How She Fell by H.K. Christie

Author: H.K. Christie

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Missing twin sisters. A chilling revelation. Will this be the case that breaks the Cold Case Squad?
Twenty years earlier, a set of female eighteen-year-old twins went missing in the Bay Area. There were no news reports or national coverage. The original investigators had barely touched the case, and like so many other cases of missing teens, were quickly labeled runaways, and the file sat on the shelf. Baffled by the lack of attention for the sisters, Martina insists it will be Hirsch and the Cold Case Squad’s next case.
Undeterred by the lack of prior research, the team dives into the case, employing methods of investigation and forensic technology not available twenty years earlier. This could be the case where time is actually on their side. When the team catches their first big break, the discovery of one sister’s remains, and a lead on the second, they shift the case from missing persons to homicide.
With the change in course, Martina and Hirsch dig deeper into the women’s lives before they disappeared. With a no-stone-unturned approach and DNA results back from the lab, they soon find a shocking connection to one of their own. Concerned the information could jeopardize getting justice for the victims’ family, Martina and Hirsch now must work in the shadows in order to find answers to what happened all those years ago.
Will Martina and Hirsch be able to expose the truth without endangering themselves, their jobs, and the future of the Cold Case Squad?
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