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The Dogs of Divorce

“The Dogs of Divorce” is a sensitive book of hope and personal development. Kenly shares his thoughts and feelings in an inspirational way, from the serving of the papers through the next several years as he attempts to answer questions while re-building... read more


Haven’t You and Your Kids Settled Enough?The marriage you’d been settling for no longer worked, so you took a big leap and resolved to build something better for your kids. But somewhere along the way, the anxiety over whether your kids are going to be okay has... read more

Masterminds and Wingmen

A landmark book that reveals the way boys think and that shows parents, educators and coaches how to reach out and help boys overcome their most common and difficult challenges — by the bestselling author who changed our conception of adolescent girls. Do you... read more

Boundaries with Kids

Keys for establishing healthy boundaries–the bedrock of good relationships, maturity, safety, and growth for children and adults.To help their children grow into healthy adults, parents need to teach them how to take responsibility for their behavior, their... read more

Home Safety

Home Safety is a guide for parents and children to increase their awareness in identifying hazards and dangers in the home.The main objective is to correct all hazards in the home to make it a safer place for the entire family to live in. read more

Daughter of Strife

Simple Techniques, Defeat Stubbornness!Are you suffering from pressure, anxiety and frustration due to failure of teaching your defiant teenage daughter?Are you looking for SMART methods to WIN BACK the strong wilded child? If you said “yes” to all these above... read more

Miraculous Parenting

Have you ever thought about why so many heroes of children’s books are orphans?Have you ever noticed that Harry Potter is an orphan? So is Aladdin. Pippi Longstocking has no mother, and her father is always away. Why are so many heroes of children’s books orphans? Why... read more

Once Upon a Time a Sparrow

School psychologist Dr. Mary Meyers evaluates students who fail to fit in. While skillfully responding to these children’s emotional needs, she is entirely sealed off from her own. When her mother dies, Mary discovers an artifact from her past, the tattered black... read more

Sink or Swim

Everyone experiences choices and challenges as they go through life. The question becomes what do you do about those challenges. Do you tackle them head on or do you try to avoid them? This anthology of Florida professional writers gives several stories showing what... read more

The Me, Me, Me Epidemic

Cure your kids of the entitlement epidemic so they develop happier, more productive attitudes that will carry them into a successful adulthood.    Whenever Amy McCready mentions the “entitlement epidemic” to a group of parents, she is inevitably met with... read more

Communication Miracles for Couples

Create lasting harmony and keep love alive with psychotherapist and bestselling author Jonathan Robinson’s powerful and simple methods for effective couples’ communication. For anyone who wants to enhance their relationship by learning to communicate with less... read more

Children’s Book of Recipes

A bestselling book for children in Europe now available internationally!Appetizing snacks, delicious main courses and sweet desserts… Children’s Book of Recipes is a unique cookbook for kids aged 4-9. It contains 30 ideas for fun dishes selected specifically for... read more


This e-book will aims to provide parents, particularly new parents information, tips as well as advice on parenting specifically targeted for babies till they reach the age of 2 years old. These early years of development are the most crucial for the baby entering a... read more

Crafts For Kids

Keep your kids busy for hours with this massive list of crafts that are especially made for kids!This is the #1 Best Selling “Children’s Crafts” Book on Amazon RIGHT NOW!What if you could leave your kids with any one of these 99 crafts and have them... read more

Baby Sleep Solution

This book is compact and will save you precious time. The primary purpose is to serve as an overview when you want to understand what sleeping methods are out there. You can obtain the essence of any of them and listen to other parents’ opinions.This book... read more

Teatime Twists

Five flash fiction stories that twist their way to surprising conclusions.Just when you think you know what’s going on, you discover you don’t!Plus bonus short story Inward Bound, a romantic tale of one woman’s journey to self-discovery. read more

The Jealousy Game

Is your boyfriend or husband unreasonably jealous?Fact:Every day 3 women die at the hands of an abusive partner in the USA.Fact:Physical abuse often goes hand in hand with jealousy.Many people mistake jealousy for an endearing display of affection without realizing it... read more

Yoga for Me and You and the Children Too

Yoga for Me and You and the Children Too by Master of Yoga Ruth Aharoni, is designed especially for kids, but it is intended for the whole family, for all ages; and for teachers too. The exercises that are presented in the book are classical yoga postures, suitable... read more

Super ADHD

“I left this book feeling like my son could become a successful man one day.” ‘BecauseMummySaidSo!’ mother of child with ADHDIn this ground-breaking book, investigative journalist, Rachel Knight, shines a light on the ‘other’ side of ADHD, after... read more