Author: Amy Campbell

Category: Fantasy

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An untamed power. A town’s fate hanging by a thread. A choice between redemption and ruin. Blaise Hawthorne's life is a precarious balance between concealment and catastrophe. He dreams of a simple life as a baker, but as a Breaker with uncontrolled magical abilities, even the slightest touch can unleash chaos. His life is upended when an enemy Commander on the hunt for spellcasters descends upon his town, forcing Blaise to flee the only life he's ever known.On the run, Blaise's fate intertwines with a pegasus and a hardened gunslinger, guiding him to a haven where Blaise is embraced for who he is. But peace is fleeting. Accusations fly, painting Blaise as a menace, and he's cornered into a devastating decision: face condemnation or abandon those who offered him a second chance. As the Commander he once eluded closes in, ready to exact vengeance on Blaise's sanctuary, the stakes skyrocket. Will Blaise's struggle to control his destructive powers save his chosen family, or will his failure spell their doom?This pulse-pounding first book in the Tales of the Outlaw Mages series catapults readers into an Old West-inspired realm where magic intertwines with grit, and the bonds of chosen family are tested by fire. Perfect for fans of heartfelt sagas, LGBTQ+ inclusive narratives, and the charm of the unconventional, Breaker challenges you to join a journey of self-discovery, redemption, and the fight for a place to belong.