Author: Lisa Phillips

Category: Christian Fiction

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Pepper stood up. “How dare you.” She could spit fire at him right now. She’d loved and supported Victory since the day she was born. “You know nothing about me.”“What’s this?”Pepper whirled around at that voice. Heart. Breaking. She loved that gruff, commanding voice more than anything else in the world.He wore a look a lot like Aiden’s. Blank, which she knew—or hoped—had to do with protecting his heart because he still cared for her. Except he probably hated her.Donaldson sat back in his chair. “Allen.”Former police officer Allen Frees had both hands on the wheels of his chair. He wore a fire department uniform of slacks and a white shirt. Emblems. A badge. His life of service hadn’t ended when he landed in that chair after a building blew up over his head.As far as she’d been able to tell, it barely slowed him down.Fire. Family. Faith.A wounded hero. A woman in danger. Forced proximity protection and a family they both need…But can he keep them safe? She’ll give everything to protect her family.Pepper Miller is a veterinary tech living a peaceful life in Last Chance County. However, when her sister becomes involved in a dangerous drug deal and her niece's safety is at risk, Pepper will stop at nothing to protect the people she loves…even if it costs her most precious secret.He always knew she was the one.Fire Department liaison Allen Frees might be in a wheelchair, but he’s putting his life back together…the only thing missing is the woman he loves. When she needs his help, he’s not going to blow this second chance…No matter the sacrifice. But when are the sacrifices too high? A romantic suspense with a found family, a woman in danger, forced proximity, a protector hero and a sacrificial love that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Last Chance County returns in this blazing new series from Sunrise Publishing."Thrilling, poignant and perfect! This first book is the perfect ignition to Phillips spin off Last Chance Country Fire and Rescue series. I loved it!" USA today, RITA award willing bestselling author Susan May WarrenLast Chance Fire and RescueBook 1: Expired ReturnBook 2: Expired Hope Book 3: Expired Promise (coming soon)Book 4: Expired Vows (coming soon)Last Chance CountyBook 1: Expired RefugeBook 2: Expired SecretsBook 3: Expired CacheBook 4: Expired HeroBook 5: Expired GameBook 6: Expired PlotBook 7: Expired GetawayBook 8: Expired BetrayalBook 9: Expired FlightBook 10: Expired End