Author: Alta Hensley

Category: Erotic Romance

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It’s impossible to enter a pit full of snakes and not get bit.Until you meet me, that is.My venom is far more toxic than the four men who have declared me their enemy.They seek vengeance and launch a twisted game of give and take.I’ll play in their dark world, because it’s where I thrive.I’ll dance with their debauchery, for I surely know the steps.But then I discover just how wrong I am. Their four, not only matches, but beats, my one.With each wicked move they make, they become my obsession.I crave them until they consume all thought.The temptation to give them everything they desire becomes too much.I’m entering their world, and there is no light to guide my way. My blindness full of lust will be my defeat.Yes… I am the viper and am forbidden.But they are the end of my beginning.