Author: Artemis Wolffe

Category: LGBT

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Jackson “Bo” Bridle was not the man that single father Reign would have chosen to be his daughter’s horseback trainer. He’s uncultured, foul-mouthed, and uneducated. He’s also breathtakingly gorgeous, muscular, and a dominant personality.He’s everything that the submissive Reign wants, all bundled into one irritating, controlling, and desirable package that he can’t help but want to punch.

Reign Storm has to be the most uptight, handsome, difficult-to-work-with person that Bo has ever desired. The only redeeming quality he can find is the beautiful way he treats his daughter. It’s just enough to keep them from coming to blows.

When Reign unknowingly hires Bo to help him act out one of his fantasies, their relationship takes a much different of unbridled passion.

Can the submissive Reign convince dominant Bo that they truly do work well together? Or has Bo already made up his mind?