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Gone are Grannies dusty old slips of handwritten foolscap, handed down from generation to generation, with instructions on how to make fruitcakes, meatloafs and mulberry wine… There are very many things the internet has become famous for, and Google the ultimate search engine for, but one of the more surprising topics of mass online consumption is Cooking books and Drinks Books and recipes of all kinds. These days, if it’s edible, it’s not only in a recipe, it probably has its own recipe book! The problem these days is not so much ‘where do I find a good recipe for my next fruit flan?’ It’s – which of these million fruit flan recipes do I choose from?…

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And there is no easy answer! What we have is an avalanche of cookery books, drink mixing recipes, diet plans, nutrition strategies, and who knows what else.

All those handwritten recipes, handed down from grandmother to mother to daughter have been typed up on computers and shared with the world. There are no secret recipes any longer, the internet has created a massive community of connoisseurs, foodies and casual cooks. It’s easy to be daunted – but if, like me, you remember the old days, when – if granny didn’t give you her recipe book, or simply wasn’t much of a cook – you had to either buy and expensive cook book and search endlessly for ingredients you’d never heard of, or follow along with a TV chef who thought their jokes and personality were what made them interesting.

The internet and digital cookbooks have changed all that. And I, for one, am happy with that. There’s a book for everyone and every taste. Want to impress your family with your next Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Birthday meal? There’s a cookery book for that! Wand a five star meal for under $10? There’s a cooking book for that! Want to BBQ a few burgers on game day? There’s even a recipe book for you! Need a diet book? A vegan dessert? A gluten free pie crust? — want to have a Japanese, Mexican, Thai, Indian or Mediterranean night in? Every taste, every ingredient, every one is catered for – the digital world dines well, and dines together!

cooking and drinks books - The Flavor Bible

Highly reviewed Cooking and Drinks book – The Flavor Bible by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg

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Our Latest Cooking Books and Drinks Book Deals!

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The Rye Baker

“A must-have for all serious bread bakers; an instant classic.”—Peter Reinhart, author of Bread RevolutionTrue rye bread—the kind that stands at the center of northern and eastern European food culture—is something very special. With over 70 classic recipes, The Rye...

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Vegetable Literacy

In her latest cookbook, Deborah Madison, America's leading authority on vegetarian cooking and author of Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, reveals the surprising relationships between vegetables, edible flowers, and herbs within the same botanical families, and how...

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Instant Pot Cookbook

We know you want to become a master chef in the kitchen! We know you want to impress your guests, your friends and all your loved ones with your cooking skills. Well, now you can! This magnificent instant pot cookbook provides you the tools you were looking for so...

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Vegan Cookbook

The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook With Essential Tips And Top Rated Recipes The decision to become a Vegan is one that more and more people are making these days. Whether it be to support animal rights in some way, or to enjoy the many benefits of eating a healthier diet,...

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Mediterranean Diet Cookbook

Make an important step and change your lifestyle. Live a healthier life by choosing a healthy diet: the Mediterranean one! You will be surprised to find out that this diet does not mean you should deprive yourself of eating tasty dishes!

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Bread Baking Cookbook

Baking bread. This is my favorite hobby, thanks to which, my family and I learned the taste and aroma of real natural bread without industrial yeast and other chemical additives. In this book, I with great pleasure will share with you several recipes of wonderful...

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Sous Vide

Amaze your guests with meltingly tender restaurant-quality meals that were cooked by your hands. For decades, sous vide method has been the secret weapon of great chefs around the world. Today this amazing cooking technique is accessible for using by people at home....

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Jerusalem: A Cookbook

A collection of 120 recipes exploring the flavors of Jerusalem from the New York Times bestselling author of Plenty, one of the most lauded cookbooks of 2011.In Jerusalem, Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi explore the vibrant cuisine of their home city—with its diverse...

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Hale, Hale, the Gang’s All Here

A few years ago, with a family reunion planned in Texas, bestselling author Diane Hale Moody harassed her extended family members to send her their favorite recipes for a cookbook she was compiling. The result was a collection of almost 300 scrumptious recipes, family...

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The Best Slow Cooker Cookbook

Are you looking for some new recipes? Not just recipes, but great recipes! Not just great recipes, but great Slow Cooker Recipes? Are you having a hard time finding any? This recipe book contains 50 great tasting Slow Cooker recipes. This books has 50 delicious and...

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Slow Cooker Cookbook

Meet a wonderful world of delicious SLOW COOKING! Tracy Gibbs, chef and writer, presents her new cookbook with 100+ recipes tasty and healthy food for every day. Only the best recipes for your slow a cooker with clear instructions and illustrations! Bon Appetit!

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Passion for Pizza

Can not you imagine your life without PIZZA? Pizza is a favorite dish for many people all over the world. The book Passion for Pizza outlines simple recipes and recommendations, original combinations of ingredients that will help prepare stunning dishes. Having tried...

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Alkaline Diet

Learn About the Alkaline Diet and Enjoy these 30 Delicious Alkalizing Recipes Do you want to Lose Weight, Cleanse or just try out this great diet ? Learn what is the Alkaline diet and what are the benefits!With 30 Delicious Recipes included! You Will Learn The...

