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Sci Fi stories have a unique place in the world of fiction. They contain all the imaginative elements that all fiction contains, and requires – but they have one element that none others have. And that one element elevates them, in some people’s minds, to a higher status of creativity – to the status of prediction, of prophecy, and of creative theoretical science itself. The best science fiction books do more than simply spin a yarn (although there are very many great story tellers in the sci fi book world) – they stretch, imaginatively, into scientific knowledge as it stands today and imagines where that knowledge may take us tomorrow. And then they make it human – and, therefore, ‘real’.

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Back in 1953, in what was still the early days of the Science Fiction genre, the great sci fi author Isaac Asimov defined it as “that branch of literature which is concerned with the impact of scientific advance upon human beings”. It is a branch of literature which has grown exponentially, hand-in-hand with the growth of human advances in science and technology and, by the 1970s its purpose, as evidenced in the new style of writing that had developed, had matured into one which wasn’t only concerned with science, but with consequences of scientific and technological advancement. Sci fi author Pamela Sargent then defined it as “the literature of ideas.”

But even that definition doesn’t go far enough. ‘Ideas’ and ‘consequences of ideas’ are now, almost too-limited a way of looking at what science fiction has become. Not only do authors project the advancement of science into the future and calculate the consequences – they assess, in advance, the moral consequences of these advances. They seek to pre-empt the kind of philosophical, moral and ethical issues that might ensue, and consider how to react. Or how our philosophical reasoning might also advance, along with technologies. As such, the best science fiction books are works of the philosophy of technology, and ethics. As new scientists, studying at university, have their work and theories swayed by the latest sci fi novel they read – so, philosophers may find themselves re-reading the self-same novels to obtain a head-start on the new frontiers of philosophy.

But not all science fiction is heavy with tech and theses on the human condition! There is something for everyone in this wide and deep genre of ideas. For pure action and adventure enthusiasts, thriller aficionados, and those wishing to, simply, be entertained – there are books and authors a plenty to go around. And you can start by looking in our list of books below…


Science Fiction Books - Dune by Frank Herbert
The classic of Science Fiction Books – Dune by Frank Herbert
Science Fiction Books - Enders Game by Orson Scott Card
Modern classic Science Fiction Book – Enders Game by Orson Scott Card
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Glimmer of Hope (Book 1)

Following a nuclear holocaust, Nathan Taylor and his family face grim choices in order to stay alive. Fleeing deadly radiation, plague and desperate men, Nathan, an army officer, leads his wife and their two teenage sons away from chaos and madness toward his...

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Talent Storm

Hundreds of years after the Great World War, America is a distant memory. In the ashes, new civilizations have risen up from the Wilds. Locke’s Coalition and Liberty Kingdom, bitter enemies, have been at peace for seven years. War is never far from politicians’ minds,...

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End Time

In the dark primal jungles of the Congo River basin, something is ravaging the local population. That was only the beginning. When protests turn violent in front of the US Embassy Kinshasa, only the foreign policy experts paid attention. As civil war erupts and people...

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Rookie Privateer (Book 1)

He dreams of sailing the stars, but he never counted on space pirates… Liam Hoffen wants off the asteroid he and his family call home. Despite passing the Mars Competency Test, he’s stuck mining a plot of land that may never pay off. To make matters worse, the girl of...

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Flames of Rebellion

In Flames of Rebellion, a group of rebels fighting for independence sows the seeds of revolution across the galaxy in this blockbuster military sci-fi adventure from Jay Allan, the author of the Crimson Worlds and Far Stars series.The planet Haven slides closer to...

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The Breakers Series (Books 1-3)

In the Breakers series, humanity faces not one apocalypse, but two: first a lethal pandemic, then a war against those who made the virus. This collection includes the first three books and is over 1000 pages (350,000 words) of post-apocalyptic survival.BREAKERS (Book...

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My Enemy’s Son (Book 2)

Senya has been exiled back to the Mother Planet of Rozari. While there, he begins to understand what his real tasks are, why he has been sent here,and what he must do in the coming years. In the meantime, Lt. Cmdr Katie Golden of the Allied Spaceforce suffers a...

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God Drug

God Drug is an incredible journey into a mind altering reality--or is it reality? Experimenting with this drug is like no other experience you've ever had, your mind and existence bend and the adventure begins! A ground breaking science fiction novel from one of...

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The Ares Weapon (Book 1)

Armageddon is Up for Auction...Dr. Melanie Destin's life is a mess. In a desperate attempt to start over, she accepts an interplanetary salvage job that will pay her enough to rebuild a new life on Mars. When she learns the real purpose of the mission is to recover an...

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A Meeting of Minds and Bodies

The crew of Sabrina have finally made it to New Canaan. It should be a time of relaxation and rejoicing, but after the Defense of Carthage, a new mission looms. Not everyone will join in this journey; new bodies and minds board the ship as they embark on one of the...

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Among Wolves (Book 1)

There's only one place left that’s safe. It’s the last place you should be. Gabriel remembers the Last Day. He and Mags had been on a tour of the White House with the rest of Miss Kimble’s first-graders when it happened. They fled with the President to a...

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Amyr’s Command: Firesetter (Book 2)

Lance thought his life was going well. He had his own ship, the Flying Mule, an awesome crew including his best friends, Wen and Nood, a lovely and intelligent, teenage daughter, Sandy, and lucrative contracts hauling coconuts between two warring planets. When a twist...

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Infinity Wars (The Infinity Project)

CONFLICT IS ETERNALWe have always fought. War is the furnace that forges new technologies and pushes humanity ever onward. We are the children of a battle that began with fists and sticks, and ended on the brink of atomic Armageddon. Beyond here lies another war,...

