In the not so distant future, car culture is replaced by air and space flight, made possible by two of Earth’s largest corporations. With the planet on the brink of an industrial apocalypse, a powerful and ruthless corporate madman, Sint Argum, moves to exploit the disaster with his covertly created military.

Flight mechanic Taft Gaurdia spends his free time racing through the skies with his three best friends and the girl he longs to be with, headstrong Kaytha Morrow. After receiving a mysterious message from her deceased scientist father, Kaytha and Taft uncover a shocking secret. Knowing what they’ve discovered, Sint Argum will stop at nothing to find them.

Time is running out for Taft and his friends. Unwittingly, with the help of a ragtag group of young pilots, they fight for humanity’s survival and future among the stars.

An exciting, fast paced and emotional beginning to an all new saga. Embark is Firefly, meets Fast and Furious, with the pop culture sensibility of Ready Player One. Fans of science fiction technorthrillers are sure to enjoy this epic adventure. The story is filled with mystery, romance, friendship, family and tons of action.

Loose Threads

“Loose Threads” is NOT for the squeamish or prudish. The narrative delves into controversial topics and contrary viewpoints. Readers will track the process as Nyssa buries past traumas, deals with PTSD and recovers her self-esteem.
___Nyssa gets a new lease on life. She joins Dog Breakfast co-op, an informal security outfit. Her new life is like heaven compared to the previous three years of sex-trade bondage. But memories and old habits weigh her down like a 400-kilogram gorilla.
___”Loose Threads” is set in the future, circa 2070s. The global economy is dominated by transnational corporations which have acquired wealth and influence that rivals the greatest nations. The drama takes place around the Pacific Rim.
___Not only must Nyssa deal with personal issues, she must also examine the co-op alternative to corporate greed. Is the cooperative model for the future worth fighting for?
___ Kirkus Reviews: “A sci-fi tale with a distinctive voice and a determined heroine.”

Sleepy Hollow

Katrina is still haunted by her encounter with the Headless Horseman – the night he beckoned to her. Now he has risen again, slashing heads and terrorizing the quiet countryside.

Her only joy during this dismal darkness comes when Ichabod Crane, a gorgeous young man from Connecticut, moves to Sleepy Hollow and their attraction turns to romance.

When the Horseman marks Ichabod as his next victim, Katrina, despite dangerous efforts to save him, sees no other choice than for them to flee.

But the Horseman awaits. Now it’s up to her to sever the horror and alter the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

On Turtle Beach

An exploration of the relationship between two estranged sisters after the death of their father, while removed from their home turf to the seductive setting of Dalyan in Turkey.

Struggling artist, Lucy, and her successful sister, Rhea, make the bold decision to go on holiday together to Dalyan in Turkey, to try to heal their relationship and so fulfil their father’s dying wish. But despite their best efforts, the bereaved sisters soon realise that Lucy’s passionate nature and Rhea’s restraint means it’s difficult to find comfortable common ground. Lucy wants to bond, but Rhea would rather read her novel. When Lucy tries to get Rhea to talk about their childhood and why their relationship suddenly deteriorated, Rhea refuses to discuss it and Lucy becomes suspicious Rhea is hiding something.

Against the backdrop of the beautiful turtle beach, tensions soon escalate between them, while other characters help or hinder, and Lucy is finally forced to come up with a plan to get her sister to open up. She plots to get Rhea alone and stranded where there will be no escape. Can Lucy discover what family secrets her sister is hiding, the revealing of which could actually threaten to destroy them both?


This is not a traditional romance, but a dark love story with a twist that will leave you wanting more. The greatest love stories begin with blood…There is blood. There is pain. And there is him. These are the first things I register when I wake up, the lone survivor in an Alaskan plane crash. He carries me to safety over rough terrain and brings me to his cabin in the woods. He has no name. Or none he will tell me. As snow creeps across the harsh and isolated landscape, he is my only company. My protector, my caretaker. A fascinating enigma, with mysterious eyes, gentle hands, and a rough voice that demands more from me than I ever expected to give. I make up different stories, different names for him depending on his mood, because I know nothing about him except that he is my only connection to the real world I want to return to. So I work to please him, plotting my escape, yet all the while I start to crave him and every touch of his dominating body. He has saved me from the cold. From death. But in taking me and my body, will he destroy me?