Author: Shani Struthers

Category: Dark Fantasy & Paranormal

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An Amazon No 1 bestseller in Occult, Psychics, Supernatural and Ghosts  Descension is the fifth in the bestselling Psychic Surveys series, that features plot twists, compelling characters and a mystery at its dark heart!This is what we're dealing with here, the institutionalised..Brookbridge housing estate has long been a source of work for Psychic Surveys. Formerly the site of a notorious mental hospital, Ruby and her team have had to deal with spirits manifesting in people's homes, still trapped in the cold grey walls of the asylum they once inhabited. There've been plenty of traumatic cases but never a mass case - until now.The last remaining hospital block is due to be pulled down, a building teeming with spirits of the most resistant kind, the institutionalised. With the help of a newfound friend, as well as Cash and her colleagues, Ruby attempts to tackle this mammoth task. At the same time her private life is demanding attention, unravelling in ways she could never imagine.About to delve deep into madness, will she ever find her way back?~~~Download the bestselling Psychic Surveys series today or read for FREE in KU:Psychic Surveys Book One: The Haunting of Highdown Hall Psychic Surveys Book Two: Rise to Me Psychic Surveys Book Three: 44 Gilmore Street Psychic Surveys Book Four: Old Cross Cottage Psychic Surveys Book Five: DescensionPsychic Surveys Book Six: Legion DUE SPRING 2019Psychic Surveys Companion Novels Eve: A Psychic Surveys PrequelBlakemort ThirteenRosamundOther books by the author:This Haunted World Book One: The VenetianThis Haunted World Book Two: The Eleventh FloorJessamine (Jessamine Series Book One)Comraich (Jessamine Series Book Two)