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From the bestselling author of Lucent Sylph comes a new story about a relationship in an unusual place: between the child savior of a dying planet and his handler.The planet of Topha is breaking into pieces, and the next core earthquake will destroy it, killing the...

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"It's everything that a reader could want in a steampunk novel. It combines politics, innovation, social unrest and the fight for basic freedoms in a compelling story." - Erin Eymard, The New Podler Review of BooksA reluctant, inexperienced and ineffectual ruler must...

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Situation Z

The heat is the least of their worries when the dead begin taking over Phoenix. Out of the ashes of destruction rises Wilson. He begins gathering survivors, helping them escape the city and the dead. Along the way, the challenges multiply and Wilson’s behavior becomes...

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Burn District

What do you do when the world as you know it ends? Run! A perfect life slides into despair when a trusting neighbor whispers a warning, and Mike and Laura Davis’s world crumbles. Dreams and goals come to an abrupt end, but a new existence waits in the future. Survival...

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Love, Lies & Clones

June Taylor never asked to be cloned. She never asked for the faulty heart that beats inside her chest. But most of all, she never asked for the chaos that would become her life. When her estranged father mysteriously appears at her doorstep to warn her of impending...

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The God AI

Imagine your world being controlled by a God-like super AI named Adam... Your very body and soul will be at stake when the Singularity is unleashed...Will Adam be a blessing to you… or a curse?What will be your ultimate fate? Eternal joy or eternal suffering?About the...

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Out of Time

Out of Time collects two un-timely tales: "One More Tuesday" - Josef finds himself trapped with only one way out—and a life or death decision once he discovers how to free himself. "Leap Day" - Joan experiences a time distortion in her own apartment, and she must...

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Absolute (Book 1)

After the death of his father at the hands of a corrupt government, Ben Epson knows that there is nothing he can do to extract revenge. Not as an ordinary person.So he throws everything he has in with a group of very special rebels, who are more than they seem. From...

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The Harvest

Mutants bred for their organs escape the harvesting farms and begin killing the humans they were designed to save. In a future where mutants are bred for their body parts, Steph Martin is a defect. Not up to transplant standards, she's been assigned the job of...

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Cyborg (Book 1)

It started as just another assignment. Invited by big-hitting corporation ARTOK, combat journalist David Chambers, is visiting the planet Parnassus to report on the ‘Human Enhancement Programme’ when he witnesses the unthinkable, a crash site of an alien ship. The...

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No Time

If you knew the end was here, who would you tell? Who would believe you?In Cady’s case, no one would take her word at face value. Not anymore.A microbiologist in another time and a prepper by choice, Cady hasn’t been in the science industry in years. She gave up a...

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Attack on Thebes

The drums of war thunder across the stars... The final negotiations between the Silstrand Alliance and the Scipian Empire are complete, and it's time for Tanis and Sera to part ways. Sera must return to Khardine, where new challenges await, and preprations for the...

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Ignite the Stars (Anthology)

A look at the days following the Defense of Carthage, and some memories of days gone by. Join Tanis, Joe, their three daughters, and many others across the New Canaan colony as they clean up after the battle with Orion, and prepare for what is yet to come.

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Runs In The Family

An outcast of the Eden Academy, physically unfit for military duty and lacking a civil service assignment, Mairin Shields is going nowhere fast. With little hope of leaving the outer rim of the Milky Way, Mairin agrees to participate in a classified experiment...

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As the men cheer loudly, there’s a brilliant flash and thunderclap. Temporarily blinded, they stumble back from the Humvee, pushed by a blast of hot air and smoke. As the smoke clears … there leader is gone. Where he stood is nothing but the smoldering, melted hood of...

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Recursion (Book 1)

TIME TRAVEL IS REALAnd more dangerous than ever...The Interlopers are after me, my route home is compromised, half my team is missing, and someone is trying to destroy the past.Paris, 1951 — Molly Gardner is an agent for the ISD, a secret government agency policing...

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A man and woman stand on a South American clifftop overlooking the Atlantic. The muted sound of surf rises from below as they hold hands and gaze across the ocean. Silhouetted by the setting sun, hair tousled by a tropical breeze, it would be remarkably romantic … if...

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A TECHNOLOGY THRILLER PULLED RIGHT FROM TODAYS HEADLINESA vicious computer virus infecting the CIA is not only attacking and destroying US security systems - it has now learned how to kill as well. Panicked, the Feds break an eccentric virus-expert out of prison to...

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The Survivalist

"The Survivalist may be the best post-apocalyptic series out there," raves Steve Erwood of the Disaster Preparedness Blog. "In addition to a steady stream of gunfights with zombie-like mutants, roadway bandits, and opportunistic warlords, the books teach dozens of...

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Kit Smithers’ Last Commute

Heath has been fixing time for what feels like forever. The only problem is, who's going to fix Heath?In the quirky novella Kit Smithers' Last Commute, Heath Hancock has had just about enough of the whole time-travel gig. Well, not so much the travel part; it's all...

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The Twelve Stones (Book 1)

Twenty two years ago, Alex McCray found the first of the Twelve Stones, a set of powerful artifacts left for Humanity to find and use to save Earth from certain destruction. Returning to his hometown of Onyx, California, Alex reunites with his father who returns the...

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The Force Awakens

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The official novelization of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the blockbuster film directed by J. J. Abrams • Includes two tie-in short stories: “The Perfect Weapon” by Delilah S. Dawson and “Bait” by Alan Dean Foster   More than thirty...

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