Author: Jen Smith

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In this book, you’ll learn how to use No-Spend Challenges to reach your financial goals faster and transform your spending habits to finally be able to stick to a budget.
Budgeting and money management are some of the hardest concepts for people to nail down. You can have all the knowledge available and suck at executing it. Jen Smith, co-host of the #1 frugal living podcast, Frugal Friends Podcast, went from not being able to stick to a budget longer than two weeks to paying off $78,000 of debt in less than two years. She shares her experiences and strategies using No-Spend Challenges to change her money mindset and budget like a (mostly) pro. In The No-Spend Challenge Guide you’ll discover: - Why budgeting alone isn’t working - The psychology behind your impulsive spending - How to pay off debt fast while still having fun - Ways to do for free what you’ve probably been wasting money on - Ways to save money on your financial obligations - How to make the most of your time without spending money - Discover what you value You’ll also get a free resource guide with every recommendation in the book in one place. Whether you’re paying off student loan debt, saving for your first home, or just trying to control your spending; This is a personal finance book you’ll return to again and again. Scroll up and Buy Now to start mastering your budget!