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Action and Adventure stories cut straight to the rapidly-beating hearts of our adrenaline-production centers, to satisfy our desire for travel, excitement, danger and high drama – whilst we remain sitting or lying comfortably in the familiar surroundings of our home…

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Whether it’s a boys-own yarn read at bedtime, inspiring dreams of pirates, lion-hunts and eye-patched villains – or a grown-up tale of Bond-like secret agents, adventure-seeking archaeologists, or an ordinary Joe or Joleen suddenly finding their life turned upside down by malevolent unknown forces – a good action and adventure book will transport you to far flung places, raise your heart-beat, then whisk you at high speed through mysteries, suspense and thrills, on every page, at great pace, until you finish your book, breathless, wide-eyed and probably a little hungry from the exertion.

Action and Adventure books classic - The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum

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Tom Clancy (Action & Adventure author) interviewed on Manufacturing Intellect

Here’s an interview I found on the ‘Manufacturing Intellect’ channel, with Tom Clancy.

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The Wooden Horse

An epic adventure—the most brilliant escape and evasion from the Nazis ever written.Eric Williams, a Royal Air Force bomber captain, was shot down over Germany in 1942 and imprisoned in Stalag Luft III, the infamous German POW camp. Digging an underground tunnel...

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Sharpsburg Sunrise

Change is in the air. War in the balance. A young man seizes his moment.Before Thomas Devareaux ever set foot on the deck of his airship, his father fought in the defining moment of Confederate history, the battle of Sharpsburg. As the surviving officer of a company...

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Apparent Wind

In Apalachicola, FL, what goes in the river doesn't always stay there.When some locals find a dead woman in the jaws of a gator, it's fairly upsetting. When Lt. Maggie Redmond finds lifelong friend Axel Blackwell in the dead woman's hotel room, it's a little more...

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Dane Curse

For a guy like me, who can shrug off bullets and lift seven tons, there's no better profession than powered crime, and no greater burg to practice it in than Gold Coast City. But after ten years of tossing Buicks at heroes I wised up, took the black cape off my back,...

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The Last Watchman Still Rides

Action and Adventure collide with hard boiled vigilante justice.After a night of mindless violence, they locked him in a cage and left him there with the rest of the animals.But now Roarke is on the outside again. He's found some semblance of peace as a private...

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Undertow of Loyalty

The ProblemNeil Henberlin somehow became a spy. He had agreed to help Canada’s Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) trap a foreign government in the process of stealing his company’s new super-computer technology. His part was simple: pretend to be seduced by a...

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The Ryder Quartet

4 hot suspense thrillers now in one boxset. Crime fiction or crime fact? Drama based on real experiences in a region with the highest murder rate in the world, as detectives pursue criminals into the heart of darkness.

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Ghost Flight

'Unputdownable!' Sir Ranulph Fiennes* * * * * * *A murder. A mystery that will change everything.Will Jaeger's family are gone, and they're not coming back.But there's one thing he can fix. His best friend has been found dead, and he's going to catch the monsters that...

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London Large – Sharp and Short

Meet DI Harry Hawkins. 'H' to friends and enemies alike. He's not an easy man to love. But when the chips are down he's the man you want on your side, the man who'll get you justice. Whatever it takes. Sharp and Short tracks him through a series of the defining...

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American Terrorist

Explosive Action, International Drama and Chilling SuspenseWhen terrorists launch assaults on the Washington Monument and the New York subway system, all government resources are thrown at the situation, trying to contain the damage and prevent more. But is this the...

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Mission Compromised

The first of a three-novel series, Mission Compromised introduces Major Peter J. Newman, a U.S. marine assigned to fill a top-secret White House National Security Council staff position. In these novels, Newman discovers secrets such as how covert missions are being...

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A Plague of Giants

From the author of The Iron Druid Chronicles, a thrilling novel that kicks off a fantasy series with an entirely new mythology—complete with shape-shifting bards, fire-wielding giants, and children who can speak to astonishing beasts MOTHER AND WARRIOR Tallynd is a...

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The Adventurist

The Adventurist is one man's story, a story that will change the way you think about travel, survival, where you have been, and where you are going.Enter the world of Robert Young Pelton (if you dare), adventurer extraordinaire, author of Come Back Alive and The...

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The Mashego File

Detectives against vicious criminals. Assassinations. Vigilante justice. A gripping crime thriller and police procedural based on the author’s personal experience of brutal crime. Written from front-line research with detectives, victims, and forensics experts.

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Ninth Cycle Antarctica

Was there a human civilization in Antarctica in the past?Will we ever know?In November 2002 a special U.S. Navy SEAL team is sent to Antarctica to locate and rescue a film crew that has become lost. No trace of them is found, except for film footage of strange...

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Plaster City

Jimmy Veeder and Bobby Maves are back at it, two years after the events of Dove Season—they’re not exactly the luckiest guys in the Imperial Valley, but, hey, they win more fights than they lose. Settled on his own farmland and living like a true family man after...

