The Phoenix Rising

Author: Richard Sanders

Category: Science Fiction

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As the most serious threat ever facing the galaxy now looms over them—weapons able to destroy stars—Calvin and his enterprising crew continue their mission to expose and eliminate the dark conspiracy that has taken root inside the Empire. Now a fugitive on the run, Calvin has no choice but to work alongside Raidan’s mysterious Organization. And accept help from the unlikeliest band of fair-weather friends, including a mysterious squad of Polarian soldiers, an ex-intelligence-operative from the Rotham Republic, and the ever elusive Tristan—whose truest motives are a closely guarded secret. To make matters worse, Calvin is hunted mercilessly across the stars by Intel Wing’s top operative, Lafayette Nimoux, who is aided by a double-agent on Calvin’s own ship. Meanwhile the sands of fortune are shifting within the Empire, upsetting the delicate political climate. Warships and civilian transports are vanishing without a trace and murders in the dark are going unnoticed. All eyes are fixed on Renora—a human colony that has been savagely attacked and thrown into civil war. The prime suspect behind the attack is none other than Princess Kalila Akira. All the dark signs are pointing to what could be the death of the Empire, and the end of human dominance in the galaxy.

The Swarm

Author: Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston

Category: Science Fiction

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Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston return to their Ender's Game prequel series with this first volume of an all-new trilogy about the Second Formic War in The Swarm. The first invasion of Earth was beaten back by a coalition of corporate and international military forces, and the Chinese army. China has been devastated by the Formic's initial efforts to eradicate Earth life forms and prepare the ground for their own settlement. The Scouring of China struck fear into the other nations of the planet; that fear blossomed into drastic action when scientists determined that the single ship that wreaked such damage was merely a scout ship.There is a mothership out beyond the Solar System's Kuiper Belt, and it's heading into the system, unstoppable by any weapons that Earth can muster.Earth has been reorganized for defense. There is now a Hegemon, a planetary official responsible for keeping all the formerly warring nations in line. There's a Polemarch, responsible for organizing all the military forces of the planet into the new International Fleet. But there is an enemy within, an enemy as old as human warfare: ambition and politics. Greed and self-interest. Will Bingwen, Mazer Rackam, Victor Delgado and Lem Juke be able to divert those very human enemies in time to create a weapon that can effectively defend humanity in the inexorable Second Formic War?THE ENDER UNIVERSE Ender series Ender’s Game / Speaker for the Dead / Xenocide / Children of the Mind / Ender in Exile / Children of the Fleet Ender’s Shadow series Ender’s Shadow / Shadow of the Hegemon / Shadow Puppets / Shadow of the Giant / Shadows in Flight The First Formic War (with Aaron Johnston) Earth Unaware / Earth Afire / Earth Awakens The Second Formic War (with Aaron Johnston) The Swarm / The Hive Ender novellas A War of Gifts / First MeetingsAt the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Colony Mars (Books 1-5)

