an Amazon #1 bestselling author comes a riveting whodunit.Simone Beaumont is having a rough day. She is exhausted. Her baby is crying non-stop, she is in a fight with her husband and hasn’t spoken to him since last night. A big part of her wants just to... read more

Who Sings to the Dead? (Sendero Mysteries, Book 2)

Who can you trust in a country haunted by its past?On the hunt for an abducted Indian beggar girl, Peruvian National Police officer Nina Flores is determined to track down the suspected kidnapper, a man who resembles what the locals call pishtacos: tall, pale ghosts... read more

7th Street Crew Series (Book 1-3)

Readers love this series – More than 1000 five-star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.The first three books in the engrossing series on sale a limited time.??? WHAT HURTS THE MOST, BOOK 1:You will never guess the ending!Am I pretty?Imagine being asked that... read more

Justice is Served (The Hunt for Justice Series)

Exciting Short Read Collection! Judge Willa Carson returns in these chilling, clever stories from New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Diane Capri!”Full of thrills and tension – but smart and human too.”Lee Child, #1 World Wide Bestselling... read more


The truth is just the lie you believe the mostAs four-year-old Sunny Exley drowns in the icy waters off a luxury beach house, her father, Nick, smokes weed on the shore and her mother, Caroline, is lost in the arms of a lover. Hidden on nearby boulders, rent-a-cop... read more

Monarchs and Mendicants (Gifford Ulrich, Book 1)

Beware of a man who has nothing to lose.A Navy Seal returns to St. Louis from Afghanistan suffering from PTSD and loses everything. Homeless, he wants only to find work and be left alone, but he is drawn into a group of street people who are being hunted by a serial... read more

Monstrous Sins

When detective Tara Bancroft transfers to Seattle and immediately gets assigned to a murder investigation, she has no clue of the supernatural forces that exists within the city. Ignorant like most humans, Tara never considered there could be another world, an older... read more

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