Science Fiction Books…

Fall of Zona Nox (Warpmancer Series, Book 1)

When a world is about to fall, can a criminal be mankind’s only hope? James is a master thief in the gang-dominated Galis City, crime-ridden capital of the frontier world of Zona Nox. Warfare and poverty have made all Zonians hard, but are they prepared for what is to... read more

The Fortune Chronicles (Books 1 & 2)

One night. One city. Two edge-of-your seat adventures… SOLDIER OF FORTUNEWrongly convicted of treason, Gideon Quinn has spent six years harvesting crystal under the killing suns of the Morton Barrens. When a general of the Corps arrives with an offer of freedom and... read more

The Cartographer

While exploring a cave in New Mexico, 16-year-old Nathan stumbles upon someone unexpected – The Explorer’s League Science Officer Satou. Equally surprised when Nathan breaks through the security barrier, Satou does the only thing he can and abducts the... read more


For anyone who hasn’t yet discovered Shane M Brown’s writing, this is an excellent place to begin. This eBook contains both an anthology of eight short stories and then sample chapters from his novels, MELT, PLAZA and FAST. One reviewer has generously... read more


Born with an advanced intelligence, Avlyn Lark gains privilege. Even at seventeen years of age, her skill with computers has shown exceptional promise. But when a cryptic message arrives after rebel intrusions on the city, Avlyn discovers that her intellectual... read more

The Amber Project

200 years after the world ends, their future begins. In 2157, a mysterious gas known as Variant spreads across the globe, killing or mutating most organic life. The surviving humans take refuge in an underground city, determined to return home. But after generations... read more

Infinite Time

Save the girl. Save the day. Save yourself. The mission sounds easy enough, but it is anything but easy for Parker Jenkins. Yesterday, ordinary, poverty-stricken Parker was an ordinary high school kid, getting bullied relentlessly and trying to get by. Today,... read more


If you could manipulate reality, would you? Seventeen-year-old Kaylin has been on the run, hiding her untapped abilities for six years, but rescuing a mysterious guy risks exposing the depths of her power. read more

The Empire at War Box Set

Start a compelling military-based sci-fi series by a contemporary British author. Four full-length novels by bestselling authors: Christopher G Nuttall, PP Corcoran, Phillip Richards and Tim C. Taylor. “Thrilling stuff, heroes, self sacrifice, traditional OTT... read more

Zombie Park (The Z-Day Trilogy, Book 1)

TAKE THE BOOK JURASSIC PARK – REMOVE THE DINOSAURS – REPLACE THEM WITH ZOMBIESBen Cutler just wants an honest way to make a lot of money! Unemployed and on the short end of the employment stick, he knows his chances of getting a traditional job is slim to... read more

After the Cure

Eight years ago the December Plague swept through the human population of earth. The Infected were driven mad by the disease, becoming violent and cannibalistic, killing even those closest to them without hesitation. Six years ago, the tiny surviving community of... read more

The World After

In 2025, free will can no longer be taken for granted. New economic powers have risen from the ashes of old civilization, and 90% of the population have brain implants. The new world order excludes any disobedience against the authorities.The few who don’t have... read more

The Irish End Games (Books 1-3)

The first three books in the Irish End Game series take an average American family and puts them in the middle of a post-apocalyptic melt-down in a rural setting in Ireland. Free Falling shows the family “when the bomb drops” and how they’re able to... read more

Portal Zero

“Taking Post-Apocalyptic Scifi Horror to a new level!” The future is now and the doors are open… In a year much sooner than you think, while scientists and politicians argue about global warming and lack of resources, the United Nations has... read more


In a blurred world where robots are part human and humans are part robot, Fione will have to save the country from a deadly online program. read more

Kraken’s Keep

A routine dive turns deadly for marine biologist Tess Hoffman and her boyfriend, when they are attacked by a monstrous underwater creature of unknown origin.On a mission to study this dangerous deep-sea denizen, Tess is thrown together with a ragtag crew of scientists... read more

Fires of Hell: The Alchemystic

When airship engineer and rogue pyromancer Amelia Everley’s captain is murdered, she vows to find his killer and make him pay. But she didn’t count on having to babysit the captain’s attractive but annoying son, Josiah, through his first command. Nor did she expect to... read more

The Hand in Shadow

What are you, after everything you ever loved is taken away?John Nomad once was a normal man, with a good job, loving wife, and beautiful daughter. A demonic creature took their lives, and destroyed everything that John cared about.In the depths of his depression, a... read more

The Survivors

Post-Apocalyptic Adventure Series Fated to lead New America, seven gifted people survive the predicted nuclear apocalypse only to find themselves on a cross-country quest that will change them forever. These long-denied protectors of humanity are destined to rebuild... read more

Call of the Goddess (Stormflies, Book 1)

Young psychic Axandra is chosen as the matriarch of the distant colony of Bona Dea, and as host to the mysterious, powerful entity known only as the Goddess. Trying to protect the people she loves but reluctant to host the Goddess, Axandra struggles with her fate.She... read more

Scorpius Rising

For Nora Medina it started when she was yanked off a gorgeous Hawaiian beach, still in her bikini top, and onto her ex-husband’s government jet. A microbiologist doesn’t see a lot of emergency extractions, but marriage to Deacan Devlin McDougall taught her plenty... read more