Sewer, Gas & Electric

Author: Matt Ruff

Category: Dystopian & Apocalyptic

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A satire of a surreal technocratic future by the national-bestselling author of Lovecraft Country: "Dizzyingly readable" (Thomas Pynchon).

High above Manhattan, android and human steelworkers are constructing a new Tower of Babel for billionaire Harry Gant, as a monument to humanity's power to dream. In the festering sewers below, a darker game is afoot: a Wall Street takeover artist has been murdered, and Gant's crusading ex-wife, Joan Fine, has been hired to find out why, in this wild romp by the acclaimed author of Fool on the Hill and Lovecraft Country.

The year is 2023, and Ayn Rand has been resurrected and bottled in a hurricane lamp to serve as Joan's assistant; an eco-terrorist named Philo Dufrense travels in a pink-and-green submarine designed by Howard Hughes; a Volkswagen Beetle is possessed by the spirit of Abbie Hoffman; Meisterbrau, a mutant great white shark, is running loose in the sewers beneath Times Square; and a one-armed 181-year-old Civil War veteran joins Joan and Ayn in their quest for the truth. All of them, and many more besides, are about to be caught up in a vast conspiracy involving Walt Disney, J. Edgar Hoover, and a mob of homicidal robots...
"[An] SF roller-coaster satirizing the horrors of our nascent technocracy... Told with breezy good humor, this exuberantly silly tale will find an audience among admirers of the day-glo surrealism of Steve Erickson and the tangled conspiracy theories of David Foster Wallace." -- Publishers Weekly

"A turbocharged neo-Dickensian hot rod [with] plenty of intellectual horsepower." -- Neal Stephenson


Author: Samuel R. Delany

Category: Dystopian & Apocalyptic

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A quest for a priceless element -- and revenge -- fuels this far-future interstellar adventure that "reads like Moby-Dick at a strobe-light show" (Time).
In 3172, the universe is divided between three political units: the stars and worlds of Draco, with Earth as its power center; the Pleiades Federation, on whose capital world, New Ark, lives the incredibly wealthy Von Ray family, descended from well-heeled merchants whose ancestors made their fortune as pirates; and the Outer Colonies, where, in their underwater mines, tiny quantities of the fabulously valuable Illyrion have been discovered. Lorq Von Ray was a playboy and young space-yacht-racing captain who, at a party at Earth's Paris, clashed with Draco's Prince Red. This sets Lorq on a demonic quest, through which he hopes to find vengeance.
When a star goes nova and implodes, in the seething stellar wreckage for a few days -- even hours -- lie tons of Illyrion, the element that makes interstellar travel possible. To help him secure the priceless fuel, Lorq recruits a gypsy musician, a would-be novelist, and some other ragtag misfits. But an even more dangerous fuel than Illyrion is revenge... This ebook features an illustrated biography of Samuel R. Delany including rare images from his early career.


Author: Shawn Underhill, Grady Earls

Category: Dystopian & Apocalyptic

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"We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately."
~ Benjamin Franklin in the Continental Congress before signing the Declaration of Independence.

Set against the backdrop of the isolated forests north of New Hampshire's White Mountains, while camping on family land, Tom and Lori Thornton (and their dog, Buck) find themselves in a sudden SHTF scenario.

No cellular service. Dangerous roads. Limited supplies. And far more questions than answers.

After the shocking murder of Tom's uncle by a band of looters, the couple's already faltering marriage reaches the breaking point amid the chaos. Trust and loyalties are challenged, old friendships are put to the test, and while immediate answers and solutions elude them, they must rely on raw instincts in order to survive.

The Surge

Author: Willow Rose

Category: Dystopian & Apocalyptic

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We knew they were coming one day; we had just never imagined anything like…this.Joanna Marks always had a knack for terrible timing. After all, she did get pregnant and run off at 16. With her husband recently deceased, she and her child head back home ten years later… just in time for the invasion. Sheriff Wayne can never share how he'd known about the Chinese forces before they stormed his beloved little Florida town. The locals would think he was crazy. However, when their harmless city is put under military lockdown, he's not the only one who finds the whole invasion suspicious. As Joanna and Wayne team up to uncover the truth, they must venture into a terrifying world that defies reality. Moreover, if they journey too deep, they may never make it out alive…The Surge is a post-apocalyptic thriller novel with a dash of horror. If you like shocking twists, gritty characters, and pulse-pounding suspense, then you'll love Willow Rose's spine-tingling story. Buy The Surge for a read that could invade your nightmares tonight…


Author: Josh Malerman

Category: Dystopian & Apocalyptic

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In the "fast-paced, frightening" (The New York Times Book Review) sequel to Bird Box, the inspiration for the record-breaking Netflix film starring Sandra Bullock, bestselling author Josh Malerman brings unseen horrors to life.

NOMINATED FOR THE BRAM STOKER AWARD ? "Malorie is even more of a psychological thriller than Bird Box, and all the scarier for it." -- The Wall Street Journal

Twelve years after Malorie and her children rowed up the river to safety, a blindfold is still the only thing that stands between sanity and madness. One glimpse of the creatures that stalk the world will drive a person to unspeakable violence.

There remains no explanation. No solution.

All Malorie can do is survive -- and impart her fierce will to do so on her children. Don't get lazy, she tells them. Don't take off your blindfold. AND DON'T LOOK.

But then comes what feels like impossible news. And with it, the first time Malorie has allowed herself to hope.

Someone very dear to her, someone she believed dead, may be alive.

Malorie has already lost so much: her sister, a house full of people who meant everything, and any chance at an ordinary life. But getting her life back means returning to a world full of unknowable horrors -- and risking the lives of her children again.

Because the creatures are not the only thing Malorie fears: There are the people who claim to have caught and experimented on the creatures. Murmerings of monstrous inventions and dangerous new ideas. And rumors that the creatures themselves have changed into something even more frightening.

Malorie has a harrowing choice to make: to live by the rules of survival that have served her so well, or to venture into the darkness and reach for hope once more.


Author: Dave Matthes

Category: Dystopian & Apocalyptic

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"People always start out with courage, and they'll call it other things too: bravery, fortitude, stalwartness. They start out that way, they think: why not?"

Rancid Mahoney is a gun-for-hire, muscle-for-hire, anything-for-hire, if the money is good enough. Born into a world already having devoured what was once known as civilization, Mahoney takes pride in only one thing: knowing a good deal when he hears one. Until parentless eleven-year-old Billy Hargraven asks of him the simplest of tasks: to be his protector as he traverses the wasteland in search of a doctor who can help his dog. The money is good, and so Mahoney accepts and the three venture out into a burned world filled with the bleakest of uncertainty. Along the way, they encounter Til Drange, an old companion/sometimes enemy of Mahoney, who warns them of increasing bloodshed in the area. The encounter will lead Mahoney into perhaps the bloodiest battle of his life, pitting him against cannibals, malicious creatures, and cultists, but worst of all: his own conscience in regards to Billy's safety, and future.

MERCY is a western set in a post-apocalyptic era populated by the last remnants of humanity, in which there is very little humanity left to be found.