Author: Ivy Layne

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Sometimes you need the dark to protect the light
Quinn Sawyer is a mystery.
She’s an heiress. She’s a backcountry guide.
She has a suite in a mansion, but she sleeps in the woods.
I can’t make sense of her. I shouldn’t care.
My job is to keep her safe, not get to know her.
She’s my best friend’s little sister. She’s a client.
And she can never be mine.
I’ve lived a life steeped in darkness, and Quinn is pure light.
She invades my dreams, and I wake wanting her. Needing her.

I vow to keep my distance. For almost a year, I stay away.
But when the danger stalking her family comes for Quinn,
I’m the only man who can keep her safe.
I can protect her from the danger outside.
The real question is, can I keep her safe from me?