Author: Savannah Quinn

Category: LGBT

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Twenty-one-year-old Sam has just started working for world renowned billionaire Edward Drake. Drake’s ancestry can be traced back to noblemen and kings, and the six-foot-six, broad-chested Alpha has set his sights on the fertile young Omega.

Sam, having a boyfriend at home, just wants to be treated the same as everyone else, but Edward Drake is used to getting whatever he desires. The billionaire makes Sam an offer that would change his life., but the honorable Omega is hesitant to accept.

Instead of sending emails or grabbing a coffee, Edward Drake wants Sam to bend over his desk. He wants Sam to take all of his ten inches. Bare. And he wants him to carry his child.

The young Omega is forced to choose, and his options only narrow when he discovers a troubling truth about one of the men fighting his affection.

This is a gay short story. It contains male pregnancy (Mpreg) and is intended for a mature reader.