Author: Liz Isaacson

Category: Christian Fiction

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Visit stunning Wyoming for another family of cowboys... The Youngs! They're known for their resilience, their remarkable skills, and their hearts that are ripe for taming by the strong-willed women of Coral Canyon, a quaint small-town. These ladies can match wits with any handsome cowboy in a hat!**Over 10,000 reviews on the 4 books in this boxed set!**You'll get the first FOUR full-length novels in the Coral Canyon™ Cowboys series. This series has it all - second chance romance, friends to lovers, family saga, Christian values, clean and sweet romance, single dads, equine therapy themes, police dog training, brotherly relationships, return to hometown, fish out of water, and country music stars!1. Tex: He's back in town after a successful country music career. She owns a bordering farm to the family land he wants to buy...and she outbids him at the auction. Can Tex and Abigail rekindle their old flame, or will the issue of land ownership come between them?2. Otis: He's back home to record the band's next album and looking for a soft place to fall after a devastating break-up. She runs the small town bookshop in Coral Canyon and needs a new boyfriend to get her old one out of her life for good. Can Georgia convince Otis to take another shot at real love when their first kiss was fake?3. Morris: He’s back in his mountain hometown after an NFL-career-ending injury. She’s in the same small town helping her brother recover after a car racing crash. When Morris and Leighann run into each other at a wedding, he immediately asks her out, only to have a shockingly familiar little boy run up to her and call her “Momma.”4. Trace: He’s been accused of only dating celebrities. She’s a simple line dance instructor in small town Coral Canyon, with a soft spot for kids...and cowboys. Trace could use some dance lessons to go along with his love lessons... Can he and Everly fall in love with the beat, or will she dance her way right out of his arms?You won't want to miss a single minute of life with the Youngs in Coral Canyon, Wyoming. You'll get to see old favorites in the Whittaker and Hammond brothers, as well as experience small town cowboy romance and Christian family saga from USA Today bestselling and Top 10 Kindle All-Star author Liz Isaacson! Read more