The Hangman’s Owl

Author: B.Y. Yan

Category: Science Fiction

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A Steampunk Superhero in a dark near-modern Age.

20 years ago the Hangman’s Owl disappeared.

Hero. Villain. Monster. Fiend.

The mysterious creature has had lingering effects on the beleaguered nation, long since at odds with its own oppressed people. Without its omniscient avenger, crime runs rampant in the streets, and the country crumbles before foreign besiegers. The downtrodden and mighty alike have nowhere to turn.

20 years later, ironclad destroyers take to the seas and unmanned autonomous airships blanket the sky. The continent is charged for a coming World War when someone has finally come looking. Who, or what they will find when they finally run the Owl to ground, is another matter entirely. Some monsters are better left in their fetters. Others, however, may save more lives than anyone has ever imagined once they are truly unleashed...

The Hangman's Owl is the story of costumed superpowers when confronted with the strange, weird, and downright magical. "Gotham by Gaslight by way of the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." - my pitch to you.