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Action and Adventure stories cut straight to the rapidly-beating hearts of our adrenaline-production centers, to satisfy our desire for travel, excitement, danger and high drama – whilst we remain sitting or lying comfortably in the familiar surroundings of our home…

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Whether it’s a boys-own yarn read at bedtime, inspiring dreams of pirates, lion-hunts and eye-patched villains – or a grown-up tale of Bond-like secret agents, adventure-seeking archaeologists, or an ordinary Joe or Joleen suddenly finding their life turned upside down by malevolent unknown forces – a good action and adventure book will transport you to far flung places, raise your heart-beat, then whisk you at high speed through mysteries, suspense and thrills, on every page, at great pace, until you finish your book, breathless, wide-eyed and probably a little hungry from the exertion.

Action and Adventure books classic - The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum

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NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR, ELLE CASEY, brings readers the High Seas and High Adventure novel WRECKED.With over 550 5-star ratings on Goodreads, readers love Wrecked! After their cruise goes horribly wrong, four very different teenagers find...

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ISIS is making a business out of refugees, but not for long.Paladine, terrorism's worst enemy, is back in this sequel to the hit political thriller. From the best-selling & award winning author critics hail as "one of the strongest thriller writers on our scene" comes...

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Dane Curse

In this mix of pulp noir and golden age derring-do, the world's greatest superhero is mysteriously murdered, and only a former villain turned PI can find the killer in time.

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The Angel & the Brown-eyed Boy (Book 1)

IT'S NEW YORK CITY ON THE EVE OF NUCLEAR ARMAGEDDONWelcome to a future world only heartbeats from our ownTomorrow morning at 7:35 AM, a nuclear holocaust will destroy the planet. Two people carry the keys to survival: Jeremy Edgarton, a 16 year old, tech genius and...

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Her Every Fear

Named a Best Book of 2017 by NPRThe author of the wildly popular The Kind Worth Killing returns with an electrifying and downright Hitchcockian psychological thriller—as tantalizing as the cinema classics Rear Window and Wait Until Dark—involving a young woman caught...

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Glory Riders

Collected for the first time in a single book are six of L’Amour’s finest Western stories. The texts have been restored according to how they first appeared in their initial publication in magazines.Jim Sandifer knows he’ll lose his job at the B Bar Ranch as well as...

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The Assassin’s List (Book 1)

Bone-chillingly relevant"Gripping, fast-paced and a recommendable read." Amazon Reviewer - July 2, 2015The assassin's list"Wow, what a book! Hard to believe that this could happen. But I do believe it could.."Amazon Reviewer - June 4, 2015The assassin's list"This book...

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To Conquer Heaven

Jeremy Wang is still smarting from being academically disgraced by his room mate, Brett East. But now Jeremy needs to enlist Brett’s help - because he’s found something ... a clue. A clue to unravel one of history's greatest mysteries. Where is the Tomb of the First...

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Ghosts of the Sea Moon (Book 1)

In the Outer Islands, gods and magic rule the ocean. Under the command of Captain Rafe Morrow, the crew of the Celestial Jewel ferry souls to the After World and defend the seas from monsters. Rafe has dedicated his life to protecting the lost, but the tides have...

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The Inside Passage

Somewhere on Canada's Inside Passage, terrorists plot to destroy a cruise ship filled with celebrities and VIP's. The Inside Passage could be in today’s headlines.Ted Higuera, the son of Mexican immigrants, grew up in East LA. An unlikely football scholarship was his...

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The Expedition

In this coming of age story, author Christopher Ledgerwood weaves a tale of endearing friendship in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. Best friends, Tommy Mason and David Cole, mount an expedition into the mountains in search of the elusive Bigfoot, but what...

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Code to Zero

In this classic Cold War thriller, #1 New York Times bestselling author Ken Follett puts his own electrifying twist on the space race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. As the clock counts down to a shocking climax, "Code to Zero's split-second suspense proves...

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Countdown (Book 1)

"Do not go gentle into that good night."Our World is ending...How or why is unknown, but make no mistake about it, we are living on borrowed time. Millions dead in a matter of days, billions in a matter of weeks. Yet somehow through the destruction and rubble Lenny...

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Sins of the Titanic

*** A #1 Bestselling Action Adventure Novel on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Kobo! ***TITANIC'S FINAL VICTIMS HAVE YET TO DIE!When Professor James Acton is contacted about a painting thought to have been lost with the sinking of the Titanic, he is inadvertently...

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The Ninth Orphan (Book 1)

The #1 Best-Selling Spy Novel on and Amazon UK*How do you catch a man who is never the same man twice? That is the question posed in The Ninth Orphan, a top-rated international thriller novel and the first book in The Orphan Trilogy. An orphan grows up to...

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At Wit’s End

When an explosion shatters the life of golden boy Bradley ‘Wit’ Witson, he buries himself in his secret identity as Zero, a hacker respected by the denizens of the Dark Net. Grief numbs him to everything but his new purpose: vengeance. Theft and betrayal threaten the...

