Author: Lia Mack

Category: Womens Fiction & Chic Lit

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For fans of Jodi Picoult and Paula Hawkins comes a serious yet hilarious late-coming-of-age story that shows healing comes from where you least expect it...

Since sprinting away from her sister's wedding (and knocking over a bridesmaid in the process) Matty Bell has lived in a self-made monochromatic life of work-eat-sleep-survive. In and out of work, she hasn't seen her family in over a decade, lives vicariously through her best friend's seemingly perfect life. And the only goal she has (other than filling her stomach) is to avoid any and all reminders of her birthday. It only brings her pain.But when life catches up with Matty on the night of her surprise 30th birthday, she sets out on a nerve-wreaking last-minute trip home to confront her family that might just result in her coming full-healing-circle. Except, showing up unannounced has Matty staying at her sister's ocean front home, alone, with only thoughts of that buffet-of-a-man she sat next to on the plane dancing in her head.And there's also that pile of left over paint, daring her to take redemption into her own hands.From the author of "Hard-Hitting Fiction, with a Dose of Healing-Humor," comes a serious yet laughter-filled healing story of one's woman journey to reclaim her life, find inner-peace, and stumble into love...

A Goodreads “Best Contemporary Women’s Fiction” Listopia BookA Goodreads “Favorite Chick-Lit/Women’s Fiction Books” Listopia Book


"Expertly written." - meg"Prepare to cry." - quilter 218"Complicated and hard to put down." - SusieS"Gripping Tale of Healing with a Dose of Humor." - GranJan"Sensitive Approach to a Traumatic and Difficult Topic-- Particularly as the First Time Book of This Author." - Sheila"A beautiful book about hope and recovery for sexual abuse victims." - Dr. Patricia K. Martin, Clinical Psychologist"This book brings new understanding of the great effort it takes to overcome the long-lasting effects of such traumas and the importance of support that sometimes comes from even the most unlikely sources." - GiGi2


"This was a powerful and almost haunting read. It was good the book had a forewarning. The healing of our souls, when faced with such unmitigated horror, is a task indeed. Superbly written. Tears and mental anguish encompass the pages. Raw and honest." - Julie H."An emotional story of a woman coming back after closing herself off after being raped. Mack's depiction of the emotions and healing path are spot on. At times, it's so raw and real that it's almost hard to read. Inspirational, raw, and beautiful." - Samantha"Although the recovery time was fast in only a year it is one of the best fictional portrayals of PTSD that I have read." - Kara"Awesome book! Loved the story line, loved the characters. Couldn't put it down, but then I was sad when it ended. It dealt with a difficult subject, but would be good for young girls to read to know that this doesn't have to happen to them." - Carol



While this read has to do with heavy topics, triggers, trauma and everything that comes along with it... it's also a book about healing and I think changing the narrative and giving people hope that they can heal from something like this is incredibly important." - Hazel P."8/10! Amazing book I loved it. Once I really got into it I couldn’t put it down. I was disappointed there wasn’t much of a reunion with Matty and her parents. I felt that was a bit disappointing. I want to know more about how Matty moves on and her future. I am so excited for book two! And the view it’s going to be." - Meghan K."Hard to read at times but enjoyed it." - Teresa T.