Author: A.C. Taylor

Category: African-American Interest

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He’s her brother’s best friend.It never should’ve happened.Now she can’t stop it.

Jade’s life is already complicated. She’s trying to co-parent with her toxic ex, keep from breaking his trifling girlfriend’s neck, and make sure her family stays completely unaware of her disastrous decision-making skills. The last thing she needs is more drama. So, it probably wasn’t a good idea for her to get so close to the one guy that she was warned never to get involved with, Khalif Bowen. But she couldn’t help herself. One minute they were talking, and the next, she was greeting him with her lips in the middle of the night.

Now, there’s no going back. What should’ve been a one-time fling with her brother’s best friend, has turned into a secret affair that Jade has no idea how to end, and if word gets out, more than a few people could get caught in the crossfire.

See what happens when becoming more than friends creates a whirlwind of emotions that were never meant to be exposed. Will Khalif and Jade crumble from the pressure of trying to keep the truth from getting out? Or will their unexpected feelings push them to fight for the love they never knew they needed?