Religious & Inspirational Books…

Inspirational Quotes

This book is a great message for each of us. Maybe it’s too short, but our life is not a set of inspirational quotes. You can never get all of them. Our life is inside us, so we have to live it. Maybe this book has got some drawbacks. But is it motivating? Oh... read more

Making Radical Disciples

How to Make and Multiply Disciple-Making Disciples — EVEN if you are a new believer.Don’t know how to make disciples? Want a step-by-step plan that’s SPIRITUAL? Need a strategy for making disciples that others can copy? Ever wish you make a real... read more

What It Takes

Confused by mixed messages about what it is to be a man? And as a result you think that women, or money, or prestige, or power, or control will heal your heart or make you feel worthy? Has your heart been damaged by poor decisions or bad relationships? Perhaps you... read more

Third Eye Awakening

THIRD EYE AWAKENING: UNDERSTANDING AND OPENING THE THIRD EYEDownload This Life Changing Book Today! Available On PC, MAC, Kindle Reader, Smartphone, iPad, or Tablet! The third eye is the portal which leads to the soul of each and every person and transcends to a... read more

New Beginnings

Endings in life aren’t always pleasant or expected, but they are always followed by new beginnings. With each new beginning we tend to count our God-given blessings, dream big, and set new faith goals for a new season of life. But wouldn’t it be wonderful... read more


LIVE WITH MINDFULNESS, LEARN TO LIVE IN THE MOMENT AND LET GO OF YOUR WORRIES Download This Life Changing Book Today! Available On PC, MAC, Kindle Reader, Smartphone, iPad, or Tablet! Mindfulness is a state of living in the moment, without worrying about the future or... read more

The Presence

“Something” or “Someone” was visiting him in the hallway, a supernatural power encounter in his bedroom, singing with Angels, lights that came down from the stars? What could be God’s plan for this young man’s life?A small town high school student struggles with the... read more

The Bible

Don’t be overwhelmed by the Bible! This guide helps you process the bible and acts an amazing guide to becoming more knowledgeable and in touch about the bible. Finally, the guide to learning and studying the Bible that you want! When you experience The Bible: The... read more

Open Your Hymnal, Again

Do you ever catch yourself singing a song in church without paying attention to the words? Open Your Hymnal, Again is another collection of hymnal devotions that transport the wisdom of classic hymns and gospel songs into the twenty-first century. Giving God glory,... read more

Living Like Lions

Christian Church history produced a number of men whose lives reflect the tenacious fervor of lions. In Living Like Lions each man challenges us to rise above the contemporary definitions of masculinity and embrace God’s goodness and godliness. These short... read more

Present Access To Heaven

“A person is vaccinated by receiving a dead or weakened version of a virus in order to make him resistant to it. Satan, the father of lies, works to undermine and weaken our understanding of the gospel so that we become resistant to it.” “If you apply these simple... read more

Best Season Yet

It’s the first practice. Your back against the cold, dented locker, you take your spot on the floor, waiting. A posse of other hopefuls surrounds you. A tense excitement is palpable. Or maybe you’re the coach, and feel that same electricity. What will the... read more

Now Elijah!

Are you tired of being a Christian without purpose? Now Elijah! will help prepare you for the nation-changing role God has ordained for each Christian in this crucial time. God raised up Elijah in an hour of great need. Can there be any question that our nation needs... read more

The Divine Persuasion

Are you facing adversity or obstacles that feel insurmountable… or are you trying but never overcoming? Do you feel a lack of faith? Have you reached the bottom and are you ready for a change? If you keep doing what you’ve always done, will you find God’s... read more