Author: Mark Creed

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Do you want to become a perfect parent and raise good listener and emotionally stable child? You need these simple strategies!

Before you had kids, you were probably quite sure that you’d be an Instagram-worthy parent. Your quality time with your kids would be spent reading, telling stories, playing fun games, and cuddling under cozy blankets. Everyone would be nice to each other and you would never raise your voice.

And then you had kids.

Yes, parenting has its magic moments, but there’s also a dark side to it. There are games and bonding and adorable moments, but also tantrums, yelling at each other, and desperate attempts to keep everyone safe.

You try to create at least some kind of daily routine. You try to enforce at least a few rules. You try your best, but the kids just won’t listen.

Guess what.... If the kids won’t listen, it’s not their fault – they love you and really want to do their best! Maybe they’re stressed, confused, or just unsure how to react to you.

So the solution is to talk to them differently (spoiler: Differently does not mean louder) and to teach them stress relief techniques early on. That’s it.

And this book will show you how.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

How to build trust with active listening strategiesHow to set sensible limits and discipline your kids without hurting their feelingsHow to help your kids manage their stress like little mindfulness gurusHow to cultivate leadership skills and independent thinkingAnd much more!

This is not a theoretical psychology book full of confusing concepts and lacking in actionable tips. On the contrary, this book is practical, concise and easy to follow.

Once you start applying the strategies presented in this book, you’ll see your family life improve dramatically. There will be less shouting and crying, less chaos, and much more trust and respect.

Parenting Children With ADHD

Author: Amber Perry

Category: Parenting & Family

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From Chaos to Confidence in Parenting Your Child with ADHD

A comprehensive program to help you raise a confident and independent child with ADHD.

You don't have to be an ADHD expert or go to school for years to learn these skills.

You just need a clear plan to support your child with ADHD and grow them into the happy and resilient person you know they can be!

Ready for your life to change? Parenting your child with ADHD doesn't have to be this hard.

You love your child with ADHD to the moon and back and would do anything to see them succeed. AND you are exhausted from giving approximately 328 reminders to complete the same daily tasks, yelling to got them to (sometimes) listen, and walking on eggshells to avoid the seemingly constant emotional outbursts.

Whether you're...

- A parent who suspects your child has ADHD, but you don't have a diagnosis

- A parent whose child just received a diagnosis of ADHD

- A parent whose child has had a diagnosis of ADHD for a long time.

But first, a Warning:

Before we go further, let me make something abundantly clear:

- This book is for you but it's not just an information product.

- This book does not contain a "magic wand" that will bring you instant relief without having to do any work.

- What I’m about to share with you takes both time and effort and has worked wonders for me and my private clients. And I believe it can help you too.

- The exact process I’ll be sharing with you has taken several of my clients from a state of frustration and feeling "stuck", to crystal clarity as to what they should do. But this only works for those who are ready for a change.

So with that said, let me tell you…

Are you ready to have fun, connect with your child, and enjoy time with your family?

We are going to tell you exactly how Creating Calm will give you easy, effective tools to help you raise your strong, confident, and independent child with ADHD.

You know your child better than any other person. And you are exactly the person they need.

Here’s What You’ll learn

- Understanding ADHD

- Common Triggers of ADHD to Be Aware Of

- What to Expect When Your Child Has ADHD

- How I Influence My Child’s Behavior

- Managing ADHD Behavior Away from Home

- The Five Reinforcements for ADHD Behavior

- Improving Social Skills of Children with ADHD

- Getting Knowledge About Self-Control

- Behavioral Therapy for ADHD

- Supporting a Child with ADHD

- Reducing Conflicts with Your Child

- ADHD at School

- Managing Big Emotions

By the end of Creating Calm, you will learn...

- Why your child is disorganized, late, and distracted... and how you can help.

- Strategies to handle meltdowns and give your child tools to cope.

- Easy tools to make chaotic mornings and bedtimes much smoother.

