Author: Vanessa Waltz

Category: New Adult Romance

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Dear Professor,When I said I wanted the D, I didn't mean that letter on my exam.You're gorgeous, forbidden, and the man of my dreams, but the only D you can give out is a letter grade.I don't have an apple for teacher. Instead, I'll give you my cherry.A girl can dream, right?I wish you wouldn't make me hate you when all I want to do is make love to you.Sincerely,Your Frustrated StudentThat's what my know-it-all student wrote to me in a note, thinking I'd never find it.And I wish I hadn't because I want her, too.I've been lost in lust with Blair since the day the copper-haired bombshell sauntered into my lab, took a seat in the front, and nibbled on the tip of her pen with that delicious, full pout as our eyes locked.I won't teach her how to please men--I'll teach her how to make love. Blair is mine until our arrangement ends.But not only is she untouched and my student; she's my best friend's younger sister.And our forbidden fling is fast approaching a forbidden romance. A hundred reasons to stay away, but only one to stay with her.I'm falling in love.