Author: H. B. Rae

Category: Mysteries

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When Devin McGee and his best friend Jessica start hearing things about Devin’s little sister Kelly they blame it on rumors and town gossip. When people more reliable start telling them she of her odd behavior they start to get concerned. But when Kelly bursts into the house begging her brother and his girlfriend to cover for her if the police ask where she’s been they know there is a scary possibility the rumors about his baby sister might be true.When the police start investigating the murder of a man at a sleazy motel Devin and Jessica begin to worry that they have not only assisted Devin’s cruel and selfish sister but they may have aided and abetted a murderer. Add to that Devin and Jessica’s growing feelings for each other and the two are lost wondering what direction to turn.

‘Wicked’ offers the reader a glimpse at a peaceful Alaskan town being stalked by an innocent looking devil just waiting for her next victim. Except this time she may not have to look for a stranger in a moldy motel room or a gang member in the town next door. She might just look in her own family.