Author: Kathryn C. Kelly

Category: Romantic Suspense

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Marcus “Digger” Banks is on the run from the Death Dwellers MC. Seen as a traitor to the club, the former Sergeant-at-Arms is caught between the world he once knew and the world he now lives in. When a plot to bring down the Death Dwellers comes to his attention, he has to choose which side his loyalties lie. Either decision he makes will put his life in jeopardy.Bunny Hamilton is the assistant to the Prez’s Ol’ Lady, trapped in an abusive relationship. Then she crosses paths with Digger, a man on the run and with nothing to lose. She has to keep her wits to stay alive. When she sees the softer side of the gruff biker, her defenses slip away and she finds herself falling for the man with a target on his back. Will she be able to save herself and Digger from death? Or will she be seen as a traitor to the Death Dwellers, too? Will her dreams of a loving, stable relationship finally come true?All the hustle and bustle prior to Christmas Day, purchasing gifts, planning menus, attending parties, wishing good cheer to everyone, always came to this. An anticlimactic disappointment that sank like stone in the pit of Peyton Cooper’s belly. Like everything else in her life, the holidays divided her feelings. Each year, she anticipated the season, just as much as she loathed it.Her mother often discussed the old days when Christmas hadn’t become so commercialized. Audra always pinned the avariciousness of retailers on the declining importance to the actual reason for the season.Peyton scoffed, sick to death of seeing that annoying little phrase plastered on too many church signs to count. She filled the gin to the brim of her glass, drowning out her mother’s slurred disapproval. For the past couple hours, she’d been drowning out everything Audra had been muttering. The same old sorry crap added to Peyton’s unsettled feelings.Ad nauseum, Audra moaned about missing Peyton’s father. The man left for another woman, then lured Audra back for reconciliation before leaving again for a different woman. Her mother blamed herself for the dick-loving, pussy-eating slut Peyton’s sister, Ellen, had become. She also regularly reminded Peyton of all the blood on their hands.Draining half her glass, she glared at her mother. Or, more aptly, Dr. Audra Cooper. Only, Dr. Cooper passed off her Hypocritical Oath as Hippocratic. Audra had been running scams since Peyton’s and Ellen’s father left the first time. In the last five years, however, she’d outdone herself, somehow becoming a doctor when she’d barely finished high school because she’d been pregnant with Ellen.Peyton understood Audra’s actions. Their family needed to survive, and she meant for them to do it in style. Continuing the high life her mother had given them was the reason Peyton had fucked her way through medical school. College. Hell, high school. So many demons she’d had to fight. This latest, the one she assisted her mother with, would cling to her for the rest of her life.Fitting, when her mother offered assisted suicide to the terminally ill. Peyton finished her drink and laid her glass against her overheated forehead. How the hell had her mother gotten clients anyway? Audra certainly hadn’t been able to advertise her services: Death for Dollars.However she succeeded at her murder-for-hire schemes should be book-worthy. Or Lifetime Channel movie worthy. Unfortunately, anyone who saw Audra now wouldn’t believe her capable of murder.She looked so frail, her light brown hair interspersed with gray. Age spots dotted her arms and her face was haggard with wrinkles.