Flying with the Billionaire

Author: Dyanne

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Deal starts: September 16, 2019

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Everything changes when strangers fall in love at 30,000 feet.

August had never been a good month for Lily Reynolds, and this particular August was no exception. As soon as she found out her ex-boyfriend, Greg was being released from prison after only serving one year on a drug charge, she booked a flight to Colorado to escape, determined to never trust another man.

When wealthy billionaire, Daniel Goodwin was seated next to her after a mix-up in reservations, Lily spilled her drink on his laptop as soon as the plane had reached altitude. She tried to clean it up and accidentally sent an email Daniel never meant to send.

Irritated with the crazy woman sitting next to him, Daniel tried to ignore her. She was not only clumsy, but she was also too tall and too casual for his tastes. Yet when she offered to listen to his problems with an ex-girlfriend, he revealed his story to Lily in an attempt to get a woman’s perspective.

Love was in the air, but would Lily and Daniel embrace it or go their separate ways at baggage claim?