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Fallen Hunter (Book 3)

Jesse's back in this exciting sequel to Fallen Palm. Grieving over the loss of a loved one to terrorists, Jesse's been holed up on his island home for months, numbing his mind and body with endless, mundane tasks. A friend comes to him asking Jesse to help her dad...

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The Sun God’s Heir: Return (Book 1)

Alexandre Dumas meets Horatio Hornblower and Ancient Egypt in this swashbuckling epic. (Kirkus Reviews) For three thousand years a hatred burns. In seventeenth century France two souls incarnate, one born the child of a prosperous merchant, the other, forces his way...

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The Man From Battle Flat: A Western Trio

Louis L’Amour brings the Wild West back to life in three unstoppable adventures!“Mistakes Can Kill You” is the story of Johnny O’Day. Half-dead from pneumonia and on the brink of giving up, he was taken in as a boy and nursed back to health by a young couple. Growing...

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Escape to Europe

A young doctor and his family wake to a bombed out, former home, and begin a long journey towards safety- not knowing what perils the journey will bring. A man filled with racist hatred, sets out to take the law into his own hands. Along the way he finds more than he...

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Flashback: Siren Song (Book 1)

PRAISE FOR SIREN SONG: Hunter's writing is as low-down, gritty, and insidious as the blues Yancy Lazarus loves. Just like the mysterious music drifting through the jungle toward Yancy's squad, Siren Song will get under your skin and sink its hooks into your mind.—eden...

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Surge Protection (Book 1)

Logan realized life as he knew it was over Millions dead… All from an alien attack on cell phone users. Those who survived must march on And find a way with few resources To locate other survivors andLive another day, alien free.

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"There were no dull moments in the book." --O'Pat, Amazon Review" Tightly plotted and well-researched thriller." --Gigi, Amazon Review" Well developed and sympathetic characters." --K E Rodrigues, Amazon Review Violet just wanted to get to work, throwing on her makeup...

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Written to commemorate the Bicentennial in 1976, James A. Michener’s magnificent saga of the West is an enthralling celebration of the frontier. Brimming with the glory of America’s past, the story of Colorado—the Centennial State—is manifested through its people:...

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The Pendant (Book 1)

Reeling from the death of her husband, Angela Fleetwood isn't ready for a fight. But when her neighbor turns up dead, Angela is forced to find the killer or watch an innocent young man go to jail for life. The Sheriff says it's not murder, but the deeper Angela digs,...

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The Gemini Contenders

Salonika, Greece: December 1939. In the dead of night, a clandestine order of monks embarks on a desperate mission: to transport a mysterious vault to a hiding place high in the Italian Alps. The sinister cache, concealed for centuries, could rip apart the Christian...

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Cheyenne Legacy: The Final Journey (Book 5)

After years of gambling, womanizing, drinking and gun-fighting, not to mention running from the law on occasions, Will Ryder realises it is time to change his life while he still has a life to change. However, he had not reckoned on meeting Ruth, the tall, statuesque...

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The Sable City (Book 1)

For the first time in a hundred years, Vod'Adia - the fabled Sable City - is Opening. All across the known world, adventurers hungry for gold and relics from the Witch King's era are making their way to the legendary ruins. For many of them, the Sable City will claim...

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Dark Wine at Midnight (Book 1)

A seductive spy. An alpha vampire. A deadly assassin after them both... When a rogue vampire group emerges from the shadows to enslave mortals, research scientist Cerissa Patel is the only one with an inside track to stop them. The catch - she must go undercover in a...

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Tess – Clash of Civilizations

Tess and Jake have an unusual dilemma. Their adopted daughter Aara received a huge inheritance from Tess’s nemesis, the deceased Amir al-Saadi. The fortune comes with an unsettling condition: Aara must marry into a Muslim family within one year. Suddenly, Tess and...

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Heat (Will Lee)

Ex-DEA agent Jesse Warden has seen enough of the inside of a solitary confinement cell to last him a lifetime. Or two lifetimes, which is the sentence he's serving after being convicted of a plan he was planning to commit, but never did. So when an old buddy shows up...

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The setting is the Georgia wilderness, where the states most remote white-water river awaits. In the thundering froth of that river, in its echoing stone canyons, four men on a canoe trip discover a freedom and exhilaration beyond compare. And then, in a moment of...

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Cut and Cover

“A resounding character study just as much as it is an action novel, and both are equally triumphant.” —Kirkus ReviewsTo most people, Maj. John Rexford is a retired Marine living in the Catskill Mountains of New York on disability. Even John’s girlfriend, Maggie, has...

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Ash (Book 1)

9 AM EST: A senator shoots himself on national television.10:32 AM EST: An entire floor of government agents leap to their death from their office building.12:57 PM EST: All the police officers inside a station murder each other.And the day has just begun.Lieutenant...

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