Author: Dhara Parekh

Category: Dystopian & Apocalyptic

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"It's unusual for a science fiction book to have characters that have so much depth and especially later on in the book, so much heart. I found the book really drew me in and moved me emotionally." Amazon Reviewer

Earth has gained its second moon—an asteroid called Zenith. In this harmonious, hollowed out colony, sunlight radiates from the roof and warmth beams through its citizens. Lyra, a second-generation Zenither and a self-contained individualist, has waited all her life to escape the asteroid and settle on Earth.On her way to the blue planet, Lyra’s documents mysteriously disappear, and she is deported back to her homeland. Her only solace is a rancorous, self-serving Earthler friend, Aryabh—a hacker whose dreadful past is intertwined with the totalitarian government of the planet.Why is Lyra so desperate to leave an almost perfect world? How many plans will Aryabh concoct instead of confronting his demons? Before they unearth their idyll, they must determine their own role in their societies or end up never escaping their personal dystopia.

Unearthing Idyll is a magnifying glass over two contrasting worlds. An introspective literary science fiction that opens a dialog about social identity, collectivism, and what it means to never fit into a society.