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First published in 1963, James A. Michener’s gripping chronicle of the social and political landscape of Afghanistan is more relevant now than ever. Combining fact with riveting adventure and intrigue, Michener follows a military man tasked, in the years after World...

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Chase Baker and the Golden Condor


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Loving the Chase

Charming, adventurous Zach Chase has always craved the spotlight, and now he’s on the hunt for publicity for his family’s storm-chasing business. So when a reality TV network approaches him with the idea for a show profiling their work, he can’t resist. But the last...

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Enslaved by the Ocean

Indigo has a troubled past and there’s no denying it. Tired of being scared, she sets sail aboard a private yacht, hopeful that the open waters of the Atlantic will give her and best friend Eric a much-needed respite.As if trouble followed her, the yacht catches fire....

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Impact Point

Mysterious Whale Deaths...A Quest for Meteorite Fragments...A future Global Cataclysm...Siberia 1908: A massive explosion occurs above the Tunguska region - known as The Tunguska Event - releasing the equivalent energy of 185 Hiroshima nuclear bombs. An asteroid...

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Mountain Justice

Mountain Justice is a story of violence, friendship and the love of a horse. When Annie's former husband was imprisoned, she thought she would be safe, and she was, for a while. She lived a quiet life with her best friend, a stallion named Czar. Everything changed...

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Use of Force

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor comes “his latest pulse-pounding adventure” (The Real Book Spy) that follows covert operative Scot Harvath as he is called upon to stop an ISIS-led plot to destroy the Vatican.As a storm rages across the...

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Sacred Stone

Juan Cabrillo and his CIA-backed Oregon crew must beat opposing factions to a discovery that could prevent World War III in this novel in the #1 New York Times-bestselling series.In the remote wastes of Greenland, a young scientist has unearthed an artifact hidden in...

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If the Devil Had a Dog

Gold Medal Winner - 2017 Readers' Favorite International Book Awards in Fiction - DramaHow far will she run before he finds her?Sidney McQueen flees to the small, west Texas town of Alpine to escape the most dangerous man she's ever known - her estranged husband - a...

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River Tango

Captain Jack Stueben, spymaster, deadly assassin and billionaire playboy is a formidable adversary but he is no match for a beautiful woman dancing the Tango. She’s dressed to kill and has a contract on Jack but what is she really after? Odie Larson would die for his...

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Falling Stars

TWO DISTRESSED HEROES.THREE DASTARDLY CRIMES.AND THE SLICKEST HEISTS OF ALL TIME. Imagine Bin Laden meets Bernie Madoff--and hold on for the ride. A mysterious summons lures Kyle Achilles to a midnight meeting that shocks the world and sets a master plan in motion....

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The, Book of Jhereg

The first three fantastical adventures of assassin Vlad Taltos—now in one volume.A welcome addition to any fantasy fan's library, The Book of Jhereg follows the antics of the wise-cracking Vlad Taltos and his dragon-like companion through their first three...

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Girl From the Stars

Liora Day, half-human, half mess-with-her-and-you’ll-die Damaclan, had been thrown onto a rough path at a very early age. But when she is broken out of a cage by Devren, the young captain of the SS Kratos, she is shown that perhaps humanity does have a heart. The...

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The Golden Catch

"The master of assassin novels, Vince Flynn, now has serious competition." - Librarian review "If you like Clive Cussler, Matthew Reilly or Daniel Silva you will like this book, it had me gripped from page one and the ending is truly exciting." “Well-written, and...

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The Lost Throne

The fourth Payne and Jones thriller from New York Times bestselling author Chris Kizneski.  “A reader's delight from beginning to end. Tautly written, expertly told, smart, and exhilarating.”—New York Times bestselling author Steve BerryCarved into the towering cliffs...

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Catch Me if You Can

The uproarious, bestselling true story of the world's most sought-after con man, immortalized by Leonardo DiCaprio in DreamWorks' feature film of the same name.Frank W. Abagnale, alias Frank Williams, Robert Conrad, Frank Adams, and Robert Monjo, was one of the most...

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A bold English adventurer. An invincible Japanese warlord. A beautiful woman torn between two ways of life, two ways of love. All brought together in an extraordinary saga of a time and a place aflame with conflict, passion, ambition, lust, and the struggle for...

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A Falcon Flies

The first book in the epic Ballantyne series"She heard another movement pass behind her turn shoulder, a whisper of sound, yet so chilling that she felt all power of movement drained from her legs. He was here, very close in the blackness, toying with her, cruel as a...

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What Happened in Vienna, Jack?

A robbery in London's Charing Cross Road. The murder of a catholic priest at the end of World War Two. A genocide in Namibia. The discovery of the remains of Hitler's personal secretary.Something connects all these things, and former British spy Jack Price knows the...

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Project Strikeforce

John Frist was a good soldier, until his Humvee was hit by an IED in Iraq. Discharged, he carries out one of the worst terror attacks in US history. Captured and brainwashed, he is remade by Project StrikeForce into a technologically enhanced super-soldier. Now he...

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