Mercy Among the Children

Author: David Adams Richards

Category: Christian Fiction

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A family feels the effects of their patriarch’s implication in a tragic death in this novel exploring good, evil, and the freedom to choose between them.

At the age of twelve, Sidney Henderson, in a moment of anger, pushes his friend Connie Devlin off the roof of a local church. Looking down on Connie’s motionless body, Sidney believes he is dead. 

Let Connie live and I will never harm another soul

, Sidney vows. At that moment, Connie stands up and, laughing, walks away. In the years that follow, the brilliant, self-educated, ever-gentle Sidney keeps his promise, even in the face of the hatred and persecution of his insular, rural community, which sees his pacifism as an opportunity to exploit and abuse him. Sidney’s son Lyle, however, witnessing his family’s suffering with growing resentment and anger, comes to reject both God and his father and assumes an increasingly aggressive stance in defense of his family.When a small boy is killed in a tragic accident and Sidney is blamed, Lyle takes matters into his own, violent hands to protect the only people he loves: his beautiful and fragile mother, Elly; his gifted sister, Autumn; and his innocent, beatific brother, Percy. In the end, only Lyle can determine the legacy his family’s tragedy will hold . . .Written with abiding compassion and profound wisdom, and imbued with a luminous grace that is as haunting as it is precisely controlled, 

Mercy Among the Children

 is epic storytelling at its absolute finest, populated with richly drawn characters who walk off the pages and into history. With a never-failing elegance and humane moral vision that call to mind Joseph Conrad and Thomas Hardy, David Adams Richards has crafted a magnificent, heartbreaking novel whose towering ambition is matched only by the level of its achievement.

Winner of the Giller Prize

Praise for

Mercy Among Children

“One of the great novels of our time.” —Alistair MacLeod, author of

No Great Michief

“Richards is a stunning storyteller, a cross between Thomas Hardy and Russell Banks.” —

Globe and Mail

“One of the most distinct and compelling voices in contemporary literature.” —

Toronto Star

“Stark and affecting. . . . Richards shows how powerfully the novel can operate as a mode of moral exploration, a fact sometimes forgotten in the age of postmodern irony.” —

Publishers Weekly

“Harrowing and powerful.” —

Library Journal

The Light

Author: Jacqueline Brown

Category: Christian Fiction

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A blinding flash … then darkness.

Bria Ford and her three closest friends are stranded on a country highway in the middle of a November night. No phones. No cars. No lights. Helpless and hundreds of miles from home, Bria and her friends put their lives in the hands of the handsome

Jonah Page

and his flinty sister, East, strangers who somehow know the secrets of Bria’s past. Secrets that not even she knows, but that offer them all the

hope of survival.

The Light

is Book One in this fast-paced, character-driven, Christian series that will leave you wondering

who would I become if the world fell away?

Reviewers love

The Light

, start reading today and find out why!"You will find love, suspense, faith, adventure, darkness and light in the pages of the book. The author weaves it all together and more into a beautiful story." "I became completely invested in the story and the characters' fates and couldn't wait to find out what happened next." "I loved it from the first scene."

The Oath

Author: Frank E. Peretti

Category: Christian Fiction

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A brutal killer lurks near Hyde River in the Pacific Northwest. When wildlife biologist Steve Benson is called in to investigate the latest murder, he discovers that the victim is his brother. But why are the terrorized townspeople silent—and unwilling to help?

Something evil is at work in Hyde River, an isolated mining town in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Under the cover of darkness, a predator strikes without warning—taking life in the most chilling and savage fashion.

The community of Hyde River watches in terror as residents suddenly vanish. Yet, the more locals are pressed for information, the more they close ranks, sworn to secrecy by their forefathers’ hidden sins.

Only when Hyde River’s secrets are exposed is the true extent of the danger fully revealed. What the town discovers is something far more deadly than anything they’d imagined. Something that doesn’t just stalk its victims—it has the power to turn hearts black with decay as it slowly fills their souls with darkness.

Standalone Christian thriller with over one million copies soldBook length: approximately 100,000 wordsIncludes discussion questions for book clubs

