Gunmetal Gods

Author: Zamil Akhtar

Category: Dark Fantasy & Paranormal

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Deal starts: September 25, 2021

Deal ends: September 25, 2021


Game of Thrones meets Arabian Nights in this blood-soaked fantasy epic inspired by the Crusades, featuring Lovecraftian gods, mischievous djinns, and astral magic!They took his daughter, so Micah comes to take their kingdom. Fifty thousand gun-toting paladins march behind him, all baptized in angel blood, thirsty to burn unbelievers.Only the janissaries can stand against them. Their living legend, Kevah, once beheaded a magus amid a hail of ice daggers. But ever since his wife disappeared, he spends his days in a haze of hashish and poetry.To save the kingdom, Kevah must conquer his grief and become the legend he once was. But Micah writes his own legend in blood, and his righteous conquest will stop at nothing.When the gods choose sides, a legend will be etched upon the stars.

Swords and Deviltry

Author: Fritz Leiber

Category: Dark Fantasy & Paranormal

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The award-winning sword and sorcery classic that introduced Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, from a Grand Master of Science Fiction and Fantasy. First in the influential fan-favorite series, Swords and Deviltry collects four fantastical adventure stories from Fritz Leiber, the author who coined the phrase “sword and sorcery” and helped birth an entire genre.   In “Induction,” in the realm of Nehwon, fate brings young prince Fafhrd and apprentice magician the Gray Mouser together to mark the beginning of a loyal and lifelong friendship. Consumed by his wicked mother’s enchantments, Fafhrd finds freedom by pursuing the love of a beautiful actress in the Nebula and Hugo Award–nominated “The Snow Women.” Studying sorcery under a great wizard in a land where it is forbidden, Mouse crosses the thin line between white and black magic to avenge a great wrong in “The Unholy Grail.” And in the Nebula and Hugo Award–winning novella “Ill Met in Lankhmar,” Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser disguise themselves as beggars to infiltrate the Thieves’ Guild—only to pay a horrible price for their greed when they come face-to-face with a monstrous evil.

Blood of Gods

Author: David Dalglish and Robert J. Duperre

Category: Dark Fantasy & Paranormal

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Deal starts: September 25, 2021

Deal ends: September 25, 2021


Brothers and gods, Karak and Ashhur created Dezrel to be a paradise of ageless humans. But mortal hubris aroused one god’s wrath, and forced the other to shield the young world’s rebellious denizens from his brother’s murderous retribution. Now, the bloody war between mortal nations and their immortal overlords has reached its tipping point. The city of Mordeina, under siege by the brutal Karak and his armies, fights valiantly against impossible odds. Bardiya—Ashhur’s loyal servant—and his people face a shackled death march across the desert as the demon Darakken plots its monstrous rebirth. And as Ashhur struggles to protect his children and their provinces, he must counter Karak’s ever-deadlier attacks with terrifying measures of his own.As kings, spies, rogue royals, and religious despots connive and clash, city walls and sacred trusts will be breached—and a civilization built by gods will prevail or perish at the powerful but flawed hands of its creators.Blood of Gods is the cataclysmic conclusion to the epic Breaking World fantasy series.

Crimson at Cape May

Crimson at Cape May by Randy Overbeck

Author: Randy Overbeck

Category: Dark Fantasy & Paranormal

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Deal ends: September 24, 2021


★★★★★ “Perfect scary story. I couldn’t put it down.”—a Goodreads reviewer

A new bride discovers a secret too horrible to believe

A coach betrayed and forced to start over again

A ghost’s desperate plea: Help me and save the other girls

★★★★★ “I loved everything about this book. I think I read the entire second half in one night!”—

A murder mystery, a ghost story, a bride betrayed at the altar and a teen runaway in trouble all combine to make this a suspense thriller unlike any other.

★★★★★ “An exciting paranormal mystery I couldn't put down… Highly recommend!”—N.N. Light’s BookHeaven

No matter how far you run, you can never really escape a haunted past.