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5 Ingredient Cookbook

With just five ingredients, you can have dinner, a snack or a meal on the table in no time flat. You don't need a huge pantry with shelves of ingredients to serve your family everything from super easy snacks and appetizers to scrumptious salads, suppers and...

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Desserts Around the World

No matter how full you are after the breakfast, lunch or dinner there is always a place for dessert. This part of meal is loved by everyone, staring from a child to a granny. We know a lot of dessert recipes from our cuisine; we have our favorite cakes, pies, cookies,...

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Are you looking for easy and tasty recipes for your Cuisinart Pressure Cooker? If yes, then this book is for you! Cuisinart Pressure Cooker Cookbook: Easy & Delicious Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes for Your Cuisinart Pressure CookerAll of these recipes are easy to...

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70 Budget-Friendly Keto Recipes

We all want to look gorgeous. But to make dreams come into reality, it takes a lot of determination, self-discipline, and effort. Do you want to lose weight (and lose fat in particular)? This diet plan will be yours. Will it be easy? Maybe. Worth it? Absolutely. In...

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Ice Cream Book

How to cook homemade ice cream without an ice cream maker?"Ice cream book: 35 simple and delicious ice cream recipes for happy families" will help you make it simple and easy, step by step.You can prepare your favorite frozen dessert yourself.35 simple and easy ice...

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Cosori Pressure Cooker Cookbook

Now you can enjoy this modern device, and prepare quick and enjoyable meals! If, like many, you’ve looked at the Cosori Pressure cooker and thought it was just another pressure cooker that would gather dust in your kitchen, think again. With this new cookbook, Cosori...

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Bone Broth Diet Cookbook

Are you looking for some new recipes? Not just recipes, but great recipes for Bone Broth Diet! Are you having a hard time finding any? This recipe book has been written with the aim of helping anyone who wants to move from a diet that is unhealthy to one that is.

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Vegetarian Slow Cooker Cookbook

Are you looking for some new recipes? Not just recipes, but great recipes! Not just great recipes, but great Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes? Are you having a hard time finding any? This recipe book contains 38 great tasting Vegetarian Slow Cooker recipes.

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The Clean Eating Cookbook

Meal Prep Book with 50 Recipes in Less than 30 Minutes. Perfect for Eating Better and living a Healthy Lifestyle! The Clean Eating Cookbook gives you the right recipes to have a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. Say “Goodbye” to bad habits and bad food. The...

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Pressure Cooker Desserts Recipes

The Desserts Instant Pot Recipes book starts by explaining the many functions that an instant pot can be put to. It explains that whether you want to use it for slow cooking, like a rice cooker, a steamer, yogurt maker, sauté pan electric pressure cooker and warming...

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Winter Soup

What’s for dinner! - Delicious Soups to Satisfy Your SoulWhen colder winds blow and you want to cup your hands around a satisfying bowl of hearty soup, don't bust your waistline with high-calorie cream-based soups.From the author of several bestselling cookbooks and...

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My Paris Kitchen

A collection of stories and 100 sweet and savory French-inspired recipes from popular food blogger David Lebovitz, reflecting the way Parisians eat today and featuring lush photography taken around Paris and in David's Parisian kitchen.In 2004, David Lebovitz packed...

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5 Ingredients Recipes for Slow Cooker

f you don't want to waste your time this cookbook is for you. Here you can find 50 recipes for hot dishes and + 5 sweet bonuses and the best content without any fluff about a Slow Cooker using. Here are only short and informative recipes for busy people, which can...

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Spiralizer Cookbook

Are you looking for some new recipes? Not just recipes, but great recipes! Not just great recipes, but great Spiralizer Recipes? Are you having a hard time finding any? This recipe book contains 45 great tasting spiralizer recipes.

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Easy and Healthy Weeknight Meals

Your Family Weeknights are Saved! This cookbook with Dump Slow Cooker and Simple (Super Healthy) Dinners Can Help You Get a Quick Start on Eating Clean. Clean Eating is about eating more of the best and healthiest options in each of the food groups. Eating clean is...

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Big Diabetic Cookbook

You do not know what delicious to please relatives on weekdays and to impress guests on holidays? Do you want to prepare new dishes from familiar products? Rather, open the book and use these recipes for diabetic type 2! Serve puree soup of nettle or steak with onions...

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Instant Pot Recipes Cookbook

Stop making the same old, bland recipes every single day! It’s about time you SURPRISED your mouth with tasty and mouth-watering meals you will find in this Instant Pot recipes cookbook!Samanta Klein's Instant Pot recipes cookbook is here to do just that: make you a...

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Nuwave Oven

NuWave Oven Recipes. 100 Delicious Recipes for Clean Eating, Party Food, Everyday Family and Easy On The Go Do you want to cook great meals for your family and friends with the convinience of the revolutionary Nuwave Oven ? Are you wanting to eat more healthy but your...

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Potato Recipes

If you are always trying to think of new idea's for potatoes, this book is a must read! What could be more special than sitting down with family on a cold winter night with a delicious bowl of piping hot potato soup. This potato soup recipe is hearty, with bacon and...

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Food52 Genius Recipes

There are good recipes and there are great ones—and then, there are genius recipes.   Genius recipes surprise us and make us rethink the way we cook. They might involve an unexpectedly simple technique, debunk a kitchen myth, or apply a familiar ingredient in a new...

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