Hook by Melissa Snark

Author: Melissa Snark

Category: Fantasy

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Neverland is a wondrous isle of adventure.Neverland is a cruel lie.Children follow Peter Pan believing their dreams will come true—to never grow up.Surprise, surprise… they never will. The children Peter Pan abducts are murdered or meet a grimmer fate.I’m the child who escaped Peter’s treachery. I’ve made it my life’s calling to rescue the Lost Boys, even those who don’t wish to be saved. Now Pan has a schooner he’s using to steal even more children. I’m the only one who can stop him.Call me Hook. I am the master and commander of a pirate ship, and I’ll have my revenge on Peter Pan if it’s the last thing I do.
PRAISE FOR THE CAPTAIN HOOK SERIES:"What a great surprise this gem turned out to be…" Goodreads review"A pirate’s view of Neverland - it is unique, shedding light on Peter Pan’s escapades. Rescues filled with feats of derring-do show the audacity of Captain Hook. She’s bold, determined, and has a softer heart than you might imagine for a pirate. Her crew is a fascinating mix of odd characters that you’ll love getting to know. The author has a lyrical way of weaving words together that brings each scene to living color. I love it!" Goodreads review"...a great action-packed start to the series!" Goodreads review