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Contemporary Romance books weave the emotional escapism of romantic journeys, into the dramas and challenges of everyday contemporary life. Whether it’s a modern metropolitan city providing the setting for an office romance, a quiet suburb where two strangers meet, or a ranch in the midwest where nature takes its course – sparks inevitably fly in all directions, and the basic principles of love and attraction are applied.

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With authors such as Nora Roberts, Kerry Lonsdale, Carol Mason, Carolyn Brown, Catherine Bybee, Jamie Beck, Danielle Steel, Debbie Macomber, Lauren Blakely and many more, writing in this genre, there is something for every romantic taste – whether you enjoy clean and wholesome, or hot and racy. From billionaires to bikers, from cowboys to choristers, the truth is there is a romantic yarn for every shape of heart.

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Fiery-haired Bridgit has a temper as hot as her hair, so when the colony transport gets into trouble in deep space she must work with the only other person awake; the man she most despises. Despite their best efforts, the ship crashes on an unknown planet. Bridgit is...

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Sweet and Sassy Brides

Do you sigh when you hear Mendelssohn’s wedding march? Does seeing a bride in shiny satin and lace bring tears to your eyes? Whether it’s a first marriage, an affair of the heart, or a second chance to get it right, our scintillating collection featuring NINE...

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White Lace and Promises

A classic novel from fan favorite Debbie Macomber, this is an emotional story about fighting for happiness and holding on for true love.  Marrying Glenn Lambert was either the smartest thing Maggie Kingsbury has ever done or the craziest mistake of her life. Best...

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Reckless Love

I let her slip through my fingers… No, that’s a lie. I was reckless and pushed her away. I was never supposed to fall for her. She was my tutor. My best friend. My fantasy. I tried to stay away. I failed. Then we graduated and everything change. All I needed was a...

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What is the one thing your lover says to you that works immediately? Terry discovered on the first weekend she spent with Alex that everything he said to her charmed her. It was love at first sight.  A one night stand segues to a weekend of passion, leading to a...

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Oh and That’s Another Thing

Ever wake up one morning and think, something’s gotta change around here…?Rose has just emerged from a disastrous relationship with a bald philanderer, and she's not happy. Something's gotta give. Oh and That’s Another Thing is the story of what happens when Rose...

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Heart Hunter

Escape to Scotland in New York Times bestselling author Sophia Knightly's sexy and heartwarming love story set in the misty Isle of Skye.Infamous UK celebrity playboy, Cameron "Heartbreak" Hunter is everything bridal fashion designer, Evangeline Parks knows she...

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Stormy Surrender

Book Three of the New Hope Series, set in a small charming southern town.Six months have passed since Marti agreed to marry Joey. Despite her history, she’s having a healthy pregnancy. They finally have her house to themselves, and Joey has finished her To Do list....

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Taken by Love

The Bradens are a series of stand-alone romances that may also be enjoyed as part of the larger Love in Bloom series. TAKEN BY LOVE is a USA TODAY BESTSELLER In TAKEN BY LOVE... Daisy Honey fled Trusty, Colorado, after years of battling rumors sparked by her gorgeous...

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Her Deepest Fear

After a night out with her friends, Anna walks home as she always does. But a masked figure pulling her into the dark changes everything, especially when he tells her he's been watching her, and she belongs to him. Anna gets away but not without damage. When notes...

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Bless This Love

Suri and the church ‘All Angels’ have never seen eye to eye. For the past decade, she associates all bad things that have happened to her is down to that hallowed ground. And she won’t ever step foot in it again.But constantly she is drawn to the spot that changed her...

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Flirting With Disaster

Revisit the bestselling Charleston Trilogy by #1 New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods in this timeless tale of what happens when opposites attract. There’s a fine line between desire and disaster. At least, that’s what improper Southern belle Maggie...

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No Perfect Fate

Cleo Anderson camps in the Okefenokee Swamp where gators yawn, bears slumber and snakes slither. Her people skills are hesitant. Early hurts and shame wear like a comfortable old shoe. Alone is good, until she encounters Fletcher Maitland and eleven year-old Katie....

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It Was Always You

Fresh out of an abusive relationship, Tatum packs up and goes to live closer to her brother, and to make a fresh start. When Parker, the biggest regret of her life, comes back around, she’s immediately divided between giving their relationship another try and...

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Never Too Young

Read more about Jenny and Scout from The Fairies Saga in this novella set several years after NAKED IN THE WINTER WIND and THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY. Post-Revolutionary War North Carolina: Jenny and Scout were married the ‘Indian way’ as pre-adolescents. The young couple...

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How far would you go for love? To break away from her overbearing brothers, Fallyn O’Keefe opens a bakery to show them she can do it on her own. She thinks her biggest problem will be defending her storefront from the violence of the rival family, who would much...

