Author: Andrew Crusoe

Category: Science Fiction

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When a thoughtship and its pilot finally reach Avani, the shimmering gem of the western spiral arm, they barely have a chance to marvel at its sapphire forests before they are ambushed by an enemy far beyond their understanding.In the midst of the attack, a fragment is sliced off of the ship causing them to tumble out of control, down to the planet's surface. An ice-covered continent to the south is the only viable landing site. Lucky for them, what hides beneath may give them the chance to escape before isolation drives them mad.This short story is a prequel to the fast-paced Sci-Fi novel "The Truth Beyond the Sky." Heavily inspired by ancient mythology and Joseph Campbell's work, this first book kicks off the THE EPIC OF ARAVINDA series.

What Top Reviewers Say...

"It is a helpful setup...very solid and engaging, which is enough to get me to come back and try more." --Pop Bop, Top-500 Amazon Reviewer

"It's the perfect carrot to lure you in. The personalities of pilot and machine are firmly established and very likable." --Jeri A. Ramirez

"One of the best science fiction stories I have read in the last year." --Russ, Reviewer