A History of What Comes Next

A History of What Comes Next by Sylvain Neuvel

Author: Sylvain Neuvel

Category: Science Fiction

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“A History of What Comes Next is a riveting blend of historical thriller and scientific speculation, which never loses its core of humanity.”—James Rollins, #1 New York Times bestselling author

For generations, Mia’s family has shaped human history to push them to the stars. The year is 1945 and now it is her turn. Her mission: to lure scientist Wernher Von Braun away from the Nazi party and into the American rocket program, securing the future of the space race.

But there is a threat.
A ruthless enemy lurks behind the scenes.

Sylvain Neuvel’s genre-bending sci-fi thriller is a dark and gripping exploration of the amorality of progress and the nature of violence, as seen through the eyes of the women who make that progress possible and the men who are determined to stop them.

Always run, never fight.
Preserve the knowledge.
Survive at all costs.
Take them to the stars.

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The Henry Gallant Saga (Books 1-3)

Author: H. Peter Alesso

Category: Science Fiction

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As the last starfighter in Squadron 111, only Midshipman Henry Gallant can stop the alien invasion.

With the United Planets fleet on the verge of annihilation, Gallant can expect no help as he passes threatening aliens. With so much uncertainty about the aliens, analyzing the captured equipment in his possession is critical.

The fate of Earth could rest on the abilities of Midshipman Henry Gallant. Unfortunately, it is his abilities that are much in doubt.

In an era of genetic engineering, he is the only Natural left in the fleet. His shipmates have all expressed concern that he will not be up to the challenge.

Only bright and attractive junior officer Kelsey Mitchel has shown any sympathy for him. Now as his navigator on the last starfighter in Squadron 111, her life, as well as a good many others, depend on Henry Gallant.

Follow the career of a young officer in the 22nd Century genetically engineered space navy.

Book 2: 'Lieutenant Henry Gallant'

Book 3: 'Henry Gallant and the Warrior'

For Fans of Honor Harrington and Horatio Hornblower

Children of Dune

Author: Frank Herbert

Category: Science Fiction

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Book Three in the Magnificent Dune Chronicles—the Bestselling Science Fiction Adventure of All TimeThe Children of Dune are twin siblings Leto and Ghanima Atreides, whose father, the Emperor Paul Muad’Dib, disappeared in the desert wastelands of Arrakis nine years ago. Like their father, the twins possess supernormal abilities—making them valuable to their manipulative aunt Alia, who rules the Empire in the name of House Atreides.Facing treason and rebellion on two fronts, Alia’s rule is not absolute. The displaced House Corrino is plotting to regain the throne while the fanatical Fremen are being provoked into open revolt by the enigmatic figure known only as The Preacher. Alia believes that by obtaining the secrets of the twins’ prophetic visions, she can maintain control over her dynasty.But Leto and Ghanima have their own plans for their visions—and their destinies....


Expelled by Ell Leigh Clarke

Author: Ell Leigh Clarke

Category: Science Fiction

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Jayne Austin wasn’t always the galaxy’s number one spy.

She was expelled from spy school for uncovering a double-agent because apparently, that’s what happens to spies that accomplish great things.
Given a choice between going back to her planet or selling her one-way ticket for starting capital she thought long and hard about her choices.
All of fifteen seconds.
Then, she created ‘the Plan.’It was a great plan. A worthy plan. A noble plan that meant she could start up her own spy agency, and show them precisely who they’ve expelled.However, when her first case comes in, she begins to wonder if perhaps she bit off too much. With the fate of the planet in the hands of terrorists, Jayne is forced to up her game and go to lengths she never thought she dared. She’s going to need *FRIENDS*. 
If you love space opera you’re going to love Spy for Hire: a literary triumph of majestic accomplishments a laugh-out-loud, spew-your-coffee-over-your kindle swashbuckling page turner that follows the shenanigans and best efforts of a somewhat cavalier ex-government spy, Jayne Austin.This first installment of Jayne’s adventures is actually 3 full-length stories (practically a box set).Download it now to get triple the action, triple the laughs, and triple the excitement!
You’ll be glad you gave it a try…

Al Clark

Author: Jonathan G. Meyer

Category: Science Fiction

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Al Clark is suffering from amnesia. His past, as well as his identity, has been ripped away. The name Al Clark is adopted from a barely legible placard on the door of the room where he woke. Who he was before, or how he arrived in this unfamiliar location has been washed away with his memories, leaving only a strong desire to survive the transition from past to present. His first priority is to survive long enough to determine where he is, followed later by the why.

The Unveiled Academy (2x Complete Series)

Author: Amy Hopkins and Jace Mitchell

Category: Science Fiction

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Claire Hinterland and Penny Hingston might be attending classes on opposite sides of the country, but they share something in common: they can see the ancient beings from myth and legend that are coming through the veil. Which results in both attending classes at Unveiled Academy.

Get both the Penny and Boots Complete Series Omnibus AND Paranormal University Complete Series Omnibus - 8 books total - to attend class and find out how to protect themselves and the world from these creatures.