Author: Gerald M. Kilby

Category: Science Fiction

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Grab all five books, plus a new exclusive short story, of the thrilling COLONY MARS series for one low price, in this great value 1500-page sci-fi box set!***Currently under development in Hollywood as a potential new TV series… watch this space!All contact is lost with the first privately funded colony on Mars during a long and destructive sandstorm. Satellite imagery of the aftermath shows extensive damage to the facility and the fifty-four colonists who called it home are presumed dead. Three years later, a new mission sets down on the planet surface to investigate what remains of the derelict site.It’s not long before, mission biologist, Dr. Jann Malbec, discovers the truth about how the colony was funded — by conducting illegal genetic experiments using the unsuspecting colonists as guinea pigs. She also realizes that while extraordinary breakthroughs were made, they came with a terrible human price.Nevertheless, once news of these experiments makes it back to Earth, powerful corporations begin to fight for control of this research, and start to send new missions to acquire it — by force if necessary.But Malbec fears that allowing this research to return to Earth has the potential to doom humanity to a pandemic of apocalyptic proportions. So she vows to do everything she can to prevent this from happening — even if it means destroying what remains of the colony and any chance she has of returning home.This box set contains all five Colony Mars novels plus an exclusive short story:- Colony One Mars- Colony Two Mars- Colony Three Mars- Colony Four Mars: Jezero City- Colony Five Mars : Surface Tension… and a brand new exclusive 8k word short story:Gizmo Origin (only available in this edition)What Amazon reader are saying:????? 'Would Make a Great Film - Really enjoyed this book as well as the preceding two in the series. Hollywood, are you listening (reading)?????? 'Surpassed Expectations - This was an outstanding read!’????? 'It's been a long time since a book made me stay up all night just to find out the ending. This book is superb!’????? 'Fast paced, intriguing science fiction thriller that just rolls off the pages. Can't wait for the next installment...'????? 'A wonderful adventure... Like a blend of Heinlein and Weir...'????? 'This is a superior work of Sci-Fi authorship. The novel is totally engaging and highly believable The author is technically well versed which adds greatly to the authenticity of the narrative. A must read.'????? 'I really enjoyed this book... A real roller-coaster. Great characters. believable plot-line and nail-biting suspense.'????? 'Love it. Could not put it down. Action drama, death and mayhem. What's not to like?'????? 'I don't normally read SF but my husband got it and I started looking at it... and couldn't put it down. I really enjoyed it.'????? 'Terrific novel! only comment is that I lost a lot of sleep reading... Think I will wait till morning to start Colony Two. On second thoughts, what the heck - it's only 3:30 AM!’About Colony Mars:This is a sci-fi series set in a human colony on Mars. The science depicted is, for the most part, plausible. In other words, what’s technically possible with either current technology or taking experimental research a step or two further. That said, you won’t need a calculator or a slide-rule to enjoy the story ;-)

Al Moreno and the Crystal of Gosia

Author: Mason J. Schneider

Category: Science Fiction

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Alfred (Al) Moreno has the best job in the cosmos. As a Rift Resolver of the enigmatic Rift Society, his job is to ensure that things run as smoothly as they can throughout the universe, bringing conflicts and disputes to an end, facing off against deadly creatures and generally looking good while he does it.His work sees him associating with Gods and Goddesses as he and his fellow Rift Resolver, Aaron Flux, and their A.I. companion Henry, resolve the issues that affect every living creature. But it is on the planet Hemphion that Al faces his greatest challenge. Here he also encounters the alluring Marcie and immediately falls for her.As he works to settle the issue and save the planet from its desperate plight, a powerful crystal that is owned by the God Gosia comes into Al’s possession and he is left with a tricky dilemma.The crystal may be the only way to save Hemphion, but Gosia wants it back. Al is now faced with an impossibly difficult choice. Does he return the crystal to its rightful owner, or risk the wrath of a God to save the woman he loves?

Judge, Jury, & Executioner (Boxed Set, Books 1 – 4)

Author: Craig Martelle

Category: Science Fiction

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Rivka Anoa has a gift and a galactic mandate.

She's a lawyer accused of a murder she did commit. She stands ready to accept her fate, even though her victim was a murderer. A second chance appears. Become more than a lawyer. Be one who judges and punishes the guilty.

The first 4 books in the Space Opera Adventure Legal Thriller are here together for you in one boxed set!

You Have Been Judged, Book 1

Could she look herself in the mirror after meting out justice? She's about to find out. Rivka heads to space to be the Judge, Jury, & Executioner. Criminals have nowhere to go.

You Have Been Judged...

Jurassic Park

Author: Michael Crichton

Category: Science Fiction

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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • From the author of Timeline, Sphere, and Congo, this is the classic thriller of science run amok that took the world by storm.Nominated as one of America’s best-loved novels by PBS’s The Great American Read“[Michael] Crichton’s dinosaurs are genuinely frightening.”—Chicago Sun-TimesAn astonishing technique for recovering and cloning dinosaur DNA has been discovered. Now humankind’s most thrilling fantasies have come true. Creatures extinct for eons roam Jurassic Park with their awesome presence and profound mystery, and all the world can visit them—for a price. Until something goes wrong. . . . In Jurassic Park, Michael Crichton taps all his mesmerizing talent and scientific brilliance to create his most electrifying technothriller.Praise for Jurassic Park “Wonderful . . . powerful.”—The Washington Post Book World“Frighteningly real . . . compelling . . . It’ll keep you riveted.”—The Detroit News “Full of suspense.”—The New York Times Book Review