Author: Katherine Karrol

Category: Christian Fiction

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Welcome to Summit County, where the northern Michigan scenery is beautiful, everyone knows everyone else, and God is a very busy matchmaker. Follow along as the residents and visitors find love, redemption, and new chances at happiness.Second Chance in Summit CountyThey both declared themselves done with romance and love. God had other plans.Her marriage, career, and reputation crashed around her and eliminated the little trust she had left in herself to make good decisions. She packed her bags, shook the dust off her feet, and started driving, begging God to tell her where to go. When He led her to a charming little northern Michigan town, she started recreating her life from scratch—without men.His world turned upside down when he lost the love of his life and had to start over as a single father. Now playing both mother and father to his little girl, he’s built his life around taking care of her and protecting his heart from ever being hurt like that again. Love is not a part of his life anymore.God has a better idea.Can two people who have sworn off love stop fighting their attraction long enough to see that God is working? Can they trust Him enough to risk giving happiness a second chance?Trusting Again in Summit CountyGiving a second chance to her first love is out of the question. If only God would stop making her run into him.Rachel has everything she needs for a safe life: great friends, a perfect job in the hometown she loves, a man who doesn’t ask anything of her—least of all love—and a box of secrets in her closet.Derek has hit his limit. His family is breaking around him under the weight of a struggling business, and if that wasn’t enough, he has to watch the love of his life happily go on without him in their small hometown.While Rachel works to maintain a controlled, if unsatisfying, existence, Derek makes plans to leave town and start a new life. When God thwarts both of their plans and gives them a new opportunity to learn about forgiveness and trust, will they take it before it’s too late?New Beginnings in Summit CountyWhat happens when you’re forced to face the person who left you brokenhearted and disillusioned? Or when the answers you’re looking for test everything you believe about God?Rick’s heart was broken when the woman he loved answered his marriage proposal with silence. Faith was devastated when the man she loved answered her pregnancy announcement with silence.Twenty-six years later . . .Rick has just found out that he’s a father. Pushing aside his fury that his child was kept from him, he’ll do anything to form a relationship with the daughter who is a stranger to him.Faith has just gotten her life together after an accident left her in a pain- and narcotic-filled fog for years, and all she wants is a new chance with the daughter she couldn’t take care of. Incensed that the man who abandoned them is trying to have a place in their daughter’s life, she’ll stop at nothing to protect her.When the two are forced to come together for their daughter’s wedding, they must grapple with questions of truth, belief, and forgiveness—with each other and with God. Is the love that once burned so brightly still there, or is it too late?If you enjoy small towns, romance, a bit of snark, and Christian fiction, you'll feel right at home in Summit County. Read the first three books in the series today!