Author: Jennifer Martucci

Category: Paranormal Romance

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Arianna RoseA dark paranormal romance that blurs the line between good and evil…Arianna Rose never had an ordinary life. Moving from place to place with a mother who was barely sober enough to raise her but always ready enough to follow the newest man in her life made “ordinary” an impossibility. That was all Arianna had ever known. But when a handsome stranger appears as if from thin air, things take a turn for the extraordinary. Abilities she didn’t dream existed—let alone within her—arise, turning her life upside down. Grappling with yet another new school, another of her mother’s new lives, and the appearance of this man who sparks a firestorm of power within her leaves Arianna Rose reeling. How will she cope? How will she use her newfound powers? Howard Cain was chosen by God. He never doubted that for a second. Placed on this earth as a soldier of faith, his purpose was to seek out evil. And destroy it by any means he saw fit. He’d prepared his whole life to face the darkest, most potent evil to walk among man. And now the time has come. HIS time. The Dark One hasn’t realized the entirety of her power. But he feels its rise. He feels her. The clock has begun to tick down to the end of days. To destruction of mankind. Of goodness and decency. That which he’s sworn protect. And protect them he will. He will not allow himself to fail. Many will die in his quest of righteousness—a small price to be paid for the safety of humanity. He will not fail God. He will not fail his faithful servants. He will find and destroy the girl before it is too late. Before the world falls to the fate she will surely bring.