Author: Olivia Arran

Category: Paranormal Romance

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Who does he think he is?
The wolf shifter at my door. I pegged him as a shifter the second I laid eyes on him. It was the way he stalked into my apartment flexing his muscles and throwing his weight around, his lips curved in a smirk. Acting like he owned the place.Smoking-hot, alpha jackass.It was meant to be just a job.
An easy assignment between covert-ops, but there's nothing easy or run of the mill about Natasha Silk. Human, gorgeous, with curves that make my mouth water, she's got everything. Money, fame--a perfect life.

One kiss and I'm sure--she's my mate. But I won't claim her. I can't. Because I'm a damaged man, broken on the inside. Dangerous.

The clock is ticking. Someone is trying to kill her and it's my job to stop them--not happening on my watch.

I'm her guardian wolf, her protector. And I'd do anything to keep her safe, even if it means putting my own life on the line.