African-American Interest Books…

Never Be The Same

GOOD2GO PUBLISHING PRESENTSA NOVEL FROM SILK WHITEMeet Paige, a famous actress whose career is on the come up. Things couldn’t be better, until her front door is kicked in by the police. After being forced to snitch on her fiancé or go to jail, Paige makes a... read more

My Besties: The Come Up

Born and raised on the violent streets of Chicago, Ja`ziya and her three besties, Tiki, ReRe, and Dirty E are all determined to do three things; finish school, get money, and live comfortably. Ja`ziya and her crew aren’t your average hood rats that wanna date and... read more

LLP – Lust, Lies & Propositions

Money. Power. Love. Not in that particular order, nonetheless, EVERY woman’s entitled to them all. At least that’s how Essence St. Clair sees it.And with her having a fairytale upbringing, no one could blame her for expecting every advantage seen fit for the beautiful... read more


Being locked down for five long years, ya boys missed out on a lot of ass. Back in the days, before getting knocked, Tyree was one of the baddest brothers on the block. Tall, light skinned, baby faced and tatted up. All the ladies dropped draws for the dude, pretty... read more


Nineteen-year-old Juicy Stanfield is the sexy young girlfriend of Granite “G” McKay, owner of Harlem’s notorious G-Spot Social Club. A drug dealer with a lethal streak, he runs Harlem with an iron fist. But even the cash and the bling can’t keep Juicy from getting... read more


In August 1831, Nat Turner leads a group of escaped slaves in a rebellion that rocks the South. The revolt comes to a quick and violent end. In November, Nat is publicly hanged, and as his body swings, a false sense of peace washes over Jerusalem, Virginia.Unbeknownst... read more

Riding with a Real Nigga

With Chicago going up in flames around Keisha, her man cheating on her with her best friend and her ex just a step behind her, can this good girl turn bad at the right time or will her past catch up with her first? And will love find a way or is Chicago too cold for... read more

LLP – Lust, Lies & Propositions

Why should any woman have to choose between love or power when we can simply manipulate our way into having them both? At least that’s how Essence St. Clair sees it.And with her having a fairytale upbringing, no one could blame her for expecting every entitlement seen... read more

WAR-Angel: The Awakening

This is a story about a young African-American male overcoming many struggles, and many attempts of others that tried to take his life, while holding onto his faith, and struggling with his identity. He is given an opportunity that many do not get, and is faced with a... read more


When Matthew Blackwell, the infamous billionaire bad-boy bachelor, shows up out of the blue in her diner asking for a date, Kendra’s world is lurched sideways. With girls lined up around the block to be his “next mistake”, Matthew could have almost... read more

Joys & Pains: Words From The Soul

This book contains a collection of categorized poems coming from personal experiences that range from different topics such as spirituality, hope, racism, etc. They stem from the past 4 years of periods in life. One is able to put themselves in each situation of each... read more

Stuck On A Bad Nigga

Sometimes you just can’t help getting stuck on a bad nigga…Beautiful and dynamic Keesha has never had it easy. Everything she owns she’s had to fight really hard for, including her nail shop business, her apartment, and everyone else’s respect.... read more

Treat Me Like Somebody

Who said loving a man was easy? Love is like a battlefield, you have your good days then you have your bad. In Jazmyn’s case the bad outweighed the good .This isn’t your ordinary love story. Jazmyn was in love with her boyfriend Prince of four years, but... read more

Dirty Rice

DIRTY RICE, a novel set in the early 18th Century in the Low-Country of the early South Carolina Colony, tells of love, passion, adventure and cruelty with totally believable characters. It is the first prequel to the four books of the Mockingbird Hill Series. The... read more

Corporate Thugs

What’s the first sign that lets you know you’re dealing with a sociopath? Corporate Thugs is riddled with clues. Set in the new reigning hub of African-American drama – suburban Atlanta – it’s the scandalous saga of the ambitious and untamed Gerald Alexander that... read more

All I Want is that Hood Love

Having the picture-perfect marriage seems rational when the only person you live, breathe, and love is your husband. Twenty-four year old NaTaysia is convinced the only man that is capable of loving her is her handsome, sophisticated husband JaMel Taylor. JaMel is the... read more