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Action and Adventure stories cut straight to the rapidly-beating hearts of our adrenaline-production centers, to satisfy our desire for travel, excitement, danger and high drama – whilst we remain sitting or lying comfortably in the familiar surroundings of our home…

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Whether it’s a boys-own yarn read at bedtime, inspiring dreams of pirates, lion-hunts and eye-patched villains – or a grown-up tale of Bond-like secret agents, adventure-seeking archaeologists, or an ordinary Joe or Joleen suddenly finding their life turned upside down by malevolent unknown forces – a good action and adventure book will transport you to far flung places, raise your heart-beat, then whisk you at high speed through mysteries, suspense and thrills, on every page, at great pace, until you finish your book, breathless, wide-eyed and probably a little hungry from the exertion.

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The Rossler Foundation Mysteries

The first four books in JC Ryan’s bestselling Rossler Foundation series, available together for the first time!The 10th CycleThe truth about human history is about to be revealed. . . But will we be allowed to know it?For thousands of years the truth about human... read more

Never Say Spy (The Never Say Spy Series, Book 1)

…If a kickass middle-aged bookkeeper got sucked into a spy’s life…Despite her penchant for weapons and ripe language, Aydan Kelly’s resumé reads ‘bookkeeper’, not ‘badass’. She’s leaving the city to fulfill her dream of rural tranquillity when she gets carjacked by a... read more

Escape, A New Life

After saving a drowning man during a savage storm, Abby wakes up in a tropical paradise in a fight for her life.  She has no idea how she got there, and notices changes in herself that she cannot explain. Haunted by unsettling dreams of her past, she meets up with... read more

Ride the Wind

In 1836, when she was nine years old, Cynthia Ann Parker was kidnapped by Comanche Indians. This is the story of how she grew up with them, mastered their ways, married one of their leaders, and became, in every way, a Comanche woman. It is also the story of a proud... read more

The Billionaire’s Graveyard

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity…that could cost his life. As a billionaire CEO of one of the world’s largest companies, James Byron has it all. Except a purpose. His best days are behind him and he’s itching for anything to help him relive past... read more

Sign Off (Caught Dead in Wyoming, Book 1)

Divorce a husband, lose a career … grapple with a murder.TV journalist Elizabeth “E.M.” Danniher will tell you she committed two sins — she didn’t stay young, and she made an enemy of a powerful news executive — her ex. She used to break national news. Now her top... read more

My Dirty Vacation

“When you think of Las Vegas, what comes to mind? Most likely it’s fine dining, extravagant shows, and lots of gambling. Not in my world. Not when you’re surrounded by alpha males with a penchant for violence who ignore your meticulously crafted itinerary and expect... read more

Lockdown (Ryan Lock, Book 1)

An explosive, race-against-time thriller and the first in the action-packed Ryan Lock series.Christmas Eve in New York, but for ex-military bodyguard Ryan Lock it’s business as usual. His task: to protect the head of one of America’s most powerful... read more

Dead in Damascus

When SEAL Team Six operator Chris Paladin and a teammate escort CIA officer Hannah Andrade from Iraq into Syria, they must avoid surveillance in order to reach Damascus and recruit an al Qaeda agent, but all hell breaks loose, and they’ll need a miracle in order to... read more

Tipping Point

Two Dead Climatologists…An International Conspiracy…A Looming Ecological Disaster…Tipping Point: There will be no return…1903: The Arctic’s fabled Northwest Passage is navigated for the first time. 2012: An eminent climatologist is found... read more


In the brutal, unforgiving West a dozen years after the California Gold Rush, a lone Pinkerton detective trails two vicious killers.When the daughter of a famous ex-general is kidnapped, Detective Simms is assigned to bring her home. Forged in the Mexican War, this... read more

Magic Dan

Praise for Magic Dan…. A joy to read, a clever combination of nostalgia, with a good story, and some very authentic touches. – Amazon customer The book was fantastic, much more of a story than was obvious from the blurb on the back, and I really enjoyed it.... read more

The Atlantis Stone

Want three free books? Grab the Nick Thacker Starter Library by copy/pasting this link into your browser: you’re a fan of National Treasure, The Da Vinci Code, and Lost, you’ll love The Atlantis StoneFrom the bestselling author... read more

The Tour Guide: Intrigue on the Nile

A vacation on a Nile Cruise in July 1996 is the beginning of Brita’s Egyptian nightmare. On the “Princess Amira” she meets the enigmatic cross-eyed Nubian archaeologist turned tour guide, Abdul. There is a powerful attraction between them and against her better... read more

Cabin Fever

With his house in Cincinnati in ruins, Seamus retreats to the family cabin for some well-earned rest and relaxation. But his plans for a quiet, contemplative winter in the wilds of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula are thrown out the window when he discovers a naked woman on... read more

Complicated Creatures: Part One

Action, Passion and one incredible Heroine! Samantha Wyatt heads up one of the most powerful private protection agencies in the world. As a former naval interrogator, she knows first-hand what danger looks like. But when the head-turning, savvy and challenging Jack... read more

Jake Fonko M.I.A.

Bombs, bullets and the remote jungle – and America’s coolest covert agent Jake Fonko is up to his neck in it all.Army Ranger Jake Fonko’s latest mission – locate a former CIA asset gone missing in Cambodia – has his instincts on full... read more

Them Inside Me

Several women come together to support each other while trying to find healthy ways to deal with the traumas each has faced. But during the course of their 8 week support group, betrayal, self-doubt and even murder begins to threaten their path to becoming survivors.... read more

When The Jaguar Sleeps

A plane crash in the Amazon jungle… A desperate struggle for survival … An unexpected discovery… Ecuador. A dream holiday turns into a nightmare when two young men are stranded in the Ecuadorian rainforest after their plane crashes. Desperate to... read more

In One Fell Swoop

Fasten your seatbelts as Willow Rose takes you on one scary, wildly imaginative ride. For anyone who loves a good thriller, this is a treat. On a hot day in June, two groups of campers disappear in the Green Swamps of Florida. The wood is still burning in the bonfire,... read more


When Devin McGee and his best friend Jessica start hearing things about Devin’s little sister Kelly they blame it on rumors and town gossip. When people more reliable start telling them she of her odd behavior they start to get concerned. But when Kelly bursts into... read more

Alexander’s Empire

Alexander Kiriakis is a modern conqueror, accustomed to wealth and power. When the nightmares that have plagued him from childhood grow more disturbing, he begins to fear his life may be a lie. Ever the ruthless businessman, Alexander will protect his carefully... read more

Scavengers (Dark Trails Saga, Book 1)

An untouchable gunslinger. A lost hoard of gold. A host of brutal adversaries. What could possibly go wrong? Deputy Marshal Porter Rockwell can’t be harmed by a bullet or a blade. As long as he never cuts his hair, Rockwell is free to right wrongs and chase... read more

Against Her Will

It was a night when a beautiful young woman’s world fell apart. A hideous attack leaves her physically and mentally broken, with nowhere to go but down. Her struggle to recover is long and hard and fraught with danger. Just when she’s overcome the worst, she makes a... read more

Hollow Towns

The end did not come swiftly as media and literature had predicted. There was no deadly virus released to wipe out humanity. There was no meteor on course to collide with earth. There was no Biblical flood or fire and brimstone. And there was no army of the undead to... read more

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