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???To buy the color version that is shown in the VIDEO and PHOTOS at the bottom of this page, click on “See all formats and editions”.???Would you like to create beautiful plant hangers, wall hangings, baskets and necklace models to add charm to your home?Would you like to take a moment of relaxation and learn how to create the four most popular macramé patterns used by professional designers?And, would you like to do it on a small budget and in less than one week?If the answer to that is yes, keep reading.Macrame 101: Your chance to create the trending home decor of the year with your OWN hands!The simplest yet most detailed guidebook that tutors you on how to create stunning macrame decor with your own hands.And best of all, it’s beginner-friendly. You can create plenty of home decor models out of simple rope without any prior background!It’s back, people!The bohemian art of the 1970s has been Instagrammed back to popularity by the millennials, and it’s adding a beautiful, bohemian touch to houses, studio apartments, condos, and villas across the world.For those who are new to bohemian art, macrame is a crafting technique of knotting strings in patterns to create artistic decor like plant holders, wall hangings, baskets, dreamcatchers, pendants and more.In fact, this art has caught the entire world by storm for two reasons:1- Adds an unconventional, unique and personalized touch to your home (After all, would you really want to fashion your home...the most intimate space in your life…with store-bought stuff that’s produced in mass?)2- It’s therapeutic: Countless people across the globe are feeling more centered and relaxed with the Me-Time they can enjoy through macrame. Moreover, scientific studies have confirmed this hobby comes with stress-alleviating and anxiety-relieving effects!After all, weren’t you too looking for a me-time DIY project that takes your eyeballs off your phone for a while?You can do it on a lazy Sunday afternoon (Don’t you get tired of randomly scrolling your friend’s Instagram?)...Or wing it while you are riding the subway (Seriously, eyes off the phone please..!)Macrame 101 is just the gift you need to give yourself!The book contains step-by-step guidance to create 5 of the most popular macrame models:Plant HangersPlant Hangers ( Wall Hanging Type)Wall HangingsPendant NecklacesBaskets….All from scratch! AND FORGET ABOUT GRAINY PICTURES OR PROJECTS THAT LACK INSTRUCTIONS.Macrame 101 is created by Sophia Halima Taylorr, an expert artist who provides a contemporary twist on how to master this addictive art hobby DOWN TO THE VERY LAST DETAIL - The tips and tricks included in this copy will make you an expert in handling the best macrame projects within weeks!In this digital-obsessed world where being busy is a lifestyle, you need some therapeutic me-time. And your home needs some serious decor revamp that’s more personalized, classy and minimalistic.Ready to do this?Most of our buyers’ personal favorite is the macrame wall hanging. It's easy to create, adds a tinge of bohemian personality to the room, and you can find it on page 23!Explore that and many more home decor ideas through Macrame 101! Grab your copy today...and start creating!