- A clear approach to handle behaviors like defiance, lying, and hitting.

- Healthy boundaries to save your sanity while raising a confident child.

A year from now you will have wished you started today....So let's get started!

Montessori From 0 to 3 Years

Author: Daisy Beneth

Category: Parenting & Family

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? How can I learn about a valid method to help me raise my child to master his tantrums in serenity?

? Is the Montessori method also suitable for preschoolers?

? Is it possible to teach the Montessori method at home?

This fantastic book will answer your questions!

It contains the basics of the Montessori philosophy that start from the child's birth and can indeed be a good start for his education. In it, you will find resources for anyone intrigued by her world-famous learning method, ranging from discovering the concept of the "absorbing mind" to adopting a constructive discipline of strategies for integrating the Montessori style at home.

"At the moment of birth, the magnificence of the human character starts." Cit. Maria Montessori.

Dr. Montessori (from 1870 to 1952) founded an educational approach over a century ago, yet the philosophy and practices are still as important now as they were then.

A suitable strategy for educating children again for the world they live in is missing in today's culture. The Montessori Method's basic idea is that kids learn to govern their own life while enjoying the beauty of the universe around them in a secure and well-prepared setting. We outline Maria Montessori's beliefs, philosophies, and teaching techniques for newborns through the 3 years of life in this book.

This book aids an atmosphere that will encourage this growth while also honoring your child's uniqueness and genuine potential.

Includes the following:

Who was Maria Montessori? Her Contribution and Success StoryPrinciples of the Montessori MethodChild Brain DevelopmentBasic Child Needs Montessori Approach at HomeRole of Parents Major Errors to Avoid Managing Children Tantrums

This book will be beneficial and intriguing to parents, teachers, and childcare providers who want to understand the initial stages further and how to assist their children in maximizing their inherent skills. The "absorbent mind" stage of development occurs when kids aged 0 and 3. It's the time when the child's subconscious mind absorbs everything that happens in their surroundings. It is a pivotal and exciting time, and it's at this point, the groundwork for all future growth is set.

Finally, take advantage of the BONUS CHAPTER INCLUDED at the end of the book, created explicitly to help you get started using Montessori activities and games in your home.

Return to your children's parenting with calm and pleasure!

So, what's all the wait about? BUY NOW and get insight into all the information related to Maria Montessori and her method just by reading a single book.

The Importance of Being Little

The Importance of Being Little by Erika Christakis

Author: Erika Christakis

Category: Parenting & Family

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“Christakis . . . expertly weaves academic research, personal experience and anecdotal evidence into her book . . . a bracing and convincing case that early education has reached a point of crisis . . . her book is a rare thing: a serious work of research that also happens to be well-written and personal . . . engaging and important.”
 --Washington Post
"What kids need from grown-ups (but aren't getting) impassioned plea for educators and parents to put down the worksheets and flash cards, ditch the tired craft projects (yes, you, Thanksgiving Handprint Turkey) and exotic vocabulary lessons, and double-down on one, simple word: play."
The New York Times bestseller that provides a  bold challenge to the conventional wisdom about early childhood, with a pragmatic program to encourage parents and teachers to rethink how and where young children learn best by taking the child’s eye view of the learning environment
To a four-year-old watching bulldozers at a construction site or chasing butterflies in flight, the world is awash with promise. Little children come into the world hardwired to learn in virtually any setting and about any matter. Yet in today’s preschool and kindergarten classrooms, learning has been reduced to scripted lessons and suspect metrics that too often undervalue a child’s intelligence while overtaxing the child’s growing brain. These mismatched expectations wreak havoc on the family: parents fear that if they choose the “wrong” program, their child won’t get into the “right” college. But Yale early childhood expert Erika Christakis says our fears are wildly misplaced. Our anxiety about preparing and safeguarding our children’s future seems to have reached a fever pitch at a time when, ironically, science gives us more certainty than ever before that young children are exceptionally strong thinkers.
            In her pathbreaking book, Christakis explains what it’s like to be a young child in America today, in a world designed by and for adults, where we have confused schooling with learning. She offers real-life solutions to real-life issues, with nuance and direction that takes us far beyond the usual prescriptions for fewer tests, more play. She looks at children’s use of language, their artistic expressions, the way their imaginations grow, and how they build deep emotional bonds to stretch the boundaries of their small worlds. Rather than clutter their worlds with more and more stuff, sometimes the wisest course for us is to learn how to get out of their way.
            Christakis’s message is energizing and reassuring: young children are inherently powerful, and they (and their parents) will flourish when we learn new ways of restoring the vital early learning environment to one that is best suited to the littlest learners. This bold and pragmatic challenge to the conventional wisdom peels back the mystery of childhood, revealing a place that’s rich with possibility.

