Author: Erika Miller

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All I ever seem to do is shout at my kids. Why can’t I get this right?

Does your relationship with your children seem like a chain of shouting matches with some dead silences in between? Does the sight of somebody else’s calm, well-behaved son or daughter make you feel really envious? You really don’t want your life to be the way it is…

This book was written to help parents like you.

I’ve put together a lot of practical advice and psychological insights so you can begin changing the way you relate to your child or children. You may be feeling trapped, and a little hopeless, but I assure you that it is possible to calm yourself, get your child to hear and understand you, and to start building better family relationships. Yes, you can!

This is a comprehensive guide that will teach you to understand what went wrong, and how to fix it!

You will understand where your outbursts of anger came from, in yourself;

You will learn how to handle your feelings;

I will give you many practical tips to help you to handle your kids better!

Do I need a book like this? Do I really have such a big problem?

Ask yourself really honestly if you’ve noticed any of these things, or felt any of these feelings:

Have quite a few people remarked to you that you’re angry and shouting at your kids rather often? Do you sometimes wish you hadn’t lost control of yourself with them? As in, you feel embarrassed afterwards? Do you ever make a resolution not to lose your temper, but you keep breaking it? Do you ever scream and shout, hit them in anger, throw things around or break them in a rage? Have you been acting like this for longer than a month… maybe even, a couple of years?

What this book can do for the “Angry Parent”:

- I can show you how to use strategies to manage kids without shouting, or pleading…

- You can handle your own stress better, without taking it out on them…

- You can learn to see and discern what emotions you’re feeling, so you can choose to follow them, or not…

- It can stop you from doing and saying stuff that makes you feel like an ogre afterwards…

- It gives you words to say, and tells you what not to say…

- You can understand that anger has a reason for being there, and you can express it in an effective, fair, and loving way...

- You can get some understanding help when you’re at your wits’ end!

This book covers these and many more valuable topics:

- 10 Signs That Show You Have Anger-Management Problems

- The 7 Negative Effects of Being an Angry Parent

- Why You MUST Manage Your Anger IMMEDIATELY

- The 20 Most Effective Methods to Stop Your Anger

- How to Get Your Child to Listen Without Yelling

- Parenting Tips

- Questions and Answers

Questions you might be asking yourself:

Is this book all I need?

I always recommend that serious family problems get the help of a professional, but I am giving you the kind of advice and insights that counselors and therapists have known to work. You can decide to get help once you know your situation so much better, and start working on it today!

Is this a book for handling little kids, or teenagers?

This is a book to help you, the parent, because you have to HELP YOURSELF. The advice is for you to manage your kids – at any age!

How much of my time is this going to take?

You go through this at your own pace! The book’s exercises are in easy stages, and the tips and advice are simple and practical. You can re-read it and re-write your answers whenever you get the time. Don’t worry!

It’s hard work being a mother or a father – I wrote this book to help you so that you can actually enjoy your life’s greatest work!