Author: A.E. Rayne

Category: Fantasy

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A mysterious woman with many secrets. A lord forsaken by the gods. A kingdom on the brink of war.

Alekka is an ancient kingdom, riven with rivalries, and though there has been a period of relative peace, the king’s enemies are now emboldened, seeking to rise against him and steal the throne.Trapped in a small village with two young children, an unhappy Alys is oblivious to the rising danger. Winters have been brutal, raiding expeditions proving unfruitful, and her husband has grown violent. Fearing for her safety, she hides away supplies, preparing for the escape she must make. Soon.Lord Reinar Vilander is acutely aware of the king’s precarious position, for his fort guards the bridge to Alekka’s capital. Enemies range above him, planning their attack – enemies with dreamers capable of wielding dark magic – and Reinar knows that a skilled dreamer is worth a few thousand men.Desperate to shore up his defenses, he takes to sea, looking for slaves to sell, hoping to earn enough silver to tempt more warriors to join him, though one of the women catches his eye, then captures his attention entirely.A beautiful woman in a green dress.Her name is Alys.And though Reinar doesn’t know it, Alys is about to save his life...

Eye of the Wolf

is the first book in A.E. Rayne’s thrilling six-part fantasy series,

The Lords of Alekka

: an epic adventure of swords and sorcery, love and betrayal, and dark magic, where warriors are tested, friendships are forged, and even the gods are forced to enter the fray.Come and start the journey today...

What readers are saying:

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‘Eye of the Wolf pulls you straight into the non-stop action and drama!! You love the heroine and despise the villains immediately! ...on par with JRR Tolkein and George RR Martin!’

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‘I couldn’t put it down. A brilliant epic fantasy that keeps you gripped to the end.’

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‘I fell in love with the worldbuilding and magic system. I believe it to be one of the best fantasy series I’ve read.’

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‘Beautiful and heart wrenching, the author creates a world with her words that brings everything together but leaves you wanting to know more of the character’s lives and their hopes. Do yourself a favor and read this book.’

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‘She writes a battle that is a match for Cornwell’s work with a complexity that is the equal to A Game of Thrones.’

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‘I loved this book as I loved the Furyck series. There is so much adventure, magic, romance I feel like I am a part of it all!’

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‘You will not be disappointed you picked up this novel. It is a true page turner! It took me only a few days to finish because I couldn’t walk away!’

Note: This book contains adult themes and mature content