Early Life Leadership in the Classroom

“We are all teachers!”Leadership in the Classroom is the sister of Early Life Leadership in Children: 101 Strategies to Grow Great Leaders, and was developed after numerous emails to provide teachers with examples and ideas for the classroom. This is a wonderful starting point! This resource includes skills, activities, and a lesson plan template.Q. Who is this book for?A. Adults, teachers, homeschool families, or anyone who desires to plant leadership seeds in the children in their lives.Early Life Leadership Family of Books and Resources:Early Life Leadership Kids JournalEarly Life Leadership in Children: 101 Strategies to Grow Great LeadersEarly Life Leadership 101 Conversation Starters and Writing PromptsEarly Life Leadership Workbook: 101 Strategies to Grow Great LeadersEarly Life Leadership Workbook for Girls: 101 Strategies to Grow Great LeadersEarly Life Leadership in the Classroom: Resources, Strategies & Tidbits to Grow Great Leaders

Charming Hannah

From New York Times Bestselling author, Kristen Proby, comes the first stand-alone in an all-new trilogy in her beloved Big Sky Series!Hannah Malone loves her new town. Despite living in Cunningham Falls for five years, she’s still considered a “move in” by most of the locals, and that doesn’t bother her in the least. She’s the “new girl”, and she hasn’t regretted it for one day. This town is her sanctuary. Her home. The one place she finally fits in and feels safe after a lifetime of being different and running from the memories and a past so far away it can’t haunt her anymore. As the newly appointed police chief, Brad Hull has the responsibility to keep his citizens safe and to maintain order. His roots in this town are deep—five generations deep, to be exact. Cunningham Falls, Montana is his town, and being a cop and protecting what’s his is his passion. Everything’s running like clockwork until a sassy redheaded doctor moves in and disrupts the order—and Brad’s focus. She’s not just beautiful, funny, and strong. Hannah’s everything he’s been looking for in a woman. The chemistry is undeniable, and the heat in the bedroom is off the charts. Brad knew the minute he met Hannah that she was the one for him. He’s tenacious in his pursuit of her. But when the past catches up with Hannah, will Brad be able to protect her and their hearts?

From May to December

If you love May-December Romance, this 3 book bundle is for you.Wildest DreamsKacey Jennings has been planning her mother’s wedding for months, and it’s all paid off. The day is a success, but when Kacey bumps into her social psychology lecturer, Madison Malone, on the dance floor, sparks fly.What was Madison doing at her mother’s wedding?Kacey’s been crushing on Madison for years. When would she ever get an opportunity like this to talk to Madison off campus?What happens when your crush turns out to be so much more than that?What risks would you take to have a chance together?LegacyEve James lost her parents in a car accident when she was ten years old.She spent her childhood in foster care, thinking that she had no other family, but just when she was starting to get her life on track, an aunt she never even knew existed has included Eve in her will.Eve travels to New York to meet her aunt’s lawyer, but she’s inherited more than a few dollars.Eve is now the owner of her aunt’s lingerie company.Taylor Barnes has spent years working alongside Tina Dixon to build Lacey into the company it is today.As CEO, Taylor expects to take over the company after Tina’s death, but things don’t always go as planned.Will Eve and Taylor be able to work together, ignoring the attraction and the chemistry between them?Marbella SunsetsWhen Carley Morrison dreamed of traveling the world, she never imagined herself getting stuck in Marbella without a passport and just enough money to last her two weeks.There were worse places she could have ended up than the south of Spain, but she needed to find a way to make some money so she could get back traveling.Andrea Harris couldn’t function without her personal assistant, and since she just fired her, she needed to find a new one, fast.Andrea takes a chance on Carley, hoping that her desperation will make her a hardworking P.A.What Andrea wasn’t expecting though was to fall for this young woman.Can these two women overcome their differences in age and status?Find out in this steamy romance.

Precious Children of India

Children around the world live in dire conditions without even the basic necessities of water, food, shelter, and love. They often suffer in silence, struggling just to exist among the unexplainable and irreversible conditions in which they find themselves. Many are so young they do not know what they lack – the love of a family and the comfort of a home. Survival is their only concern as they grow up in a world of adults who seem to have forgotten them or are so busy with their own survival that they really do not have time to care.These first person narratives are compiled from conversations with dozens of boys and girls in India. They put a voice to the suffering that they and thousands more like them endure every day. Children bravely share their stories of being caste bound, trafficked, beggars, witnesses to murder, unwanted, and of suffering great loss. Each child is a witness to his or her own story of survival. From their voices can be heard the desperate plea for someone to care, and if not for themselves, then for those even less fortunate whose voices have not been heard.About the AuthorElizabeth Carpenter, and her husband, Bruce, have been deeply touched by the desperate needs of children around the world. They answered God’s call to give these children a voice by gathering and sharing their stories. From this calling, His Precious Children: A Story-Sharing Ministry was formed. Their ongoing passion is to work with needy children around the world and empower them through sharing their stories. Their most recent trip was to India.Elizabeth and Bruce live in Columbus, Ohio, with their two dogs, Tippy and Zoey. They have two grown children, their daughter, Christina (husband Brian), and son, Zachary; also, like a son, Liz’s youngest brother, Kevin. They love being grandparents to Ethan and Oliver too. They are part of the church family at Discover Christian Church in Dublin, Ohio.

Into the Outside

When the mutants’ survival is threatened, will Isabella risk it all for the man she hardly knows or stay underground protected? Fifty years ago the Earth died. The Earth is now a fertile but dangerous jungle world. Wildlife has prospered although often in oddly altered forms. Survivors live in underground shelters waiting generations for the environment to become safe enough to emerge. Above ground, the radiation and poison has mutated the few humans that are left, but they do their best to survive for the 20 to 22 years they might live before the toxic planet or disease kills them.16-year-old Isabella has grown up believing mutants are sub-human, stupid and would eat every shelter person if they had the chance, until she spies a wandering mutant tribe through the glass bottom swimming pool that is her shelter’s only light source. Isabella is fascinated by them, but it’s their 17-year-old leader, Malcolm, who truly captivates her – ebony skin, straw-colored hair, rippling muscles, four fingers on one hand and six on the other. Night after night she sneaks out of her shelter to watch the tribe, dressed in her grandfather’s chemical/radiation suit. When Malcolm discovers her, they are wary of each other at first but eventually become friends and then lovers. Isabella finally leaves the safety of her shelter to follow Malcolm into the perilous Outside. Isabella knows the government plans to exterminate the mutants once it is safe for the shelter-folk to come Outside, and she expects radiation and disease, but no one in the tribe is prepared for cannibals!Isabella’s family mourns for their lost daughter, knowing that she will die Outside, but Grandfather refuses to search for her. Even if they found her, he knows that she will not return without the mutants, and he will not allow them into the shelter. But everything changes when her brother, Luke, learns of Colonel Ericssen’s deadly plan for the mutants. Luke defies their grandfather and leaves the shelter to track down Isabella and warn her of the threat she knows nothing about. But he is no more prepared for the dangers Outside than she is. Hunted and finally captured by the military, Luke must escape their grasp, find Isabella, and save her life.Battling the cannibal Eaters, taking on orphan children and trying to convince mutant tribes about the dangers they must prepare for makes Isabella question her decision to leave her shelter. She dreamed of making a difference in the lives of those Outside, but now she isn’t certain has the courage and strength do it.