Amish Knitting Circle

Author: Karen Anna Vogel

Category: Christian Fiction

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Amish Knitting Circle is a serial novel. Episodes 1-8 comprise Granny's first knitting circle, when she invites 5 women who are heavy on her heart to knit for charity. Granny Weaver believes these women could be stronger if spun together. She invites five women, all with various issues such as infertility, poor body image and marital problems and haunting secrets. As they meet from October to April to knit shawls for charity, they begin to deal with problems, together, in community, the Amish way. Amish Knitting Circle: Complete Series includes: Beginnings ~ Granny Weaver starts the circle, and all the women have a reason not to come, but push back fears and eventually go. Wedding Season ~ Amish weddings are typically in November. The knitting circle women see happy newlyweds everywhere, but for two, it’s a painful season; one wishing she was married, another wishing she was not. Thanksgiving ~ The Amish celebrate this holiday, now that many work for the English (Non-Amish) and have the day off. The women reflect on all they’re thankful for… Snowflakes ~ December winds blow sparkling snowflakes everywhere and someone learns she’s a beautiful and unique as the ice crystals falling all around her. Christmas Cookies ~ It’s Christmas, and Granny Weaver is excited about the knitting circle’s Christmas cookie exchange. She’s comes to see these “Little Women” as her daughters, and along with that, the fretting heart of a mom. Old World Christmas ~ It’s STILL Christmas, as the Amish celebrate the season over twelve days, ending on January 6th, Old Christmas. It’s a day of fasting and reflection, remembering the arrival of the three kings who brought gifts to baby Jesus. Beauty for Ashes ~ It’s the end of January, and the knitting circle is meditating on the scripture; He gives us beauty for ashes... (Isaiah 61:3). One member is facing a terrible medical diagnosis; another needs counseling for damaged emotions. Wings to Fly ~ It’s a blustery February and the annual Audubon Backyard Bird Count is underway. What life lessons do feathered friends teach the women in the circle? Spun Together ~ It’s March and three weeks until Easter. Unity among church member must exist before this holy day, when they partake of communion and wash each other’s feet. But emotions are running high… New Beginnings ~ It’s Easter, but will it need to be postponed due to discord among church members? An early spring wedding is planned, or will there be two? Wonderful Amish story that makes one truly believe in God directing their life!!! Helen E. Hevener Amish Literature Fans Karen Anna Vogel has given readers a realistic peek into Amish life, not sugar-coating or romanticizing it but allowing us to view this quaint, simple lifestyle as it truly is. Kathi Macias, award winning author of 35 books, including Mothers of the Bible Speak to Mothers of Today.

The Crystal Series (Books 1-3)

Author: Dayo Benson

Category: Christian Fiction

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Suspense. Conspiracy. Romance.

**#1 Amazon Bestselling series in Christian Fantasy**

Follow Crystal as she battles for freedom from a celebrity cult, and forms a team of ex-cult members—including a male model and the lead singer of a boyband—to bring down the cult. Will they succeed, or are they too spoiled to pay the price?

Pulse-pounding supernatural thrillers interlaced with romance and a hint of conspiracy.


(Book 1)

She wanted to be a singer, not a slave to a celebrity cult.

For as long as Crystal remembers, she has wanted to be a singer.For as long as she remembers, her parents have feared Luke, the leader of a celebrity cult that will make you famous, but destroy you in the process.Fifteen years ago, Luke missed out on capturing Crystal’s mother. He is determined not to let Crystal slip through his fingers.After Luke deals a deadly blow, Crystal has no choice but to obey his orders to sign up for Searchlight, the biggest talent show on TV. With the cult’s backing, Crystal could win, but is she willing to pay the price?At Searchlight, her dreams and nightmares collide. Rehearsals by day. Midnight cult meetings by night.One thing is certain:

This is no time for falling in love.

Not when anybody Crystal associates with could become a target too. Juda is darkly handsome and he wants to help her, but this battle is too big for him to fight.The cult is gradually breaking Crystal down and eroding her resistance. As she struggles to remain defiant she is tested to her limits and forced to make a choice.It’s a choice between light and darkness.Good and evil.Faith and despair.

Choosing God could mean choosing death.


(Book 2)

It's the darkest places that need light the most...

But celebrity cult, The S.O.T., is much darker than Crystal imagined. Whatever light she has is at risk of being snuffed out.

Everyone has a limit…

…and Crystal is steadily getting closer to hers. It seems there is no escaping her captors. They have her, and with no recollection of the past few months, she has no choice but to be a pawn in their game. Some people think she has everything, but she knows she has nothing.Is she ever going to break free? And is the mysterious Juda a friend or foe?

Everyone is scared of something…

…and fear itself is the worst enemy of all. Crystal wants to resist the S.O.T.'s evil, but her fears enable them to drag her to darker depths than she ever thought possible. Depths from which she must claw her way back if she is ever going to regain her freedom.The pressure is on, and Crystal must either fight or be broken.It all comes down to one question:

Who will she surrender to?


(Book 3)

The battle against evil is heating up and the forbidden love between Crystal and Juda continues to simmer.

Crystal has survived eighteen months of trauma at the hands of the S.O.T. She now has two options: fade into obscurity, or fight. She chooses to fight—along with her team of unlikely allies. But as their plans come together, doubts are never far away. Can she really trust her team, or will they give up at the first hurdle? And, are they on a suicide mission, or can they really bring down the S.O.T.?Crystal will stop at nothing to achieve her aim, but victory comes at a high price. She must decide whether the cost is worth it.

A collection of the first three books in the dazzling Crystal Series.Don't miss out. Download now and join the adventure.

Justified Means

Author: Chautona Havig

Category: Christian Fiction

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How could she not be terrified?

When Erika Polowski is abducted from her bed and held captive without explanation, she has one goal. Get away before they kill her.

Keith Auger’s job as an agent is to keep Erika safe—even if it means keeping her locked in an abandoned cabin in the middle of nowhere. At gunpoint..

What should be a routine “involuntary extraction” goes south when someone finds out where they’re hiding. Add to that a coworker with a chip on her shoulder and too many unexplained “accidents,” and it all adds up to one unlikely, terrifying explanation..

There’s a mole in The Agency..

He’s promised to protect her, but can Erika trust a man whose job it is to hold people against their wills? Does his deep faith make it any better or just a whole lot creepier?

And just who wants Erika dead anyway?.

The Agency Files: They’ll do whatever it takes to keep their clients safe. Period.

Grab this first book in the series today..