Religious & Inspirational Books…

Spurgeon Gems

A quality eBook from Chapel Library (active Contents and footnotes) Spurgeon Gems is a collection of quotations from Spurgeon’s sermons, preached during the years 1880 through 1892. The 280 quotations mostly consist of a few sentences up to a paragraph and are... read more

The Butterfly

Discover an enchanting story that takes you on a journey into the wonder and mystery of life. An unforgettable tale that explores the enduring power of the eternal light that animates us all, this narrative will resonate in your heart long after the last words have... read more

As a Man Thinketh

Transform your Thoughts, Transform your Life“Self-control is strength. Right thought is mastery. Calmness is power.”- James Allen, As a Man Thinketh What are you thinking right now? Is it moving you forward or holding you back? In James Allen’s classic text, As... read more

Who Does He Say You Are?

In Who Does He Say You Are?, Catholic missionary and speaker Colleen Mitchell tells the stories of thirteen women from the Gospels and how they answer the crucial question of identity in the book’s title. With Mary as the ultimate example of intimate, transforming... read more

Climbing with Abraham

Over 50,000 Distributed!The Christian life requires an immense amount of faith. Often when frustrations and challenges arise, we are left wondering where God is.Thousands of years ago a man found himself in the same struggle. God had chosen Abraham for great things.... read more

The Bible Study Guide

This Bible Study Guide is a comprehensive, easy to read and understand guide to the word of the Lord. It will help you learn each of the 66 books in the Bible. For each book you will be taught the author and date/timeframe that it was written, a 2 paragraph summary of... read more

ABCs of Praise and Prayer

Just 5 minutes with God? That sounds like a stingy amount of time to devote to the Creator of the universe. But 5 minutes with God can lead to a prayerful attitude for the rest of the day. This little exercise is not meant to trivialize our time with God or say that... read more

Walking with Elijah

Inspiring Mystical Journey into the World of the Spirits Incredible spiritual journey you can’t miss. Order your copy now! Forty-five-year-old Doobie Shemer has it all: a loving family, two cars, a dog and two cats. He lives in his suburb house, holds a... read more

Wicca Magick Spells

Learn the Ancient secrets of Wicca Magick Spells to Attract More Wealth, Prosperity and Money in Your life. Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited!Using this guide, you will be able to teach yourself many of the ancient arts discovered by our mystical ancestors. While... read more

Jesus, an Obedient Son

For many years, best-selling author Michael Phillips assumed he clearly understood the life of Jesus. Though Jesus was in truth his Savior, and even his Lord, Phillips felt challenged to understand more of the remarkable life lived two thousand years ago in Palestine.... read more

Good Enough for God

Don’t let someone else define God for you.You can rely on God even if you can’t stand Christians or church. You are good enough for God right now, this second. Feel more at home in a bar than in a church building? This book is for you. You are better off with... read more

The Motivational Book of Quotes

The book is designed to increase the motivation of people and encourage them to act. 500 quotes of famous, experienced and determined people will be able to find a response in the soul of each reader. For greater visibility and colorfulness of the book, each 10th... read more

One Billion Seconds

One Billion Seconds delivers a powerful tale of how true love transcends time, tragedy and a broken heart. Deeply in love, Poppy and Geoff still need help from Jesse, a “relational choreographer,” to help them manage life’s ups and downs and the communication skills... read more

The Essence of Buddhism

This book describes the basic principles of Buddhism. Much has been written about Buddhism and how to practice it. Readers will have no difficulty finding hundreds of books on the topic. This book simply focuses on the essence of Buddhism, as expressed in the Four... read more