Author: Debra Clopton

Category: Christian Fiction

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The Texas Matchmakers of Mule Hollow are at it again!Love happens at its own pace and for Izzy and Luc, they’ve got singing angels helping the Matchmakin’ Posse—it’s literally a match made from heaven…It’s been eight years since hairstylist Lacy Brown drove into town in her ancient pink Cadillac and set the town on the map. Now, she’s hired a new stylist, Izzy Cranberry, who is happy to be in the town that’s made history with its everlasting “Wives Wanted Campaign” that is still running even now. But she’s not looking, she’s just intrigued by her two sweet grandmothers who’ve followed the story of Mule Hollow from the beginning until they took their last breaths and left her to fulfill their dream of moving to the tiny town for them… Unable to disappoint them, she’s here—but not for long. Just to let her grams watch from above as she joins Lacy Brown Matlock in Heavenly Inspirations fixing hair—not being a match made by the Matchmakers of Mule Hollow.Styling is all she’s here for…and maybe a laugh or two from the legendary matchmakers who sit in her styling chair and think they have her on their target board.Horse trainer Luc Asher has taken a job in the town he’s heard a lot about but has no plan to be one of the “matches”. He’s a loner, with good reason, and as far from looking for love as a man can get.Making him the perfect target…at least that’s what Esther Mae, Norma Sue, and Adela, the town matchmakers, believe the moment he strides into Sam’s Diner looking as handsome and alone as a man shouldn’t be.Let the fun begin in this new series set in the all-time favorite town of Mule Hollow, Texas, where the "Wives Wanted Campaign" lives on…