Romantic Suspense Books…

The Rebel’s Redemption

Is it too late for second chances? Jared Martin left Tidal Falls a hotheaded youth. Eight years in the military has turned him into a cynical, disillusioned man. Then he returns home to find out he’s a father. When an old enemy follows and causes mayhem in the... read more

Reckless (Shattered Sisters, Book 1)

“Page-turning thrills!” ~#1 NY Times Bestselling Author Karen RobardsTrue Crime Writer Toni Rio follows a wise guy straight to his execution in a dirty alley. His two killers see her and she runs, but she doesn’t get far.Nick Manelli has two goals: keep... read more

Hot as Hades (Four Horsemen MC, Book 2)

His hair fell down below his ears, so different from the jarheads she’d grown accustomed to. Cowboy wasn’t spit-shined and polished like a Marine. No, he was road-dusted, a bit rumpled, and dead sexy. Cowboy Former rodeo star, Cowboy, poses as a customer... read more

Ride To Redemption

Can you imagine meeting someone in throes of your chaos who takes your breath away, even when you have little breath left to share? Someone who inspires you to press on, regardless. In the midst of a financial crisis, coupled with a long term relationship crashing... read more

Heroes for Hire (Books 1-3)

This Heroes for Hire Set includes:Levi’s LegendStone’s SurrenderMerk’s Mistake Time never fades… After months of recovery, Merk is moving from mission to mission, happily back in his active life again. But when his ex-wife sends out a panicked call for help, he rushes... read more

Mind Over Matter

Don’t miss this classic tale of romance and intrigue from #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts. David Brady needs a star for his documentary on paranormal psychology. When he finds out theatrical agent A.J. Fields has a psychic for a client, he’s... read more

The Mystery Box Set

This is a collection of stand-alone mysteries with a common theme: narrators draw their listeners in to their haunting tales, and these stories have a shocking, life-changing connection to the listeners. The Mystery Man is a time-travel romantic suspense, The Mystery... read more

Emerald Green (Murder in Savannah, Book 1)

The boy from my dream…Is the new kid in town.On a chilly December night in Savannah, Georgia, seventeen-year-old Addie Smith dreams of an alluring young man, too mysteriously handsome to be real. When spring semester commences the following week, at Maple Creek High,... read more

Violets & Violence

Do You Believe in Magic?Violet has magical talent. She can levitate, walk through glass, and be in two places at one time. What happens when Violet discovers true magic in the arms of a new man? What Happens When The Past Catches Up To the Present?Luke Kemble enjoys... read more

The Game That Played Us

Money ain’t everything… Jeremiah Bentley thought selling drugs was his only option, until he lost his girlfriend, Kaila, to the messy world under the leadership of a madam named Calypso, who owned the prostitute and drug game. Changing his life, in an... read more

My Salvation (Salvation Series, Book 1)

Caliana Crawford is smart, sexy and unemployed. After quitting her mediocre job, she finds herself in need of a break. She goes to the one place that holds her most precious memories, her cabin by the lake. Life hasn’t always been easy for Cali. She lost someone close... read more

Going Commando

When Elizabeth Lancaster is kidnapped from a nature commune, she’s terrified for her life. She hadn’t expected her cover to be blown so quickly. But who is this huge, rock-solid guy who spirits her away to a secluded estate in the mountains? When she discovers the... read more

Hooked Up

I believed in sex, once upon a time. And passion. But now my life as a single, divorced career girl living alone in New York City was all about work. I hadn’t had a date in years.But then he came along . . . Alexandre Chevalier. The French CEO billionaire of... read more

Cade (MacKenzie Security, Book 1)

Cade MacKenzie is prepared to give his life to destroy the cartel that killed his lover, but the only way to draw them out is to present them with the perfect bait. Bayleigh Scott has no idea who her new neighbor is, only that her body is drawn to him in ways she... read more

Agents Under Fire

Three rough and tough former Navy SEALs who don’t know the meaning of impossible. Three adventurous, irresistible women who don’t mind teaching them. Add a secret FBI mission and a corrupt politician who wants them all dead, and watch the fireworks erupt.... read more

Gunner (Lords of Carnage Mc)

She wonders if I’m dangerous. Loaded question… GUNNER I live by the cut. It’s a brotherhood.Sex, crime, and power. But when I see that sexy little number in over her head at the biker bar, I want to pummel the son of a bitch who threatens her. Taking Alix... read more

To Save A Life

A foul-mouthed photographer with trust issues and sky-high defenses—that’s all I was supposed to be to him. After all, what could a man like him want with a woman who’s spent her life doing everything—and anything—to keep her baby brother safe from the clutches of a... read more