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The Sheriff’s Woman

Sheriff Garrett Stark had his eye on Rachel Cameron for years. But she was married. Now she’s not. Garrett is ready to make his move, but Rachel wants Garrett to mind his own business. So. He does. His business is Rachel and he’s all in.

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Secrets at Seaside

Sweet with Heat: Seaside Summers features a group of fun, flirty, and emotional friends who gather each summer at their Cape Cod cottages. They're sassy, flawed, and so easy to relate to, you'll be begging to enter their circle of friends! Secrets at Seaside by...

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Trust Me

His life has gone off the boil in more ways than one.Now clean of bad influences and his ex-wife, Kit concentrates on being a good father and business owner.But things are about to take a strange turn when he finds himself embroiled in a kidnap plan.The problem is he...

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Survival of the Richest

A Park Avenue princess... My story starts with a plunge into the cold water of Manhattan's harbor. A strong hand hauls me back onto the deck of the luxury yacht. Christopher was supposed to be my enemy. Instead he protects me with fierce determination when I need him...

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Seaside Dreams

Bella Abbascia has returned to Seaside Cottages in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, as she does every summer. Only this year, Bella has more on her mind than sunbathing and skinny-dipping with her girlfriends. She's quit her job, put her house on the market, and sworn off...

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Misty Mountain

When Lacy and George begin dating, each of them keeps a shield around their hearts. Lacy's been hurt so many times, she's afraid to let another man come close. George, reeling from a bitter divorce, doesn't trust women for fear they're all like his ex-wife. Working...

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The Crown

The Second Novella in the Billionaire Royals Series. Jo Finley, small town girl finds herself engaged to be married to the crown prince of a small island country. No matter how hard she tries, the fairytale is more difficult to grasp than she imagined. With funerals,...

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Second Chance

Secrets, lies and mystery mixed in with the daunting possibility of a future happiness. Nick Buchanan has struggled to put the past behind him. No matter how hard he’s tried and how hard he’s worked, the one day twelve years ago when he found out his neighbor had gone...

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The Popcorn Prince

The Popcorn Prince is a loosely based Cinderella story—If Cinderella accidentally leaves behind a bottle of half-eaten Buffalo Bills hot sauce for the prince to find. Amy has officially put dating on the back burner after a string of noncommittal relationships. But...

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Sweet and Sassy Weddings

With this ring I thee wed, says the groom, and the bride smiles, always beautiful, always dreaming of a happy future. Whether she is young or not that young, a hopeless romantic or an Ice Queen, a vocalist or an attorney, a mail-order bride or a poker-bet fiancée, a...

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Saving Caroline

After a tragic accident kills her family, Caroline unexpectedly moves to Alabama in an effort to start over but her nightmares and panic attacks hinder her ability to move on. Trick's intrigued by the new waitress working at his bar but after some strange behavior...

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Hearts at Play

Discover the magic of New York Times bestseller Melissa Foster's writing, and see why millions of readers have fallen in love. HEARTS AT PLAY is a GOLD MEDAL WINNER in the Readers' Favorite Awards - Romance Sizzle Category In HEARTS AT PLAY... Brianna Heart has a...

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30 Days

Two hearts. One list. Endless opportunity.Dealing with the loss of her only sister. A suicide attempt that doesn't end in death and a husband who wants her inheritance. Elle's life is a catastrophe. But she has a list and thirty things she's determined to accomplish....

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Perfect for Him

Handsome Jason loves Harley with all his heart. But when she gets sick, Tiffany jumps in and decides he’s fair game, whether he’s married or not. What can Harley do to protect her family from the Tiffanys of the world? Perfect for Him is a tale of two lovers whose...

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Trust Fund

My story starts with a plunge into the cold water of Manhattan's harbor. A strong hand hauls me back onto the deck of the luxury yacht. He was supposed to be my enemy... Christopher protects me with fierce determination. My story begins with a fall but it doesn't end...

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His Best Friend’s Wife

Why is forbidden fruit always the most delectable? He saw her first. He wanted her first. He ached for her first. But his best friend claimed her first. Reed has always desired Cassie, but she married his womanizing best friend, Dirk. After years of trying to forget...

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Thoroughbreds and Trailer Trash

She's broke. He's worth millions. Reader Views Reviewers Choice Award Winner Feisty Jenna Murphy doesn't give a whiff about an animal's pedigree. As the local horse masseuse, she knows she has the magic touch and is keen to help every animal in her small town,...

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Who Needs Reality?

How do you woo the girl next door when she becomes a reality star?Mild-mannered and predictable Milo Halsey wants to be a pharmacist. He is steady, reasonable, and hopelessly in love with his childhood best friend, the girl next door, Jill Ripley. But though they are...

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