False Gods

Author: L.R. Trovillion

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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A rescued horse. A washed-up trainer. A teen reaching for a dream.Cory Iverson’s junior year is off to a lousy start. Publicly humiliated by the hottest guy in high school and terrorized by a bullying band director, she feels like a loser and a quitter. But when her dog leads her to the barn of a former Grand Prix rider, Cory finds refuge in the competitive but familiar world of show jumping. Her faded dreams of riding in one of the country’s most prestigious shows are reawakened and start to seem possible when she rescues a mysterious horse with some unusual talents. It isn’t long before Cory is enjoying a winning spree, though events around her start spinning out of control and threaten everything. Even her boyfriend is keeping secrets. Trapped in the crosshairs of a brutal trainer who will stop at nothing to win, Cory must decide if she’ll once again back down and flee… or stay and stand up for herself, her horse, and her dreams. “. . .plenty of suspense. I rooted for Cory Iverson on every page of this beautifully written novel. Trovillion’s prose is vivid, her equine setting authentic.”— Sasscer Hill, Author of Flamingo Road (Fia McKee Mysteries)

Kind of Like Life

Author: Christina McMullen

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Just because it's happening in your head doesn't mean it isn't real...All Renee Ward ever wanted out of life was two things: Good friends to share her love of fantasy and fairy tales, and for magic to be real. When her family moves to the quaint coastal town of Waterside, it seems as if her dreams have finally come true. But after a visit from the mysterious Blake Carter, Renee’s new utopian life suddenly turns into a never-ending nightmare. With the line between fantasy and reality blurred, the teens find themselves the unwilling pawns in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Their very survival now hinges on Renee's overactive imagination. Unfortunately, that's also what got them into this mess.

The Etheric Academy (Boxed Set)

Author: TS Paul & ND Roberts

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Building a New Empire is supposed to be dangerous, but training the next generation of leaders?
That's not supposed to be dangerous, right?
Get the complete Etheric Academy story in this boxed set at a discounted price.
Follow us as the people in the Etheric Empire set up a special academy to train the first set of teens on a leadership track. They are supposed to learn about the different groups in the Etheric Empire and areas (including R&D, Weapons, Operations and others). Unfortunately, some of the members of those teaching teams tapped to train the kids don't realize how ... adventurous... the teens can be. Especially if the teachers are Team BMW.
Travel with us as we are introduced to Alpha Class, one of the teams in the new Etheric Academy as they merge human's and Wechselbalg (Were's) in a group of five young adults as they learn to become the first cohesive group on their first assignment. With Team BMW as their teachers, nothing could go wrong, right?
This boxed set includes the complete Etheric Academy Series, which includes Alpha Class, Alpha Class Engineering, Alpha Class Discovery, and Alpha Class Graduation.

What Comes of Eating Doughnuts With a Boy Who Plays Guitar (Gem City, Book 1)

Author: Nicole Campbell

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Courtney Ross has always done everything by the book. She’s a top student, captain of the cheer squad at Scottsdale High School, and a nervous wreck most of the time.For summer vacation before senior year, she finally has a chance to relax: spending the holidays with her best friend Vanessa, in her tiny hometown of Gem City, Ohio.Courtney’s hoping for a chance to breathe and relax. What she doesn’t expect is Ethan Fisher. Courtney knows she’s in trouble the minute she sees him holding a guitar at her Welcome Back party, and the more she gets to know him, the more she finds her head spinning.What will this mean for the girl who always plays by the rules?Praise:????? - "Skillfully portrays the innocence and excitement of first love. Courtney and Ethan have great chemistry. I can't wait to read the next book."????? - "Loved this book so much. One of my favorites this year."

The Invasion of the Tearling

Author: Erika Johansen

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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In this riveting sequel to the national bestseller The Queen of the Tearling, the evil kingdom of Mortmesne invades the Tearling, with dire consequences for Kelsea and her realm.With each passing day, Kelsea Glynn is growing into her new responsibilities as Queen of the Tearling. By stopping the shipments of slaves to the neighboring kingdom of Mortmesne, she crossed the Red Queen, a brutal ruler whose power derives from dark magic, who is sending her fearsome army into the Tearling to take what is hers. And nothing can stop the invasion.But as the Mort army draws ever closer, Kelsea develops a mysterious connection to a time before the Crossing, and she finds herself relying on a strange and possibly dangerous ally: a woman named Lily, fighting for her life in a world where being female can feel like a crime. The fate of the Tearling —and that of Kelsea’s own soul—may rest with Lily and her story, but Kelsea may not have enough time to find out.In this dazzling sequel, Erika Johansen brings back favorite characters, including the Mace and the Red Queen, and introduces unforgettable new players, adding exciting layers to her multidimensional tale of magic, mystery, and a fierce young heroine.

Prom Night at Finley High

Author: Keith Thomas Walker

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Serena is no stranger to hardship. With a father in prison and a mother who acts like she barely cares, she made it to her senior year at Finley High knowing she can only depend on herself. As prom season approaches, she expects to be left out in the cold, but an unexpected date offer changes everything. Jamar, founder of the school’s bible club, is Serena’s opposite in so many ways. She can’t believe he’s willing to take a chance on her. She knows he’ll run for the hills when he finds out she’s pregnant.????? Excerpt ?????She stepped out of the dressing room grinning from ear to ear. Aunt Mary’s face lit up as well.“Oh, wow, Serena! That dress is gorgeous!”“I know,” Serena said, and she did a little twirl. “I love it!”Her aunt stepped closer to scrutinize the outfit more closely. She slipped a finger under the waistband and said, “This size might be too perfect. I don’t know how comfortable you’ll be, after you eat dinner that night. Your belly’s getting a little pudgy.”Serena blushed, and her smile retreated for a moment. She felt like her aunt could feel the tiny, new life growing beneath the dress’ waistband.“I’m just a little bloated,” she said. “You know how it is…”“Oh, well I’m sure it’ll be fine, then,” Mary said.Serena’s smile was back, but her face burned, and she felt perspiration accumulating on her forehead. She knew her aunt thought she was referring to her menstrual cycle. That lie would definitely come back to haunt her. When Serena finally told the truth, Aunt Mary would wonder how she got so far along in her pregnancy, if she was still menstruating when they shopped for her prom dress.But the lie was out now, and there was no way to take it back. Serena sucked her stomach in a little until her aunt completed her inspection.“Looks like this is the one,” Mary told the clerk. “How much is it?”Serena was surprised to hear the question. She thought her aunt would’ve made sure they could afford it before she let her try it on.“Three-fifty,” the clerk said right away.Serena’s heart squeezed uncomfortably. She looked down at her feet in embarrassment.But Aunt Mary said, “We’ll take it,” and her heart was light again.?????© Keith Thomas Walker