Darrell Henshaw—teacher, coach and paranormal sensitive—learned this lesson the hard way. Now, with his job gone and few options, he heads for Cape May to coach a summer football camp. The resort town, with gorgeous beaches, rich history and famous Victorian mansions, might be just the getaway he needs.

Only, no one told him Cape May is the most haunted seaport on the East Coast.

When a resident ghost, the Haunted Bride, stalks Darrell, begging for help, he can’t refuse and joins forces with Cassie, another sensitive. As Darrell and the street-wise teen investigate the bride’s death, they uncover something far more sinister than a murder.

Can Darrell and Cassie expose those behind the crimes before they end up becoming the next victims?

★★★★★ Crimson at Cape May is a ghost/mystery story filled with suspense and action. The plot is so engrossing it had me hooked from the very first page.”—Nana’s Reviews, Greece

Another great read that is more than a mystery, a ghost story and romance. It shines a harsh light on one of the most horrible crimes in the world. It will open your eyes. A book everyone should read …and heed.

★★★★★ “He's a mystery master! This is one author on my auto-buy list.”—a Goodreads reader

★★★★★ “The pace of this book is incredible. I’d describe it as a runaway train. You won’t be able to put it down. You’ll hardly be able to take a breath in some places.”—an Amazon reviewer

Fun, suspenseful, romantic and a little scary with a spotlight on serious social problem. Perfect for book clubs! You can even arrange for the author to join your group via Zoom.

Beechwood Harbor Ghost Mysteries

Beechwood Harbor Ghost Mysteries by Danielle Garrett

Author: Danielle Garrett

Category: Dark Fantasy & Paranormal

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Deal starts: September 23, 2021

Deal ends: September 23, 2021


Welcome to Beechwood Harbor. A rustic, coastal town where paranormals live among humans, undetected — at least, so far.

Scarlet Sanderson isn’t a paranormal being per se, but she’s no stranger to things that go bump in the night. She’s had the ability to see and speak with ghosts since she was eight years old. Whether it’s a gift or a curse is still up for debate.

She moved to the picturesque town of Beechwood Harbor to open a flower shop and start a new life after years of being a nomad. What she didn’t expect to find was a town filled with witches, vampires, shape-shifters and ghosts. So, so many ghosts.

With her sarcastic ghost cat and a stately 20th-century gentleman by her side, she can take on the world. She just wishes that world would stop landing her in the middle of murder investigations. Cold case murders, reckless poltergeists, and depressed specters are becoming Scarlet’s new normal. But how in the Otherworld is she supposed to have any kind of real life when she’s stuck halfway between the world of the living and the dead?

This boxed set includes the first three books in the series, The Ghost Hunter Next Door, Ghosts Gone Wild, and When Good Ghosts Get the Blues.

Charmed to Death

Charmed to Death by Gretchen Galway

Author: Gretchen Galway

Category: Dark Fantasy & Paranormal

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Deal starts: September 22, 2021

Deal ends: September 22, 2021


On the eve of the winter solstice, reckless witches invite demons into the enchanted town of Silverpool. Can Alma find a human murderer amid the magical mayhem?Alma is a witch with an Incurable Inability to kill. That can be inconvenient in a world of demons, Shadow magic, and murder. Luckily, Alma has discovered she has unusual, remarkable talents of her own. And they’re getting stronger.

When her quiet town is inundated with witch tourists looking for demon thrills on the winter solstice, Alma is compelled to act. Using her gifts of fairy sight and shape-shifting, she helps Raynor, the new Protector, hunt down magical trouble.

But then a witch turns up dead—not at the hand of a demon, but a human being.

Soon after, there’s another body.

Can Alma find the murderer in the mayhem—or will she be the next victim?
Amazon reviews of the first book in the Sonoma Witches series, Dead Witch on a Bridge:"Galway always delivers and this is no exception."
"Captivating world building and a great story."
"The perfect Mystery."
"The book had a smart, spunky heroine with more magical ability than she knows... I’m hooked...!"
"Alma's a very likable, accessible protagonist, and this magical version of Sonoma is so fun to delve into. Recommended for pretty much any reader!"