Author: Jamie Sedgwick

Category: Fantasy

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Five Stars: " Jamie hit this one out of the park." -Amazon ReviewFour Stars: "...a solid sequel... I enjoyed the first book, and this didn't disappoint." -Goodreads ReviewFour Stars: "Loved it... I think this one was even better than the first one" -Amazon ReviewThis time, it’s personal:When Hank finds an old friend murdered by the mythical Excalibur blade, he vows to bring the killer to justice. Little does Hank know that while he's investigating the illegal black market of enchanted weapons, the undercity's most powerful citizens are looking to end Hank's investigation permanently.Crooked cops, power mad elites, and goblin gangsters are just the beginning of Hank's troubles. He'll stop at nothing to expose the killer, unless the killer stops him first.