Therapy Games for Teens & Middle School Students

Author: Kardas Publishing

Category: Parenting & Family

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Do you wish as a parent or teacher to assist your teens in acquiring

essential life skills

that will enable them to lead an independent life



you are at the right place…

If your teen lacks the skills to create and maintain an adult existence, it shouldn't come as a surprise that life might get difficult as he/she ages.In addition to being the most exciting, formative, and life-altering years of their lives,

teenage is the ideal time to start the healthy routines

that will lead to a fulfilling life.The "

Therapy Games for Teens and Middle

School students

" is brimming with exercises and practical advice that every teenager should complete before entering adulthood. This workbook

will teach and equip

your kid for a fulfilling

independent life

in all spheres.

With the help of this workbook

, all teens can learn the fundamental skills required to comprehend and handle problems encountered in daily life.The

goal of this book

is to equip you and your teen to stand on their own two feet while juggling the most

important parts of life

. It is split into

four parts

. If you want to give your teenager the most priceless and ideal gift that will ensure they are ready to confront life head-on with the mos







interpersonal skills


let us lead them on their path.The

book aims

to provide teenagers with the ideal self-help safety and success manual so they can develop healthy habits and make

wise decisions

that will lead to independence. This book does not only address teens but also parents and teachers. With the help of this workbook,

you and your teen will be able to


Learn social development skills including communication, relationship development, greater efficiency and creativity skillsBuilding self-esteem skills by focusing on challenging negative belief, identifying positivity, and improving physical health.Emotion’s regulations skills helping your teen in stress management, depression and anxiety management, Anger and mood disorder management, worry and fear management skills.

And a part is dedicated to

developing coping skills

through fun games and activities. If you're serious about giving your teen the best life skills so they can live independently...

Spend no more time and scroll up to give them a copy right away!

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Author: Joseph Stenson

Category: Parenting & Family

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If your child has recently been diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), or if you believe your child may have ODD, then this book is for you!

New and Improved Version Released July 2015! Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) is a disorder where a child shows a constant display of negativity, defiance, disobedience and downright violence towards their parents, teachers, or any other authority figure. When a child has ODD, he will often be persistently stubborn; resisting any request or directive made by an adult. They will be unwilling to compromise or negotiate with adults, or even with their peers. These children will do things just to test your patience and limits, and will always refuse to accept that they have done something wrong even when they have. The important thing to understand is that these children are not intentionally devilish. They believe in their heart that the requests you make of them are unjust and unreasonable. Therefore, saying no is the best thing to do from their perspective. Often, this kind of behavior will cause the child to suffer socially, academically and, most importantly, emotionally. Luckily, this disorder is treatable, and with proper guidance, a parent can achieve great progress with his or her child. If you are a parent who has a child with ODD, then this book will show you some ways you can cope with and eventually treat your child, so you can have a peaceful and cooperative home once again.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

Beginning With What You Can ControlManaging Your AngerGetting Professional HelpFive Traits of a Strong ParentHow to Face ChallengesDon’t Take Everything to HeartFive Key Skills to Adopt and DevelopBeing the Parent Your Child NeedsMuch, much more!

Download your copy today!

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